Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 31: Tender Honey

Megumi and the others arrived at Hime's house and Megumi was filled with joy because of her friends gave her encouragement in their last battle. Although everyone was wondering what to do with Phantom who is resting his injuries upstairs.
This week's Precure is Cure Sunny!!
Blue explained that Phantom resisted the Happiness Big Bang Attack which resulted him in getting injured and not purified. Hime complained that she has to keep watch of him every night. (Although it was Ribbons and Glasses staying guard and Hime sleeping throughout) Yuko cooked some food for Phantom as she insisted in taking care of him but everyone was against it.
Iona also has wild imagination!!
Meanwhile, Queen Mirage ordered Oresuki to bring back Phantom and Deep Mirror continued to influence her judgements. Yuko tend to an awaken Phantom which he was confused why she is helping the enemy. She claimed it doesn't matter whether it is a friend or enemy as long they can go back to that important person once they get better. (Something like that) 
Yuko further explained that she once took care of someone important when she was young and the person returned the gratitude. Megumi told the others that that person passed away two years ago however Yuko was glad that that person enjoyed the food she cooked. Yuko then called out his name-David which happen to be a dog!
Phantom spotted the others outside and Iona confronted him. He claimed that only by defeating him, her sister and the other Precures will be released from his spell. But before anything else, Blue gathered the girls to the Cross Mirror room. Oresuki was attacking the city with a Saiark and Megumi, Hime and Iona went ahead while Yuko stay behind.
As the other three girls battle the Saiark, Phantom escaped and was confronted by Blue. He asked Phantom to give a message to Queen Mirage that he will come and tell his true feelings to her. Phantom wanted to kill Blue but Yuko stopped him. She figured that he is going back to someone important and stood her ground. Phantom drew off his attack and left. (Not before he told her something)
Yuko felt motivated hearing his words and joined the battle. She was so pumped up that everyone's power was energised. They then defeated the Saiark with Happiness Big Bang and returned home. Yuko later saw that Phantom ate her food before leaving and the words he told her was "Thank you for the food" She was so happy that even Ribbon got a new PreCard from it...
A pretty nice episode with which Yuko is really nice to everyone no matter good or bad. Although the person she once took care of was actually a dog. She was glad that it enjoyed her food and became her pet till it passed away. Although Phantom is a tough nut, he was soften by her actions and words and because he thanked her for the food, there is some good inside him. (Are we going to see shipping for these two after this episode?)
I do realise that the last few episodes, the Saiark were totally useless and it concentrate more on our main characters (which is a good thing) rather than a random episode where some random person who has some problem and got turned into a Saiark and the girls resolved the matter by the end.
Next is Iona and she is going on her first date with Seiji's male friend! However Namakelda interrupted their date and the first appearance of Innocent Form!? See you next week to find out!


  1. After this episode I think Phantom is probably an artificially created substitute for the God Blue , to love and serve Queen Mirage, by the evil mirror. But no substitute can truly take the place of the original love for Blue though , which is why Phantom hates blue but is still a loyal dog ( ha , approriate considering this episode ) to his Queen even after getting bitch slapped by her for failures.
    Mirror is a reflection , Phantom is a reflection of Blue, but in the end just an illusion of the lost of love of Cure Mirage's true love : the god Blue.
    This is why Phantom's hair is red as opposed to Blue and why the empire is named after him too, he is more important than just being the elite henchan.

    Also Yuuko you shouldn't really be feeding a doggy rice , they're meat eaters after all ... if you fed him rice everyday no wonder he got sick and died early

  2. Also animation quality was very good again this episode .... you kinda wish all episodes used this studio ... and the fansuv I watched called the dog " Debit " ... lol.... only after I read this blog page the name of the dog made sense ...