Monday, October 20, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 37: A Song of Innocent Part 1

The town is celebrating Halloween and the girls joined in the festivity. The Phantom Generals saw the celebration through their mirror and was disgusted by it. Queen Mirage appeared and the trio explained they could not beat the Precures because of their new attack-The Happiness Big Bang.
Queen Mirage ordered her new general to appear which got all the three generals spooked out. Back on Earth, Blue was invited by the girls to join in the celebration which got Seiji all jealous. (He was in charge of Takuma and his friends during the festival)
Hime was amazed by the Pumpkin cake and was told by Megumi to share the car with someone. She shared with Yuko and the others also follow suit. Seiji shared his cake with Megumi which she took it casually.
Later Hime and Seiji spotted Megumi and Blue talking together which he was a bit annoyed. The other girls could sense the atmosphere and suggested that Megumi might have a crush on Blue however Iona think that his "love" could be more like a brotherly love than a romantic love.
Megumi gave a bottle of tea to Blue and he accidentally touch her hand which got her all freaked out. Suddenly Oresuki appeared and turned Takuma and his two friends into a Saiark. The girls transformed and battled it.
During the battle, Oresuki was complaining he want to be No.1 for everything. Cure Lovely tried to talk sense to him claiming that sharing is also important. He refused to listen which got Cure Lovely to use Lovely Powerful Kiss on the Saiark. Everyone then used Happiness Big Bang on both the Saiark and Oresuki.
The Saiark was cleansed and Oresuki was feeling a sense of goodness when suddenly a beam destroyed the Big Bang attack. Cure Fortune recognise the person as her sister, Cure Tender but now she has become a Dark Precure...
This episode is a mix bag for me. First we have the continuation love triangle between Megumi, Blue and Seiji which I am serious thinking that the three of them are giving out wrong signals to each other. Megumi had a crush on Blue but she has problems expressing it, Seiji just watch and keep everything in his heart (which is bound to explode in the future) and Blue is being too nice to everyone which is actually the reason why Cure Mirage fall into grace (It's your fault, Blue!)
I went to the Precure Store in Tokyo Train Station in Japan and they were promoting the Halloween goods. (The store has moved to the other far end of the corner oppositie the Ultraman store.)
The Halloween festival is sort of blend into the background and didn't do much to affect the story and Oresuki's appearance is kind of forced. All he does is just whining that he want to be first in everything and Cure Lovely tried her best to make him understand of sharing.
Finally the surprise at the end where Cure Tender which I am calling her Dark Tender appeared and she is voiced by Kobayashi Sanae. (Allen Walker from D-Gray Man and Catherine from Macross Frontier) Iona didn't have much lines in this episode and it didn't focus on the attention on her. (I was expecting Iona having a nightmare in the opening act of the episode to indicate what is coming but lazy writing?)
Anyway, the Big Bang attack is useless against Dark Tender. Can the girls find another way to defeat her and perhaps save Iona's sister before it is too late? Find out in the next episode!

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  1. Ah I love Kobayashi-san! She really made me cry as Reinforce in MGLN