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Quick Picks: Momo Kyun Sword Ep 11, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 25, Persona 4 Golden Ep 11, Rail Wars Ep 12 FINAL

Momo Kyun Sword Ep 11: The battle between Momoko and her friends against the Oni begin. Seimei suggested that the power source must be inside the castle and they managed to enter the castle after dealing with the grunts.
Onihime demanded to know from Jyakio how he took her in and he claimed that the heaven will never accept a half breed like her and he took her in so he could mock the heaven for abandoning her. Onihime was dis hearted that she was never treated as his daughter and cried. Enki overheard everything but still accepted her as their princess and friend.
At the same time, Youki knocked Kaguya out and plan to use the Peach power for his own. The Tenyu girls and Seimei started battling Genki, Enki and Youki leaving Momoko to face Tenki again. Seimei actually defeated Youki while the others are still struggling.
However Momoko is stronger now and defeated Tenki (His other horn got destroyed too) She finally face Jyakio but he was too strong for her. Even using the animal compaions' powers is useless against him. However Momoko didn't give up and recall all her friends and grandparents. The bond between her and her animal companions were getting strong which allowed her sword to release the final seal-The Ultimate Three Gods Fusion.
With her new form, she was able to overwhelm Jyakio and even defeated him. However the castle is still operational and Momoko rushed to stop it...
This is a pretty good episode between good and evil. Onihime is pretty dis hearted after learning that Jyakio has never treated her as her daughter but rather raise her so that he can have his revenge against the Heaven. Luckily Enki is by her side and hopefully Momoko who now obtained her final form and defeated Jyakio. Although Youki is defeated but I am suspecting that he is still alive as he did something to the Peach power after knocking out Kaguya. Can our heroes save the day and will Momoko and Onihime even be together? Find out in the finale next week!
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 25: Fin Fang Foon started attacking the Helicarrier and Ronan appeared as a hologram demanding the return of the Kree Mact device and the Guardians's surrender.
The Guardians decided to take the fight to Ronan however Akira want them to believe in the Avengers to take down Ronan together. Star Lord agreed with him and they told Ronan to give them an hour. Ronan used his hammer to take control of the Helicarrier and crash it into the river.
Iron Man and Rocket started building a laser cannon powered by the Kree Mact device and barely make it before Ronan's return. They fired the cannon at Fin Fang Foon and it was defeated (Chris even went to seal it by Captain America's order)
Ronan appeared and he started battling the heroes. After defeating Hulk, Drax, Groot, Gamora and Wasp, he appeared in front of the remaining heroes and battle with him. Ronan absorbed their attacks into his hammer and use it against them, causing a large hole in the Helicarrier. Akira told the heroes not to give up and they fight again together with the defeated heroes before.
Everyone work together and finally defeated Ronan. He retreated through a portal but swore revenge on them. After that, the heroes celebrate at Iron Man's mansion and before they left, the Guardians gave the Avengers the Kree Mact device for safekeeping and took a duplicate with them in order to distract Ronan. They then bid goodbye and flew back to space...
Another great episode with the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy teaming up to defeat Fin Fang Foon and Ronan. Iron Man and Rocket used their intellect to defeat Fin Fang Foon which hopefully in the third Avengers movie they will do that. Hulk and Drax doing a cross line on Ronan was awesome and Iron Man, Star Lord and Rocket firing their weapons together.
Although I find Akira's words of encouragement a bit cheesy but then this is a kids' show so it is suppose to be cheesy in the hero department. For now, the Kree Mact device remained with the Avengers and Iron Man tried to harness it's energy in the next episode. But Modak hacked into their system and getting all their data. Can our heroes protect their system before it's too late?
Persona 4 Golden Ep 11: Yu found himself on a bus with Marie. He tried to stop but she turned around and tried to strangle him. However the comb like object returned to Yu after Margent send it to him. He used to push Marie at bay and woke up back in the real world
He started battling Marie again but this time he want to know her true feelings which she finally admitted she missed everyone. The others woke up and now with their evolved Personas quickly knocked Marie down with Yu entering the large Persona.
Yu saved Marie and brought her back to everyone. The entire area started to collapse due to Marie's spell broken and everyone quickly run back to the real world. When they returned, Marie apologise to everyone which they were surprised she is apologetic. They started teasing her and she run back to Yu. After a crazy game of snowballs, the gang returned back for a hot spring (Which ended with Marie blasting the guys for peeking at them)
Soon it was Valentine's Day and Nanako make some chocolate to Yu however it tasted weird due to the girls' giving weird pointers for Nanako to cook. Yu then went to meet Marie although her chocolate seem to be "alive." After eating it, the two of them looked out at the town and shared a moment. However someone sinister is watching them...
You could guess that the producers are shipping Yu and Marie together since in the game, if you accept a female character's Valentine chocolate, it means you are an official couple and the rest of the girls will be heartbroken. (Which didn't happen here although it will be very sad to see the other girls' reactions) Marie's mention of hearing another voice before she remember her memories is actually a hint to the true boss of the story as those who play the game will know that sinister person at the end of the episode is the mastermind but who is she? You just have to wait next week for the conclusion!
Rail Wars Ep 12 FINAL: Naoto and Iida took the return trip to Tokyo on one of the older express train after they settle the aftermath of Berina's attempted kidnapping. As they were traveling, Naoto heard a strange noise coming from the engine and tried to investigate. However the train driver claimed nothing was wrong.
Naoto checked with Sassho and Haruka about the engine and the specs of the train and discovered the engine belt is loose. After using Iida's stockings as a replacement, another problem crops when the air conditioner is out. Naoto and Iida found the source of the problem with Haruka on the line and managed to get it working again.
Iida commented that Naoto is a magnet for trouble and again another problem occurred on the train however Naoto told Iida that he can handle it alone. The train finally arrived back at Tokyo however everyone has returned home. Iida told him to the team can take the weekend off and Naoto took the train back home.
When he arrived, he found out that his team including Nao and Sassho has come to visit him and the group spend the night together and enjoying the weekend...
Despite being the final episode, it was more of Naoto's relationship with Iida since we don't really see her in action. But here, we can tell she take things calmly and tried to let Naoto handle the situation on his own without her being involved. She wanted to see if he can become the next leader as he is very resourceful (some of the time actually) The ending was kinda of funny since all the girls are at Naoto's house trying to win his attention...
Final Thoughts: When I first heard the synopsis of this show, I thought it will be how this odd team of misfits take on the anti government group who are trying to privatise the train system (Although in real life, the train companies in Japan are privatised) However the anti group didn't appear although I heard in the light novels, they do appeared. (So Season 2?)
Instead, we have a show about a train otaku, a man hater crack shot, the smart girl with a big rack and the tough guy who like to flex his muscles. Nothing wrong with it as every episode is filled with adventures plus some obvious fan service from the female characters who frequently show off their assets.
Naoto is the train otaku and he just want to become a train driver. However he is tossed to become the squad leader and had to control his team from stepping over their heads. But he also has some cool moments like protecting Nao from a stalker and being with Aoi throughout the Berine incident. Like Iida and Sasshou commented, Naoto is not just a magnet of trouble but girls seems to be attracted to him. 
I didn't really like Aoi at first as she was reckless and always looked down at Naoto and Sho. She seems to have an itchy finger to fire at something but it was also due to her strict father's upbringing. When she started having feelings for Naoto, she begin to be less irritated by him and even dress up once. Among all the girls, Aoi stand a high chance of being with him. Haruka is the nice and smart girl which every guys like her. However she easily get jealous especially when Nao and Aoi tried to get Naoto's attention. The weakest of the four but she has a photographic memory and could recall minor details that Naoto might miss.
Sho played the token male sidekick and we didn't get much of a back story from him which is disappointing. The only time he is useful is kicking bad guys and using his strength during the organs transport incident. Nao and Sassho are also in the race for Naoto but I am guessing Sassho treated him more like a good friend while Nao is just having a puppy crush on him.
The overall story itself was pretty decent with the team getting involved in incidents inside or outside the station and a lot of train histories from the many trains that appeared in the show. I would put it as "Give it a Try" if you want to see some trains and boobs actions (Haha!) If they even do a second season, I hope we can go deeper into exploring their world of trains and the anti government group in the novels.  

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