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Quick Picks: Momo Kyun Sword Ep 12 FINAL, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 26, Persona 4 Golden Ep 12 FINAL

Momo Kyun Sword Ep 12 FINAL: Onihime found Jyakio being pinned by a giant boulder. She started crying and asked what she should do now. Jyakio told her to live her own life and entrusted his sword to her before dying.
Meanwhile, Youki who is still alive, tried to use the Core Peach's power for himself but instead it was too strong and consumed him instead. The Core Peach suddenly split into many pieces and spread throughout the land. Without the Core Peach, the castle started to fall back to the ground and tearing itself apart.
Enki and Genki evacuated their men while the Tenyu girls took Seimei and the others to safety. However Onihime challenge Momoko to battle. Momoko was reluctant to battle her however she accepted it. She separated her fusion with her animal companions and together with Ringo and Enki, they stood watch their battle.
Sumeragi and Kushinda were trying to prevent the castle from falling but failed. Momoko defeated Onihime and finally told her she will accept Onihime no matter and they can battle each other anytime she want. Onihime accepted it but the ground gave way and both of them fell...
Sometime later, Sumeragi dispatched a new team of Tenyu girls to assist Earth while Ringo and her team were asked by Sumeragi to work as Idols again. Kagura has decided to find another power source to return to the Moon and Seimei agreed to help. The Oni now created a new village to live peacefully.
Onihime went to visit Momoko to challenge her again and they battle each other in friendlier terms while everyone watched them from the side...

Not quite what I expected but a decent ending for this series. When I watch the first episode, they put quite a new spin in the Momotarou story with Momoko searching for the peach fragments and learning that she and Onihime are twin sisters. The fan service was pretty fun since it didn't went too overboard especially the beach and hot spring episode despite how much skin is shown, the episodes were hillarious.

Momoko herself is a pretty straight forward girl who remain positive throughout the season. Although she know about her real parents and Onihime is her sister, she still didn't went downhill thanks to her friends and grandparents. Onihime was a bit bitter since she didn't grow up with caring people and Enki is her only kin to her. Jyakio knew about her past but completely act like a jerk. He did try to make amends by telling Onihime to live her own life and entrusting his sword to her means he believe in her.

The rest of the cast were fine especially the animal companions who were with Momoko all the way, giving her support no matter how bad things are. The Tenyu girls and Seimei were all right despite having an episode dedicated to the Tenyu girls become Idols and Seimei behaving like a pervert and got beaten up for peeping at the girls. Enki and Genki were the kind hearted Oni who support Onihime and Youki who I was expecting to be the last boss turned out to be a disappointment since he was killed by the one thing he wanted most.
Overall, a fun series to watch with some fan service throw here and there. If they do another season, I hope we can have both Momoko and Onihime working together for a better future!
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 26: Not much to say about this episode as it is a recap episode. The only plot point is Modak stole the Avengers' data from Tony's computer however he is not worried as he has a plan to make everyone stronger. Next episode, the Merc with the Mouth-Deadpool has arrived! In a Kid's show?! This is going to be interesting! 
Persona 4 Golden Ep 12 FINAL: A day before Yu returned to the city, Teddie asked everyone to write their wishes on a paper and put in a time capsule. Marie could sense that Yu is still wondering who is responsible for the Midnight Channel? Suddenly Marie felt a strange presence took over her and it was the gas station attendant from the first episode. The gas station attendant spoke through Marie and her name is Izanami.
She told everyone that Marie is once part of her and she is taking her back now. Marie fell into a coma and everyone decided to find Izanami to save Marie. They arrived at Izanami's lair and Yu called out Izanagi Okami to defeat her. However he couldn't do it as Marie is part of her too. Izanami trapped everyone into darkness including Yu.
Marie suddenly woke up and went to find him leaving her wish paper-Hope everyone could be together. She found Yu and she told him she is willing to become the new Izanami but she will protect everyone instead. They went back to the surface and together with Marie's Persona, Marie told Izanami she will not just grant people's wishes but also protect them too.
Izanami was overcome by Marie's feelings and was defeated. Marie bid farewell to Yu and everyone returned back. The next day, Yu finally returned back to the city. Five months later during the summer holiday, he came back to visit everyone and they welcome him back home.
Yu saw Marie as the weather forecaster for the local news and she confessed her love for Yu which got everyone freaked out. Teddie brought the time capsule but all the papers came out. Everyone make fun of each other and they welcome Yu once again...
As I said before, this whole season is Marie-centred and she finally win Yu's heart and the final battle with Izanami is actually not in the game. Of course with the upcoming Persona 4 Ultimax Arena sequel game. it introduced Marie's Persona and her farewell scene with Yu is very touching.
Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed Persona 4 Golden the PS Vita game and Marie has become one of my favourite heroine and with this animated series focusing her, I was happy to see her animated. Although Hanazawa is voicing her, I also like her English dubbed voice who is fun to listen. Actually I also prefer the English dubbing for this game which showed how good the cast is.
I also like the producers put Marie in scenes which she was not in the game like the beach and the mini concert episode. If there was one grip, it is this series is strictly for fans who play the game or watch the original series as they jump straight to the main points. Adachi who has two episodes dedicated to him was creepy since he is clearly a social path and despise Yu's friendship with everyone. Although we will be getting the bad ending episode as a special bonus episode so get ready to have balls to watch that one.
Overall, I really enjoyed the Golden series with Marie being the star. If you can't get enough of her, you can play her as a downloadable character in the P4U sequel. Until then, Yu and his friends can take a break as we welcome Persona 5 in 2015!     

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