Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 32: The Color of Fortune

The girls tried to make the Shining Make Dresser listen to their wishes but to no avail. Iona tried it and the others realised she has a sweet smile when she make her wish. They want her to smile again but she refused to do so.
This week's Precure is Cure Sword! We miss you a lot!
The next day, Seiji's friend Yuya wanted to know more about Iona and decided to confess his feelings to her. She was surprised and didn't know how to react although Yuya allow her to reply in due time. The others overheard it and were teasing her after school. Iona reminded Blue about Precure are not allowed to have a relationship but he didn't said a word to reprimand her.
Would't Yuya wonder what kind of phone the Cure Line is to have such applications?
Hime suggested that Iona go on a date with Yuya and he agreed through Seiji's Cure line. Iona wore a beautiful dress and Hime did her make up. The others joined her and Yuya to a trip to the zoo and halfway through, they let the two of them to be alone. The two of them actually got along pretty well and after a game of Frisbee, they took a break.
Yuya claimed he had a crush on her a while back because she has a nice smile but she seems to be occupied with something. Iona decided to change the subject and went to get some drinks. Namekelda appeared and turned Yuya into a Saiark. Iona returned and saw what has happened. The others also arrived and they quickly transformed.
The Saiark took down everyone expect Cure Fortune and Namekelda started insulting about how futile love is. The others stood up and gave words of encouragement to Cure Fortune. She stood up and claimed she doesn't know anything having a relationship but she will do her best to protect those important to her.
The Shining Make Dresser heard her wish and it granted her the Innocent Form PreCard. She transformed to her Innocent Form and used her new power-Precure Emerald Illusion to immobilise the Saiark. She then joined the others and used Happiness Big Bang to defeat it.
Someday, Iona...your happiness will come.
After Yuya recovered, Iona told him that she doesn't hate him however she is not ready yet. Yuya respected her wishes and told her that he will wait for her reply...
First thing first, this episode is probably the least usage of background music during the subtle moments. Like when Iona and Yuya were at the park and during the battle, everything was quiet but yet the tension was deep. Do you realise that throughout the battle, everything was given a dull color which represents how Iona's feelings is going through?
I am guessing if there was never a Phantom Empire to begin with and no Precures existed, Iona and perhaps everyone will lead a normal life-like going to school, making friends and getting into a relationship. However it is their destiny as Precures to fight evil and protect the world, the time for love is not now. Blue not replying to Iona's protest is probably because he is testing her on how far she will go to protect the people she care for and when her true feelings is revealed, the Shining Make Dresser granted her the Innocent Form to prove she is worthy.
The Innocent Form looked like HeartCatch Precure Super Silhouette Form which is okay though it is kinda of rip off from them but Emerald Illusion is only used to immobilise the Saiark rather than an offensive skill which is disappointing. Yuya is voiced by Uchiyama Koki which Gundam Fans will know him as Banagher Links of Gundam Unicorn and I was wondering if he make a better Seiji than Kanemoto Ryosuke since he does a lot of cool guys and harem lead roles.
Oh Megumi! (Face Palm!)
Anyway, a good episode for Iona and next episode, Megumi tried all ways to get Innocent Form and get herself into a lot of trouble! See you next week to find out!

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  1. I thought that Innocent form will be in group, not individual.