Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Anime 2014 Preview! (Deadly Assassins, Ghouls and Train Security?)

Here is the line up for the Summer Anime 2014! Let's see what's in store for this hot blazing summer!

Akame ga Kill!: Tatsumi wanted to work in the Capital as a fighter but after getting conned by a beautiful lady and taken in by a pretty rich girl, he soon find out that the Capital is corrupted, the rich are sadistic and a group of assassins called Night Raid who hunt down the corrupted are the real heroes.
Aldnoah Zero: A hyper gate was found in 1972 on the moon's surface which accelerate mankind the immigration to Mars. However a power struggle caused the hyper gate to be destroyed. In 2014, the war rages on...
Ao Haru Ride: Kou was a bad boy but Futaba had a crush on him during middle school. Something happened to them but nothing work out and Kou transferred school. But now he has returned to Futaba's life however things will never be the same again...
Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen: From the people who gave you Break Blade come a story between two nations and a robot named Argevollen who will change the course of history.
Sengoku BASARA: Judge End: The third season of the hit Capcom video game where the characters from the Sengoku era battle it out in an alternative retelling of the movie version that came out a few years back.
Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance: Kamito accidentally make a contract with a guardian spirit which Clarie was trying to catch it. As a result, Kamito became the only male student in the Areishia Spirit Academy in a sea of female warriors. Think Infinite Stratos without the sci-fi tech...
Francesca: Francesa is an undead idol who love the foods in Hokkaido however when the dead spirits of the Shinsengumi invaded Hokkaido, she has to stand up and defend the land.
Free! -Eternal Summer: The popular swimming series that show hot men in sweaty bodies returned for a new season. (Making female fans screaming in ectasy and giving male viewers an inferior complex!)
Glasslip: An original series about five friends whose lives are about to change after a transfer student, Kakeru claimed that a voice from the future lead him to one of them, namely Touko who is aiming to be a glass artisan.
Re:_Hamatora: The continuation of the first series about the appearance of people with special powers called Minimum Holders. With a shocking cliffhanger at the end of the first season, more questions will be ask in this new season.
Monogatari Series: Second Season -Hanamonogatari: The spin off from Monogatari which I am convinced this series is being milked to a capital T. (Nuff said!)

Hanayamata: Sekiya Naru love to read fairy tales and when she met a girl whom she mistaken as a fairy, she was sucked into the world of Yosakoi-a dance that combine both old cultural and contemporary music.
Himegoto: Arikawa Hime was left with a large pile of debts by his irresponsible parents. However three girls paid his debts but in return, he has to dress up as a female student and to be at the mercy of the three girls.
Jinsei: Three girls created a column in their school newspaper article for people who wish to seek advice on personal matters but these three girls are anything but helpful...
Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yattemita: This show is suppose to be out last season. The short version is about two girls who worked as local idols and to promote the colors of their town.
Majimoji Rurumo: Kouta is your regular perverted student whom girls avoid him like the plague. When he accidentally released a witch, Rurumo and formed a contract with her. Kouta was given 666 wishes to use however each time he use one wish, his lifespan will be shorten and he doesn't know about it!

Momo Kyun Sword: A modern retelling of Momotarou with Momoko as the ogre slaying warrior. When the Oni king and her daughter, Onihime invaded the land and stole a valuable treasure, it is up to Momoko and her three animal companions to embark on a great adventure to get it back.
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Chiyo has a crush on fellow classmate, Umetarou but he show no interest in her. When she discovered he is actually a famous shoujo manga artist, she volunteered to become his assistant with hilarious results.
Persona 4 The Golden: The popular Altus video game return to the small screen. This time following the Golden storyline exclusive for the PS Vita, Narukami Yu and his friends begin an adventure of a lifetime as they try to solve the serial murders in their town and the appearance of a mysterious girl, Marie could be the key to everything.
Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya Zwei!: The second season of the Fate spin off which stars Iiiya as a Mahou Shoujo. This time, things get complicated when Iiiya accidentally created a darker version of herself who planned to wreck everything she owned.
Pripara: The successor for the popular Pretty Rhythm arcade game and series. (Nuff said!)
Rail Wars: In an alternative Japan where the railway system are not privatize, Naoto enrolled to the Japanese National Railway for a stable career. However he was assigned to the security team with it's odd members and they have to battle an extremist group called RJ who plots to privatize the railway system.
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?: Koutarou was forced to stay in a small rented room due to financial difficulties. What he didn't know was the room is haunted by a young girl spirit and it also attracted other people like a Mahou Shoujo, an Alien Princess among other things...
Sabagebu!: Momoka was conned into joining her school Survival Game Club with her odd members in an all-girls school. Think C3 but more Shoujo than Shouen.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal: As I stated before, it is the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon and they returned to the small screen with better graphics and a storyline closer to the original manga. With Mitsushi Kotone reprising her role as Sailor Moon and her alter ego, Usagi together with a new cast of seiyuu doing the voice of the inner senshi. Prepare to be amazed like it was 1994 all over again!
Sword Art Online 2: One of the most anticipated shows for 2014. Kirito return to the MMORPG world as he tried to solve the mysterious deaths of players who were "killed" by a player with a "Dark Gun" in the game-Gun Gale Online. But with Kirito dressing up as a feminine avatar, can he survive this gun with only an army survival knife?
Zankyou no Terror: The Tokyo Area was destroyed by a terrorist group named Sphinx. However unknown to the world, Sphinx is actually make up of two teenage boys named Nine and Twelve who have their own motives to shake the world...
Tokyo ESP: Rinka was an ordinary high schooler when she was hit by a flying fish which no one else can see. After that, she gained the abilities to phase through solid objects. (Think Kitty Pryde from X-Men) She also learned that her father gained magnetic powers and a young man, Azuma that she encountered is a teleporter. Together with various people, they began to use their powers to fight crime and corruption in the city.
Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki Ken met a girl Rize who happen to be a ghoul-a creature that feed on human flesh to survive. However both of them were hit by falling metal beans and Rize died. Ken instead received a transplant from Rize's organs which granted him the power of a ghoul. Now struggling to fight his ghoul side, he learned about the dark side of the city where ghouls existed among humans...

So there are the shows that are coming up in the beginning of July onwards. I know I missed out several shows like Bakumatus Rock, Shounen Hollywood, Dramatical Murder, Black Butler: Book of Circus which are bishounen series, 5 minutes episodes series like Yama no Susume Season 2, Ai Mai Mi Season 2 are not in this list.

What are you looking for this summer? Sailormoon Crystal is a definite Yes but since Nico Nico which is airing the show is only showing two episodes per month, it will take 13 months to finish the series.

Back when I started this blog, someone actually wrote in the comment section that I should do Persona 4 but back then, I didn't play the game until last year on my PS Vita. I really enjoyed the game and watched the original Persona 4 animation that came out a few years back. So when I heard that P4 Golden is going to be on the small screen with my favourite heroine, Marie as the center character, I was happy and yes, I will do a review on it when it aired.

I just started reading Akame ga Kill to prepare for this preview and I have said it is pretty hardcore and dark. Because no one is perfectly sane including Tatsumi, the male lead who can be ruthless when being pushed to a corner. Akame herself is the silent one but she has a dark past that is bound to haunt her in the future. I also started reading Tokyo ESP and so far, it has been pretty interesting with a plucky female lead and an overprotective father with magnetic powers.

Other shows like Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, Re_Hamatora, Momo kyun Sword, Fate Kaleid Season 2, Rail Wars (Which I saw the promo video last year in Japan and it looked good) and Rokujouma no Shinryakusha are in my radar as I have read some of the manga version of it or following it from the previous season.
The rest of the shows are as usual "Watch the first three episodes and then decide." Until then, see you in July for the first impressions of the new shows!

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