Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Trip to Toei Namco Action Museum at Aeon Mall, Kahimmakuhari, Chiba Japan

During my trip to Japan, I visited the Toei Namco Action Museum at Aeon Mall in Kahimmakuhari. For those who are planning to go there, take the Keiyo Line at Tokyo Train Station and stop at Kahimmakuhari which is after Maihima, Tokyo Disneyland.
Get off this train station..
and take the local bus heading to Aeon Mall opposite the train station. (It is about a 10 minutes trip)
From there take a bus service to Aeon Mall and arrived at the place. The Museum is located at the Family Mall Section, 3rd Floor. The entry fee is 1400 yen for adults and 1000 yen for children below 12 years old. Children below 3 years old is free.
The Brace Watch
See the little panel with the yellow button? Use the brace to scan it.
You will be given a brace watch (I got the Gaim one, there is a ToQer watch) and it is used to collect points on the various display panels. You can tap the display panel more than once after 30 seconds. What is it used for? Once you collect more than 80 points, you can process to the top of higher platform and collect your special coin. (I got a ToQer 1 coin)
Go up the higher platform to scan your brace and collect a coin!
I got a ToQer 1 Coin!
Of course, the various heroes and villains from different series are all over the place. So take your time to take photos. There is a juice bar which you might find it familiar from Kame Rider Gaim. A kiddy ride on a train for kids and small kiddy bikes is also available. There is also a Super Sentai Bazooka Shooting Gallery where you battle King Dark and his men.
Since Kamen Rider Gaim has just ended it's run, there was a small corner exhibition where Team Gaim's hideout is set up and the various set like where our heroes meet Sid to get their lock seeds and Sengoku Drivers. A DJ Sagara studio where you can take photos.
Finally before you leave, there is a good stores where you can buy Toei heroes goods like T-shirts and key chains.
Overall, an interesting place to visit especially if you have kids but if you want to avoid the crowds, go on a weekday and you can take your time to enjoy.

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