Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 33: Protect the Rocket Launch!

Megumi tried to wish out her Innocence form from the Shining Make Dresser but nothing happened. She was envious of Iona getting her new form and asked her how she did it but Iona was unable to explain it herself.
This week's Precure is Cure Muse! (Suite Precure Team Completed!)
Blue advised Megumi that the Shining Make Dresser will respond to her when the time comes and told her to be patient. Later Megumi met fellow schoolmate, Mami and her grandfather who is building a small rocket to space. Although the launch failed, Megumi decided to help Mami in anyway she can.
Megumi felt like a Looney Toon...
Mami brought her to her workshop and even showed her a screw that belonged to a real spaceship. Megumi later tried to help Mami in her work but unable to figure out all the technical stuff. When Mami went to get some tea, Megumi took her lab coat which was dirty and washed it. Her grandfather spotted it and thought Mami has stopped continuing her project. (I am not sure what her grandfather said exactly but I think I got the gist of it)
Megumi apologise to Mami but she didn't mind and claimed her lab coat looked better now. That night, Megumi was feeling down but thanks to some words from Seiji, she decided to do something to make up to Mami. The next day, Megumi went to make some rocket shaped cookies for Mami and she was happy for the cookies.
Mami finally prepare to launch the rocket but her grandfather left something in the lab and went to get it. Suddenly Oresuki appeared and turned her into a Saiark. Megumi saw what has happened and quickly transformed. Cure Lovely started battling the Choiarks first and the Saiark next. The Saiark fired rockets at Cure Lovely and she got knocked down from the sky. Oresuki mocked her for trying to help Mami but failed however Cure Lovely refused to give up and is willing to support all the way.
Suddenly Cure Fortune and the others arrived and they quickly dealt the Saiark with Emerald Illusion and finally Happiness Big Bang. After Oresuki retreated, Mami launched the rocket with success and Megumi congratulate her for the launch. On the way back, Megumi was happy that her support make the launch successful and decide to continue helping others in the future...

I agreed that this episode felt like a filler since Megumi didn't get her Innocence form in the end and if you take away the Shining Make Dresser Plot device, it felt like a regular episode of the show and no key plots development. Megumi herself is just trying too hard to get her form immediately like a envious kid. (She might have the "Envy" sin...Joke) But like what Blue explained that the time for Megumi to get her form is not now and only when the plot required (future episodes) her to do something dramatic like Iona getting it because she is willing to protect those she care without hesitation then it will appear in front of her.
Cure Princess is Packing!!!
Instead in the next episode which focused on Hime, she get the Innocence Form and is stopping Namakelda from ruining the school festival! Overall, this episode is not an interesting one so until then, see you next week as we see Cure Princess goes wild!

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