Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quick Picks: Buddy Complex Final Chapter, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 27

Buddy Complex Final Chapter: Hina was brought on board the Cygnus however she needed to put into a detention cell before deciding what to do. After discussing with Gengo, Aoba and Dio, Hina was allowed to be a pilot in their crew.
Meanwhile Bizon has taken over the Zogalia Empire and plotting his revenge on Aoba. He conspired with Hahn (who also learn his true identify) and work on a large version of the Gorgon which is built in space. The Cygnus crew learned of this information and went to prepare for the battle in space.
Several weeks later, the Cygnus and several allied ships headed to destroy the Gorgon but encountered Alfried's forces. Aoba and Dio sortie out to deal with the forces. Suddenly the Gorgon fired at them destroying half of the forces (both Alliance and Zogalia) which shocked everyone. Bizon appeared in his mech and jammed Aoba and Dio's Coupling system.
Hina arrived and with the help of Elvria and Mayuka, the three units were able to activate their Coupling System without their partners and in the process were shocked that Bizon is piloting the new mech. Aoba and Hina also saw their future self who are volunteers in an experiment and Hina went to the future replacing Aoba as the pilot of Luxon. But then she went back again and met a younger Aoba (Episode 1) and the cycle goes on. Alfried who dislike Bizon's new rule goes against him and claimed that his government has already surrendered by those against him.
Everyone teamed up and finally defeated Bizon. But he activated the Gorgon and is aiming to destroy the Earth. Hahn couldn't override it and await for his death. Aoba and Dio took their chance and smash their way to the Gorgon (With the power of time travelling!) and finally destroying it.
Suddenly a time tunnel was opened and both Aoba and Hina bid farewell to everyone and entered the tunnel. Everyone was upset especially Dio who blamed him for running away again. Soon after, the Alliance and Zogalia Empire came to a peace agreement and it was peace time for everyone.
In an another timeline, Hina met Aoba for the first time and introduce themselves...
Final Thoughts: I thought Sunrise pulled a fast one claiming that this is the final chapter for Buddy Complex and no second season. Maybe because they run out of budget so they jump straight to the Finale. At least the reason why Aoba and Hina came to the future is explained since they are volunteers in time traveling. But with so many time paradox happened already, it is pretty messy to piece everything together if you think about it.
Before this episode aired, I was already wondering how the ending will be and I was quite correct that Aoba will returned to his own time line, leaving his new friends behind. Dio was pretty upset that he left since they have a connection and it will take another life time to meet again. (I am looking at you, Super Robots Taisen!) Surprisingly enough only Bizon and Hahn are the only two characters who died and everyone including Alfried's team all survived! I think because of Valvrave's high casualty rate, Sunrise decided to end things in a more positive note.
In the end, there was not much characters development like Hina's interaction with Mayuka which I am a little sad that Mayuka who caught Elvria's wedding bouquet couldn't married the guy she has feelings for as he is now in another timeline. Overall, a good episode finale but rushed character development.
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 27: Deadpool defeated King Cobra in Mexico and retrieve Iron Fist's Disk from him. He decided to pay the Avengers a visit in Japan. Meanwhile Tony is making his latest invention with the power of the Kree Mact device when Deadpool showed up at the doorstep.
He offered them Iron Fist's Disk to them on the condition that he become the leader of the Avengers. The heroes have no choice but to agree. Suddenly King Cobra, Diamondback and Cottonmouth appeared and demanding Deadpool. He appeared in front of them however the Avengers took the villains by surprise and sealed them into the disks.
The heroes suspected that Red Skull must have figured out a way to undo the seal on the disks which explained why the villains appeared without a summoner. The heroes then told Deadpool they do not want him to be the leader which he "gracefully" gave Iron Fist's disk to Akira. However it was a fake and Deadpool have also stolen the three villains' disk from their noses.
Deadpool contacted Tiger Shark and wanted a reward for the three disks. However Tiger Shark wanted to seal him up too which Deadpool had to fight with him. Tiger Shark was too strong and is about to seal him in when the Avengers arrived.
Iron Man bluffed Tiger Shark with a device that Akira is holding which claimed can defeat the Red Skull's Dimensional Sphere. Red Skull recalled Tiger Shark from his base and announced to the Avengers that the day of Reckoning is upon them and disappeared. Deadpool sneak away from everyone and claimed he will try his luck somewhere else...
Deadpool was funny as he cracked jokes, speak to the viewers which Ed wonder who is he talking to, changing the eyecatch, walking around in heart shaped boxer shorts and pulling hundreds of firearms from his pocket!? He too didn't play straight with the Avengers and fool them twice, leaving Iron First still trapped in his Disk. But now, Red Skull begin his master plan to conquer the world with his Hydra forces. Can our heroes stop him before it is too late and what is Tony building anyway?

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