Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Crystal Ep 6-8: Venus Descends!

I finally get to watch Episode 6 to 8 and this is my thoughts.
Ep 6-7: We get to know more about how powerful the Silver Crystal from Luna and Sailor Moon is given the Moon Stick as her new weapon. Later Zoisite brainwash the people to find the Silver Crystal to lure Sailor Moon out. Tuxedo Kamen have guessed Usagi's secret identify and she transformed in front of him.
Sailor Moon then used Moon Healing Escalation to wound Zoisite when he tried to protect Queen Beryl. Mamoru later explained to Usagi his reason of finding the Silver Crystal in hope to find his lost memories. Zoisite returned and tried to attack Sailor Moon when Sailor V appeared with her cat companion, Artemis.
Ep 8: Sailor Moon felt that her Tiara changed shape after seeing Sailor V who claimed she is the Princess of the Moon Kingdom. Zoisite retreated and Tuxedo Kamen took his leave. Sailor V transformed back to Aino Minako and they went back to the lair.
Minako explained about the Dark Kingdom's plot in finding the Silver Crystal and their mission. However Usagi felt she is hiding something. She later had a dream of someone called Endymion protecting her but her name in the dream is Serenity. Usagi met Mamoru in the park and wanted to return his pocket watch to him but he want her to keep it as he had something from her. (Her handkerchief)
Later Kunzite held the city hostage by sucking the energy from the people. Minako transformed and confronted him alone. The others arrived and tried to help but even the Moon Healing Escalation didn't work. Sailor Moon fell off from the edge but was rescued by Tuxedo Kamen. She was so glad to see him and kiss him.
She tried to battle Kunzite again but this time, Tuxedo Kamen shield her from his attack and got wounded instead...
We know that Mamoru want to use the Silver Crystal to find out who he really is which got Usagi all soft on him. She started calling him Mamo-Chan and he called her Usako which is an indication that their relationship are getting somewhere. The Moon Healing Escalation is pretty fast in it's action compared to the original series which take like a minute to activate the attack.
Queen Beryl has her motives in wanting the Silver Crystal even though she served Queen Metaria who is the true evil and the one responsible of destroying the Moon Kingdom in the past. Of course, Sailor Venus aka Aino Minako make her appearance and if you know your Sailor Moon 101, you will know why she is posing as the Princess. Furthermore, she didn't shout out her transformation line in this episode but overall her transformation is all right. (Although I was hoping for the yellow ribbon to twirl like in the original as she stood still.)
Finally Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen kissed which even surprised him and his love grew a bit too strong as he got wounded when he tried to protect her. With a cliffhanger left in this episode, I can't wait to see what happen next. Until then, see you next month!

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