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Quick Picks: Momo Kyun Sword Ep 10, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 24, Persona 4 Golden Ep 10, Rail Wars Ep 11

Momo Kyun Sword Ep 10: Ten days has passed since the Oni got hold of the Peach core. Momoko and the Tenyu girls were still feeling down after their defeat when Totetsu approached them to meet Seimei.
Seimei explained that the imperial court want to use Kaguya's skills to create a weapon from the fragments. He also told them about Kaguya's betrayal and joined the Oni for her own goals. Suddenly the fragment that Seimei was reacting to something and it flew into the sky. They suggested that Kaguya must have created a machine to attract all the fragments in the country including Heaven to the Oni's hideout.
Momoko and the others rushed to the source however halfway through, Momoko requested that she went to see her grandparents. She arrived and told them who she really was. However her grandparents already knew her identify long time ago when the animals companions approached then. They still love Momoko no matter who she is which gave her a new sense of resolve.
She then meet the Tenyu girls with a new resolve and they headed to the Oni's hideout. However the core is complete and the entire Oni castle arise from the sea and started attacking the villages. It then headed to Heaven where Jyakio confronted Sumeragi. He blamed her for using force against them when the Oni want to conquer the country and now with the same power which Sumeragi used before, the Oni will have their revenge.
Jyakio then ordered his generals to prepare for battle when Onihime arrived to confront her father. Momoko and company arrived at the front gate and began battling the hordes of Oni...
So it come to this-the final battle for the fate of the country.Jyakio seems to have a history with Sumeragi and it seems she used the Peach power before to drove the Oni into the ocean. But now the table turn and Jyakio is all out for revenge. Onihime appearing in front of Jyakio could mean she has to face the truth of her birth but will Jyakio listen to her pleas? At the same time, Momoko is ready to face anyone now with her new resolve after knowing she is will never be alone in this world. What will happen next?
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 24: A large space pod is heading towards Earth at a fast rate and Nick Fury called the Avengers to stop it. Iron Man detected life forms in the pod and tried to slow down it's descent. Hulk finally stop it and landed it on the ground. Groot appeared out of the pod however the Shield agents burned him to the ground, remaining only a tweet of Groot.
The kids and Hawkeye entered the pod and discovered an unconscious Rocket Raccon and a mysterious object with incredible energy coming out from it. Shield took them away although Iron Man protested that he want to study the object. Nick Fury suggested that he come up to the helicarrier which he reluctantly agreed.
The kids enjoyed their time at the helicarrier but at the same time, Star Lord, Drax and Gamora has arrived on Earth looking for their friends. Rocket woke up and took Jessica hostage but when he was surrounded by Nick Fury and his men, he let her go and run further into the helicarrier. Star Lord and the other two crashed into the helicarrier and started battling Hawkeye and his men.
Rocket found the object which he called it the Kree Mact device but battle Iron Man. Rocket accidentally fire open the wall and sucked Akira out of the helicarrier. Rocket and Iron Man rushed to catch Akira and bring him back to the helicarrier. Groot regenerate himself and communicate with Akira  (Which he seems to understand what Groot is saying)
Captain America, Wasp and Hulk arrived to battle Star Lord, Drax and Gamora and Star Lord sucker punch Cap in the face after a trick stand down but Groot arrived to stop everyone fighting. Star Lord stand down his team and introduced themselves as the Guardians of the Galaxy. He explained that they stole the Kree Mact device from Ronan the Accuser but got separated when Groot and Rocket took the device and used the space pod to land on Earth. Suddenly a rip is open in the sky and out came Fin Fang Foon...
This is definitely fan service for fans who want to see the Avengers and the Guardians together before they appeared in the third Avengers Movie. Groot still said "I am Groot" but in Japanese and Akira somehow know what he is saying. Rocket get pissed off each time someone called him a Racoon although he looked like one of the Care Bears Cousin to me. Star Lord punching Cap in the face is something that I want to see in the third Avengers movie since Star Lord is more street wise than Cap's military attitude. Of course, the last scene of Fin Fang Foon appeared is fun since it is one of Iron Man's oldest enemies in the comics. Can't wait for next week for the conclusion!
Persona 4 Golden Ep 10: The gang saw the television and it remind them of the Midnight Channel. Yu decided to enter it and everyone followed too. However they got separated and Yu met Margret for the first time outside the Velvet Room.
She explained that Marie created this world as a means of sealing herself up and not wanting her friends to remember her anymore. Yu decided to find her once more time and Margret gave her persona to him. The others met up and saw Marie walking towards them. However her left eye has a sinister look. They tried to talk her out of it until Yu arrived and she finally revealed that she is a spy created by Ameno Sagiri to see if humans are worthy to be save. But Yu refused to accept her reasons and started arguing with her like small kids.
Marie couldn't take it and flee to her lair. The gang chased her and after battling a horde of shadows, they arrived at her lair. They tried to talk her out of it but she told them to go away. Suddenly a voice ordered Marie to kill them all and she became a giant creature. They tried to take her down but all their Personas got sucked by the creature and everyone fell...
We finally know who Marie really is even though if you played the game, you already know it. But it was nice to see this scene being animated and because she didn't want her friends to get hurt, she choose to run away and hope they will forget her. But everyone didn't want to lose her which deep down, Marie still think about them. The creature that Marie became is actually one of the easier bosses in the game however it take an unusual way to defeat it. (Clue: Defend) But since everyone got defeated at the end, I am guessing they got send back in time to replay this battle (A reset button?) as next episode, we are back in the same place again? 
Rail Wars Ep 11: Aoi and Sho took down the last kidnappers and she explained that she took the express train earlier to catch them up. Naoto received a call from Haruka but instead it was the kidnappers who abducted Haruka. They want a trade off between her and Berina and gave them instructions. They informed Iida about it and she informed reinforcements is on their way.
Naoto blamed himself for Haruka and started arguing with Aoi. Sashou told both of them to cool off and took a shower with Aoi. Berina want to sarfice herself to save Haruka but Naoto came up with an idea. They switched clothes and let Naoto become the prince. After a quick stop, Naoto and Aoi arrived to meet the kidnapper and saw Haruka tied up.
They quickly subded the kidnapper with Sho's ambushing him. After rescuing Haruka, they tried to stop the train but the controls are damaged by the kidnapper. Another kidnapper started shooting at them but Aoi stop him with a kick but she hurt her leg in the fight. Naoto suggested to detach the rest of the carriages and told Haruka and Sho to move to the other carriages. Naoto and Aoi removed the hatches but was unable to jump to the other carriages because of Aoi's injured leg.
The two of them remained in the carriage and started reminiscing about their adventures together. They were looking each other passionately when Hitomi and the others have arrived and managed to stop the train in time. Naoto carried Aoi out of the train which she teased him for acting like a prince...
As you can see that Naoto really showed concern for Aoi and she too have feelings for him. Even when Aoi told Naoto to leave her alone, he refused which touched her heart. Although we don't know who is responsible for the kidnapping (Berina suggested that someone who is in line after her is the culprit) but the kidnappers are pretty amateurs as Aoi and Sho took down easily. In the final episode, Naoto goes on patrol with Lida?!

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