Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Crystal Ep 9: Star Crossed Lovers

Tuxedo Kamen was hit by Kunzite's beam and before he went unconscious, he finally remember that he is the reincarnation of the Prince of the Earth Kingdom Endymion and he fell in love with Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom.
He called Sailormoon Serenity before he was unconscious which traumatised her. Suddenly the head piece forehead on her forehead change into the crescent moon symbol and Sailor Venus regained her head band. The pocket watch started moving backwards and she too remember her past life with Endymion and how he was killed by a woman (Queen Beryl) during the war between Earth and the Moon Kingdom.
Sailormoon's tears then revealed the Silver Crystal and it's energy entered Tuxedo Kamen. Queen Beryl appeared and ordered Kunzite to retrieve the Silver Crystal. The other Sailor Senshi tried to stop him but in the midst, he caught hold of Tuxedo Kamen and escaped with Queen Beryl.
Later in their lair, Minako explained that she is a decoy for the Princess and the Silver Crystal and apologise to Usagi. Everyone seems to remember their past lives and Artemis explained the war between Earth and their Kingdom-The Silver Millennium. The Sailor Senshi are protectors of Princess Serenity and defended the kingdom during the Earth Invasion. Minako suspected that Queen Beryl was responsible for releasing Queen Metaria's seal after the war.
Usagi couldn't take much of the shock and fainted. Meanwhile, the four dark kings have a sense of Deja Vu when they saw Mamoru but Kunzite tried to deny his existence. Ami and the other girls went to visit Usagi at her home and were shocked to find that her hair grew at a fast rate.
After trimming her hair, they tried their best to comfort Usagi but she is still upset that Mamoru has been taken away. Everyone gave words of encouragement not to give up which she finally thanked everyone. Luna suggested to go to the Moon and learn more of their enemies in the ruins of the Silver Millennium. Everyone agreed and prepare to head there...

This episode revealed the truth between Usagi, Mamoru and their friends of their past lives. Minako suspected that Queen Metaria must have used her influence on the Earth people to wage war against the Silver Millennium and Queen Beryl killed Mamoru when he tried to protect Usagi in their past lives.

Although the Silver Crystal has been found, the energy inside it has actually went to Mamoru's body in order to substain his life. Kunzite and the others might not realised but they too are also connected to Mamoru's past live as we will see in a future episode.

Overall, the episode is more of exposition and developing the story further. The action were more defensive as the Senshi were protecting Usagi when Kunzite was attacking them. But now the girls' bonds are stronger after learning who they really are and is now heading to the Moon to find out more of the past. Until then, see you in the next episode!

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  1. hope Sailor moon s and supers get manga the infinity and dream arc for 2015 we are near the end and the black chan moon arc starts in 2015