Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 41: Cure Honey vs Phantom!

Queen Mirage used her powers to turn everyone around the world into Saiarks. The girls, Seiji and Blue watched in horror as the world turned into a living hell.
Deep Mirror started influencing Phantom to be a more loyal servant to Queen Mirage. At the same time, Hime decided to head to the Blue Sky Kingdom and defeat the Phantom Empire once and for all. Everyone minus Seiji entered the portal where they were confronted by hundreds of Saiark.
The girls transformed and fought their way through. Along the way, they got separated by a fog and Cure Honey spotted Phantom. He started attacking her and learned he will do anything for Queen Mirage despite knowing that everything she did was wrong.
Cure Honey tried her best to talk him out but he was too strong and managed to bind her. Phantom was about to seal her when Blue arrived to shield Cure Honey. Phantom was filled with more rage and actually knocked Blue to the ground. Cure Honey had enough and used her song to claim his rage. He was influenced by her kind heart and she promise to save Queen Mirage together with him.
Suddenly, Deep Mirror used his power to turn Phantom into a mindless drone but the other girls arrived and they transformed to Innocent Form. Cure Fortune could feel Phantom's pain and used Emerald Illusion to seal him in. The girls then used Innocent Purification to cleanse his rage.
Phantom was then revealed to be a spirit mascot like Ribbon and he is Queen Mirage's former partner, Fanfan (I think this spelling of his name sounds better than PhaPha) He plead the girls to help save Queen Mirage which they agreed and entered the castle as she waited in her throne with Deep Mirror...
I can said that Cure Honey is the best Cure for this series since she actually can stand on her own against Phantom. She might not want to attack him at first but she knew that sometime, one must take a stand to prove their point and she did it by singing to calm Phantom's rage. It's no wonder that Cure Honey is more popular among fans and prove again that the yellow cures have the best character development. (See my Smile and Doki Doki Precure's Finale review to understand why)
Phantom is actually a victim of circumstances. He was Queen Mirage's partner but after Blue left her, she was filled with despair and Deep Mirror brainwashed her. Phantom knew it is wrong but blamed everything on Blue in order to be loyal to Queen Mirage. But in actual fact, Queen Mirage will never be happy even if she did killed Blue and ruined Earth which for Phantom is a no-win situation.
But now Phantom has finally break free of his "chains", he plead for the girls to save Queen Mirage's humanity which in the next episode, the girls faced off the Phantom Empire trio generals one last time. Can they overcome the generals and save Queen Mirage before it is too late? See you next week to find out!

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  1. Dang ... shoulda guessed he was a fairy after all .....the Precure franchise has pulled this before several times before ( but perhaps the most pleasant instance being at the end of the Doki-Doki Movie and the funniest being the one in HeartCatch ) ..... damn .. if there are anymore precure seasons after this , I will remember this again ......