Monday, September 29, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 34: Hime's First School Festival!

The class is busily preparing for the school festival and Hime was excited about it. Her classmates told her the school festival is also a time for getting dates with the guys however Hime claimed her ideal guy is a handsome prince riding on a horseback.
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This week's Precure is Cure White! All Precures Completed!
Hime went about the school to see if she could help and saw Megumi and Seiji preparing the festival front entrance. She tried to help but couldn't carry the logs and hurt her finger while hammering a nail. Hime then looked for Yuko but she wasn't around. She finally saw Iona and she told Hime's fortune which claimed she is going to be lucky in romance.
Hime didn't believe it until she bumped into a male student who is putting up the posters. He asked Hime to assist him which she did. The male student was actually the student council chairman (I can't pronounce his name in the credits so I am going to call him Seitokai) after the cooking club offered him to taste their food. Seitokai claimed that he enjoyed the mood during school festival and he thanked Hime for her help and left.
Just then, Megumi and Yuko teased her for hanging out with Seitokai however they want her assistance in decorating the front entrance. Hime took charge and the entrance was done in no time. The next day, the school festival begins and Hime went to distribute pamphlets for their class cafe. Seitokai approached her and he praise her for decorating the front entrance. 
Suddenly Namakelda appeared and turned Seitokai into a Saiark. Hime quickly transformed and battled it. The others also joined in to help Cure Princess too. Suddenly the Saiark infected the school with molds and is heading towards the front entrance. The others got knocked out leaving Cure Princess to stop it. Her determination was so strong that the Shining Make Dresser hear her wish and grant her the Innocent Form Card.
Cure Princess transformed into her Innocent Form and quickly overwhelm the Saiark with her strength and her power-Windy Wink. The others joined in and defeated the Saiark with Happiness Big Bang. After Namakelda retreated, everything went back to normal and Seitokai visited Hime's class cafe as a thanks. Hime was happy that everything went well for her first school festival...
A pretty good Hime centred episode since she want to enjoy every moment in making and enjoying her first school festival. Even though in the beginning, she has some hiccups along the way. She was having fun and even get to hang out with Seitokai.
Although Seitokai isn't Hime's ideal guy which by the way, her ideal guy is actually the Prince from the upcoming movie which will be aired next week. Hime and Seitokai get along well but then his personality is more of your typical nice school chairman so unless Toei do another episode about the two of them, Seitokai is just an one off character and will quickly forgotten.
Of course, Hime got her Innocent Form which I am suspecting that to get their form, their feelings must be pure and innocent for the Shining Make Dresser to acknowledge. Like Iona who want to protect the people she care for, Hime's feelings is to protect the hard work that everyone has put up the school festival which probably explain why Megumi couldn't get her form in the previous episode as her feelings is more for herself so she probably has to rethink her feelings again.
Next episode, Yuko is getting her Innocent Form as the girls goes on a food delivery service! Until then, see you in the next post!
P.S: I will be in Japan this Friday and will be back after 13 Oct. All new posts will be done after I come back.


  1. Am I the only one who thinks that Namakaruda will probably be one of the first to get purified? It seems like in every episode he fights, we learn more and more about his past life, including this episode where he mentions being apart of his school festival. Also, as seems Megumi will be the last to get her upgrade (no pink cure bias for once, lol) but Im interested to know how she'll get it...probably through her feelings for Seiji. I also find it intetesting that no new episode titles came out yet, we normally have them by now, which makes me think they want it to be a suprise perhaps. I mean, there are only about 14/15 eps left so its about to get real

  2. Guess I spoke too soon, lol. Found this on wikipedia:

    "Lots of Love! Megumi's Innocent Birthday!"
    "Ai ga Ippai! Megumi no Inosento Bāsudē!" (愛がいっぱい!めぐみのイノセントバースデー!)  October 12, 2014