Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Quick Picks: Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 7, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 34, Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 8

Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 7: Sonic make quick work on Dr Eggman's robots and Eggman started to escape. The girls offered to help and they held on Sonic's head. They trailed Eggman into a warp zone and entered the various Sonic games stages.
Eggman suddenly used a wrecking ball and hit Sonic back to the Border Break world. Mega Drive spotted her 16 bit book and gave Sonic the Invinicbity Item. With it, Sonic make quick work of Eggman and Dreamcast crashed into the Core which they are suppose to complete their mission.
The exit has been reopened and the girls bid farewell to Sonic. They returned back to their class and noticed Centre Sensei looked like a human on the monitor. However Centre Sensei restored the system and awarded the girls their medals...
It's funny that Sonic fans love the high speed action of the classic Sonic games but when Sonic Boom that came out recently on Wii U, everybody hated it like the plague. But I don't blame them since the old games were created by Sega of Japan rather than a third party game studio. However it was nice to see the classic Sonic games from it's beginning till Sonic Adventures. Overall, a good nostalgic episode but it is odd that both Sonic and Eggman don't talk at all. Next episode, the girls tackle...THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2!
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 34: Rosalia went to Mandarin's castle and offered her help in defeating the Avengers. Meanwhile, the Avengers and the kids contacted Hank Pym to examine the Dimensional Sphere but he gave a pass on it.
In school, Hikaru was amazed by transfer student Sam Alexander in terms of studies and sports. Later that night he pop up at Tony's mansion and claimed he knew the Avengers are here with them. Sam then revealed himself to be Nova. Nova requested that he joined the Avengers but they were reluctant to include a new member.
Mandarin and Rosaila created a disturbance at the power plant and Iron Man recognise Mandarin's MO. Nova eager to prove himself rushed to stop him. However he was ambushed by Rosailia and got knocked out. The Avengers arrived but Mandarin trapped everyone in ice leaving Iron Man to handle him.
Hulk broke free of everyone and together with Iron Man used teamwork to defeat Mandarin. Thor used his Built up power to deflect Mandarin's final attack and he retreated. Rosaila sealed Nova in a disk and tried to escape but tripped by Ed and Jessica. She too escaped and the kids recovered Nova.
Nova was excited that he is part of the Avengers and asked Hikaru to make him his secondary hero which he reluctantly accepted...
We get Hank Pym aka Ant Man and Sam Alexander as Nova for this episode. Hank behave like a jerk and even taunt Wasp (who they used to date) on learning how does it feel to stay in the disk. Sam is more tolerant although he behave like a kid begging his parents in this case, joining the Avengers. Although he got his wish at the end (Trapped in a disk!) but I felt Hikaru and him won't get along that easy.
The Mandarin looked like a suit of armor rather than his Fu Manchu appearance in the comics which I think it is better this way rather than having a racism statement in the show. But Mandarin just retreated after knowing he can't beat all five Avengers which prove he isn't a tough villain compare to Red Skull and Loki. In the next episode, our heroes returned to New York and spotted Spidey in his black costume however his behaviour is weird. Your guess is good as mine!
Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 8: Kanie was warded in the hospital after catching a cold. Isuzu came in and tried to seduce him but it is actually Tiarmi in disguise using a special body suit. Isuzu decided to use the suit and pose as Kanie at school.
She received a love letter from a girl named Kanae and when he met her, she apologise that she has mistakenly placed the letter into his shoe box. Isuzu didn't bother her which the mascots decided to take turn wearing the suit. Macaron wore it and accidentally got into a mini quarrel with Kanae and her supposedly crush, Kimura.
Macaron didn't told anyone about it and Tiarmi wore the suit the next day. He started seducing Kanae which Shinna spotted him and called him a flirt. Kanae disliked his attention and left. Moffle wore the suit and was confronted by Kanae's friends who accused him of taking advantage of her.
Moffle wanted to apologise but was called a rip off (which he hated it) and started going on a rampage. Kimura arrived and apologise that it was his idea which surprised everyone. It was revealed that it was Kanie in the Kimura suit and he had already learned from Shinna the day before of what has happened.
Later, Kanie and Latiffa had some tea and invited Isuzu along. However she felt out of place since Kanie and Latiffa had a good time talking to each other...
So the posing from the last episode was actually Tiarmi in disguise. Using the Kanie suit, the three mascots and Isuzu actually make Kanie a perverted and self centered person for four days. But thanks to Shinna who actually don't believe Kanie is such a person, she make a call to the real Kanie and he resolve the problem. I wonder what happened to the three mascots for causing such a mess in school? Of course, Isuzu has issues with Kanie since we could see that she has feelings for him but yet she didn't want to get between him and Latiffa. You go, girl! Next episode, we are getting a four fairies centred episode, until then, see you in the next post!

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