Friday, November 7, 2014

Quick Picks: Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 32, Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 5, Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 6

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 32: Hikaru and a group of Shield agents arrived at their point. He was worried about Akira but Thor told him that Iron Man is with him. Pepper tried to call him but the signal got weak as they entered further into the cave.
Graviton appeared in front of them and Hikaru called up Thor. Gravition tried to blind Thor but Hikaru become his eyes and directed his attacks. He then used his Build Up disk and Thor defeated Graviton with Lighting Star.
After sealing off Graviton and destroying the doomsday machine, Red Skull appeared and knocked out the Shield agents. He trapped Hikaru in a cave in and started taunting Hikaru, claiming he will kill Akira if he does not do something.
Hikaru saw some Dimensional Sphere fragments left by Graviton and absorbed one of it. Thor tried to talk him out of it but was shut off. Later Red Skull appeared on screen at the Helicarrier, telling the Avengers that he has Hikaru at his base.
The kids arrived at Red Skull's hideout and saw Hikaru is being controlled by the Dimensional Sphere. He called out Thor and Red Skull claimed he can free Hikaru if he defeated the Avengers. Thor have no choice but to face his allies...
Everything seems to be going according to Red Skull's plan. He knew that the Avengers will ruined his plans and came up with the idea of influencing one of them which is Hikaru. Hikaru is always concerned about Akira which blinded his judgement. He and Thor are someways alike as they do care about family which clouded their emotions. Will Thor have no choice but to obey Red Skull and defeat his allies in order to save Hikaru?
Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 5: Saturn was thinking of getting a pet and Mega Drive suggested the giant elephant from Space Harrier opening title or Shadow Dancer's pet dog. Dreamcast claimed they are from America and Saturn need to get a passport to go there.
Later, Center Sensei asked the girls to create a new game using the jelly creatures from Puyo Puyo. They came up with Parodies of Fantasy World, Virtual Fighter, Phantasy Star Online using the jelly creatures. Saturn came up with a water slide with Puyo Puyo and they enjoyed some recreational time with it. However when they were cleaning up, Dreamcast accidentally merged the jelly creatures together creating an ultimate combo attack...
I am glad that it didn't end as a two parter despite Puyo Puyo is a popular puzzle game as there really isn't much of a storyline about it. I kinda smile when I saw Shadow Dancer as it was one of the few games I play during my younger days. The parodies were okay especially the "photoshop" of the jelly creatures in Phantasy Star Online. Not an good episode like the previous episodes but next week, the girls are piloting mecha robots? May I know what game is that if anyone know?
Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 6: Kanie claimed they need more staff workers and decided to have a recruitment campaign. Sento had a nightmare that three girls replaced her as Kanie's assistant but brush it off.
Later, Macaron placed one of the strange beans he found in Sento's curry rice and she ate it. She discovered that it is a truth medicine and she is forced to tell her feelings out. Although she shot Macaron and Tiramy for giving her the beans, she can't stop revealing her true feelings especially about Kanie.
Kanie thought she is faking it and forced her to be an interviewer for the interviewee. After interviewing some weird characters like a failed politician, a baseball player, a wrestler and an astronaut (what?) and even hiring them, a beautiful lady came as an interviewee who Sento recognise her as one of the girls in her dream. The lady's name is Eiko and she used to work in AV. (Adult Videos)
Kanie and Moffle felt awkward asking questions about her previous job but hired her anyway. The next person was another girl named Biino who despite being stabbed by her crazed brother want to get a job. Kanie hired her after Moffle took down her brother and finally a school mate from Kanie's school, Shinna was hired despite being nervous.
After the interview, Sento claimed she was worried that she might reveal her true feelings for Kanie but he wasn't bothered and told her she has to learn not to over think about everything and learn how to interact with people. Sento was about to tell him her true feelings but she quickly shut herself up.
Later that night, Sento checked that Eiko is actually doing "Animal Videos" and not Adult Videos. The following week, Moffle and the other two mascots tried to use scare tactics on the new workers but were stopped by Kanie. He got into a fight with Moffle but Sento shot them both and proceed to train the new workers. Meanwhile, something is leaking out of the theme park pool...
This episode is about Sento who tried her best not reveal her true feelings about everything after eating the strange bean. It was funny seeing her being the butt of everyone's joke. Of course, her nightmare came true as the three girls, Eiko, Biino and Shinna came for the job interview. She too was taken aback that Eiko was doing AV at first but was relieved Eiko does videos about animals. Moffle thought he found Eiko's AV videos but it was the wrong person anyway. Overall, if you like Sento then this episode is for you. However what is that leaking out of the pool theme park?

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