Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 40: The Calm Before the Chaos

Hime was late for school and quickly rushed down to have her breakfast. She heard the Precure Weekly that the Phantom Empire's grip on the various countries are slipping and the Precures are winning back.
Queen Mirage was upset with the results of her generals and was about to punish them when Deep Mirror suggested to give them one last chance which she warned the generals their ultimatum. In school, Hime got along with the rest of the class, Megumi is studying hard and Yuko make delicious food for everyone during the home econ lessons. Even Iona and Yuya started exchanging journals which got the rest of the girls envious.
Later in the week, Hime was complaining that there is nothing to do since there is no school. However Megumi, Yuko and Iona all came by which Hime was very glad to see them. Yuko suggested to have a picnic in the park and everyone agreed.
The girls dressed up for the occasion and were relaxing in the park when the three Phantom generals appeared. They used their powers to turn everyone in the park into Saiarks and the girls quickly transformed. The girls were now stronger and make quick work on the Saiarks.
The three generals do not understand why they are so strong and the girls replied that it is because they are fighting for everyone's happiness. The three generals do not want to admit and combine all the Saiarks into one large giant. However the girls went into Innocent Form and used Innocent Purification to defeat it.
The three generals were also caught in the blast but snapped out at the last minute. After everything went back to normal and they got a new card from Ribbon, the girls just laid down and enjoy the moment.
Queen Mirage had enough of her generals' failures and decided to take the lead with Phantom...
I felt this episode is like a look at the everyday life of the girls. Hime in particular actually felt happy for the first time. All her life, she lived a sheltered life and when the Phantom Empire invaded her world, she was forced to fight to survive. But thanks to her new friends, she learned the value of happiness and peace is.
Of course, the rest of the episode is just special attacks non stop with Cure Lovely posing like a boss and created a giant heart to stomp on the Saiarks. Since the three generals are probably hiding after their failures, Queen Mirage decided to cut loose and go all out in the next episode. She begin by turning the world into armies of Saiark and the girls together with Blue now head to take her down. But Phantom is standing in their way! Can Cure Honey talk him out in not fighting them? Find out next week!

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