Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Crystal Ep 10: A New Resolve

Luna explained that they need to wait for a full moon in order to go to the Moon's surface. During these period, Usagi regained her usual self and even got her father to make a necklace for the Silver Crystal.
The girls and Luna arrived at the park and transformed. They then used their powers and were transported onto the Moon's surface. They found the remains of the Silver  Millennium and the Queen's secret chamber. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus pulled out a sword from a display and a computer image of Queen Serenity (Usagi's mother from her past life) appeared.
The Queen explained how the Princess used to sneak to Earth and fell in love with Endymion. However a great evil (Queen Metaria) brainwashed the Earth People and they attacked the Moon Kingdom. Endymion died protecting the Princess and she too chose to end her life with him. The Queen then used the powers of the Silver Crystal and sealed off the evil however someone has released it again to Earth.
The Queen's final words for the girls is to protect Sailormoon and defeat the Evil. The girls had a new resolve and swore to protect the Earth. Meanwhile, the four dark kings followed Beryl and discovered Queen Metaria and her has brainwashed them in order to defeat the Sailor Senshi. The four dark kings finally remember who they really were-Endymion's personal bodyguards in the past.
Beryl brainwashed them again and ordered to retrieve the Silver Crystal from Sailormoon. They freeze the city, forcing the girls to battle. Sailor Venus told the others that they were once lovers with the dark kings in the past. However the four dark kings continued to attack the girls but Sailormoon freed them. She then went up to the Earth's surface where she used her Moon Stick to free everyone. The Sailor Senshi then combined their power and drove off the four dark kings away.
Beryl brainwashed Mamoru and ordered him to kill Sailormoon and retrieve the Silver Crystal...
So we finally get to know what really happened in the past and sure enough, everyone is connected. The Sailor Senshi were Usagi's bodyguards and friends while the four dark kings were Mamoru's comrades. The Queen also explained that the power of Silver Crystal depends on the user's heart which if you have watched the first season finale, you know how well that turned out.
I find a bit unrealistic that the Sailor Senshi fell in love with the four dark kings at first sight. (I am guessing that they don't have any good men in the Moon Kingdom and seeing four earth males probably raise some hormones)
Anyway, this episode is more of exposition and we are a few episodes away before the second arc begins but with Mamoru under Beryl's control, can Usagi free him before it is too late? Until then, see you next month!

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