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Quick Picks: Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 28-31, Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 1-4, Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 1-5

I know I am not updating my Quick Picks for a while but it is due to my personal work and also wondering what new shows to do other than Marvel Disk Wars. But finally, these are the shows which I will probably will do. 
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 28-31: The short version will be Red Skull has created a doomsday machine to destroy the "Gaia Lines" on Earth and the Avengers have till midnight to stop it. Iron Man gave the kids their new Built Up Disk to be use against the Masters of Evil who are guarding in five different locations.
Akira, Iron Man and Falcon went to their location and after knowing that Hawkeye and Falcon are partners (The former got captured by Red Skull earlier while rescuing a scientist) Falcon prove his worth against Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash. Akira used the Built Up Disk on Iron Man to defeat Modok and destroy the doomsday machine. But Falcon was badly injured and with his permission, Akira sealed him in a disk to heal him.
In Wakanda, Tiger Shark invaded the land and Black Panther tried to stop him but fell off a cliff. Jessica, Wasp and a team of Shield agents were pinned by Hydra forces but Black Panther returned and saved them. Jessica volunteered to sneak into the Hyrda camp as a prisoner and later that night, freed the prisoners with Black Panther as a distraction.
A big battle ensures with Jessica used the Built Up Disk on Wasp to defeat Tiger Shark, King Cobra, Diamond Back and Cottonmoth. But Black Panther got sealed in a disk however he entrusted his people to protect Wakanda.
Meanwhile, Black Widow hired Deadpool to assist Captain America to battle Baron Zemo which he agreed as he has the hots for her. The Shield agents with Chris were honored to fight with Cap which Chris was kinda of taken back. They then ordered Chris to find Baron Zemo as they fed off Green Goblin. Along the way, Deadpool appeared to help Chris and took out Green Goblin. They met Baron Zemo who threatened them with Hawkeye in a block of ice.
Deadpool took on Baron Zemo and his powers affected Deadpool's healing factor. But Deadpool fired a shot on Hawkeye which happened to be a fake. Chris called out Captain America and using the Built Up Disk, they defeated Baron Zemo. Deadpool refused to be seal up and Chris carried him to safety. They were blocked by rumbles and Deadpool gave Iron Fist's Disk to Chris to use it. He called him and destroy the rumbles. After escaping, Deadpool was recovering in the Helicarrier and annoyed Black Widow and she threw him off the Helicarrier.
Ed and Hulk arrived at the Raft where the doomsday machine is. He met up with Tim and his comrades who want to take revenge on Red Skull for taking their Bio code powers from them. Jubei gave Ed Luke Cage's disk which he later called out to fight his way through. Luke Cage took on Abomination and even snatch back the Built Up Disk from him when Ed dropped it earlier. Ed called out Hulk and using their new powers, defeated Abomination and destroy the machine... 
If you have been staying on watching this series till now, it has been a treat seeing all the various Marvel heroes appearing in every episode. We have Falcon, Black Panther, Black Widow, Iron First, Luke Cage and even Deadpool again! Although the Built Up Disk's armor look and the Dragon Ball Scouter head set look silly, they are now on even grounds to take on the Masters of Evil. Beside, the kids got a secondary hero disk which I hope I can see them again. Black Panther and Luke Cage were the most interesting to watch. So with one more device left, can Hikaru and Thor take down Gravtion and bring the fight to Red Skull after destroying the doomsday machines?
Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 1-4: This is an interesting series and a love letter for anyone who loved the Sega Games in the late 80s and 90s. Our three main characters, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn and Mega Drive enrolled into the SeHa Academy and their teacher who is called Center Sensei explained they earned credits by entering the various games by Sega.
Their first game was Virtual Fighter and it was funny seeing them going through a 100 man match and characters from various games (example: the villains from Golden Axe, Alex Kidd, Bruno from Dynamite Deka, a giant Hercules beetle and finally Shinguji Sakura from Sakura Wars! It was fun to see her again like seeing a long lost lover!
The next game was Space Channel 5 and together with Ulala, they went on a dancing adventure to save people and defeating the aliens. Gilius from Golden Axe had a crush on Sega Saturn after she wore only a bikini outfit and Jeffrey from Virtual Fighter started beating anyone on sight after rescuing him. After some funny moments, they completed the game but Center Sensei claimed that Sega Saturn's outfit was getting a lot of complaints and she was not given any credits...
I love the Easter eggs and trivial around the class like Sonic the Hedgehog posing around, NIGHTS flying on their celling, Segata Sanshiro's motto hanging on a wall, a Super Hang On arcade bike machine and so on. Furthermore the games they entered are the actual in games graphics with some changes here and there. Even listening the Sakura Wars theme song was nostalgic for me.
Our three main characters represented the three important eras of Sega. Mega Drive represents the 16 bit era where the games have reached a certain level that international audiences enjoyed. Although she has the lowest processor among the three but she has a vast knowledge of many retro games.
Sega Saturn is the first CD based console for Sega and is probably my favourite (I love the various Japanese Sega Saturn games especially the more mature theme games) She represents how disk games are the next step of gaming and every consoles that follow are using a similar disk system.
Dreamcast is the final console by Sega and it has the highest processor and a built in modem. I was laughing to myself as Dreamcast used her modem to browse the Internet and the familiar dial up tone could be heard.
Overall, a good series to look at if you love retro gaming. The only flaw is that it is ten minutes long which seriously, they could make a full length 22 minutes episodes and introducing more Sega games. Next the girls enter Puyo Puyo Puzzle games and is that Phantasy Star Online?!
Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 1-5: Kanie Seiya was once a famous child actor but retired after a certain incident. Although he is smart and good looking, he has a self centred attitude until a girl named Sento Isuzu took him to the Amagi Brilliant Park. But the park itself was in bad shape and Kanie hate it. He was brought to the owner of the park, a young girl named Princess Ratifa and she want him to be the new manager of the park.
He was granted the abilities to read people's mind by Ratifa and later learned that the residents in the theme park are beings from another dimension. Kanie is now given the task to bring in 250000 visitors to the theme park in three months or else the park will be bought over by a large corporation. Kanie agreed to do so after some thoughts. From extending the operating hours, a cheaper entry fee, a viral video of one of the mascots, Moffle (who resembles Bonta-kun of FMP fame) getting into a fight. The theme park has seen little sucesss.
In the latest episode, Kanie, Sento, Moffle, Macaron and Tiramy went to a forgotten section of the theme park and got into a crazy adventure of exploring. Sento and Macaron got separated with the rest and discovered that one of their mascots, Dornell who was presumed missing for ten years was relaxing himself and playing online games all day long.
Kanie and the other two mascots confronted a talking dragon and pig warriors. However they were pushover and the pig warriors are revealed to be mole creatures who have been hiding from their enemies. Kanie decided to hire all of them and sold Dornell's collections for extra income for the park. Although Macaron and Tiramy found some strange beans from the cave...
So far, I kinda of enjoy the crazy cast of characters. Kanie is arrogant and self centred but he actually have a knack for management although he clash a lot with the residents of the park especially Moffle (who I am surprised that it was Kawasumi Ayako doing his voice instead of Kaneda Tomoko) But I am guessing since Moffle has a more active role, Ayako was a better choice.
Sento reminds me of a female version of Sagara Sousuke with her military background and mindset. She whipped out a musket from her skirt (how did it fit into her skirt is another question?) and fired on anyone who step out of line. She was the original manager before Kanie and everyone feared her authority. But when a water pipe burst and flood the park, she took the lead and everyone praised her in the end.   
Raffie is the sweet princess but it seems in the flashback, she knew Kanie a long time ago but something bad happened and they never see each other again. The rest of the cast were fun and wacky most of the time and a running gag will be Moffle, Macaron and Tiramy drinking in a bar and getting drunk which completely ruined their image if kids will to spot them.
So far, I am enjoying this show and I want to see if Kanie is able to make a miracle by hitting the target in three months and Sento is like my favourite heroine for this season. (Who can forget her shower scene in the first episode?)

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