Monday, December 1, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 42: Showdown! The Three Saiark Generals!!

The girls and Blue rushed deeper into the castle and were confronted by the three Saiark Generals. Cure Princess, Honey and Fortune deal with the generals as Cure Lovely and Blue head towards Queen Mirage's chamber.
As Queen Mirage watched Cure Lovely and Blue approaching the chamber, the remaining cures battle the generals in different locations. Cure Fortune took on Oresuki, Cure Honey battled Hoshiwa and Cure Princess fighting Nakamelda.
The three generals were fighting at full strength and even told the girls about their desires. Oresuki wanted to be No.1, Hoshiwa care only about herself and Nakamelda felt that putting effort is useless. After the three cures were pushed to the ground, they got up again and claimed their desires were wrong.

Cure Fortune's reason is even if Oresuki become No.1, no one will appreciate him as he will be all alone. Cure Honey explained to Hoshiwa that eating with someone special will be four times better than eating alone. Cure Princess told Nakamelda that she learned a lot from Megumi and everyone else and truly understand the value of friendship and hard work.
The three cures transformed to Innocent Form and dealed a final blow at the generals. The generals finally realised what the girls' words meant and let go of their hatred before disappearing.
During this time, Cure Lovely and Blue arrived on a cliff and they jump into a portal. On the other side, Queen Mirage was right in front of them and she is filled with rage...

So the last time we will see the generals? Are they truly gone? I will said that they have either passed on or they became good people and we will only see them in the finale. I actually like how they pinned the three cures against the generals respectively. In fact, the three cures are fighting their opposite.

Cure Fortune used to be a loner and aim to be the best. But after being with the other girls, she learned friendship and teamwork is more important than being No.1. Cure Honey who worked in an eating house, enjoyed eating and sharing food with others unlike Hoshiwa who care about herself and eating a lot of sugar. (How can she not get sick eating it?)

Finally Cure Princess which I felt has matured a lot from the first episode. She started as a spoilt princess who has to learn the hard truth of losing everything from the Phantom Empire. She couldn't even handle a Saiark during her first few battles as a Precure. But after hard work and encouragement from Megumi and everyone, she has become a worthy warrior to don the Innocent Form.

I agreed that this week's animation is really bad. Furthermore, the three girls got beaten up by the generals for half of the time and to be honest, if they go straight to Innocent Form at the start of the battle, it will be over in less than five minutes. I also noticed the plot hole of how did the Shining Make Dresser appeared in front of the three girls where Blue is holding it all this while? Toei's lazy writing at it's worst. If you ask me personally, I felt the physical battle with the generals is uninteresting and not epic like Smile Precure's battles with the Bad End generals. (Again, I am referencing Smile Precure despite having the least consistent storyline but over the top battles they sure have!)

Next episode, it come down to this! Cure Lovely vs Queen Mirage! Who will come on top! Will a particular mirror manipulate the battle to Queen Mirage's favor? Find out next week for the showdown! Same Time! Same Channel!

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