Thursday, June 26, 2014

Quick Picks: Gaworare Ep 12, Love Live S2 Ep 12, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 13

Gaworare Ep 12: In the real world, Souta battled alone the angels that is controlling the virtual system although his death flag is still growing, he still fight on with Zero instigating to battle.
Meanwhile, Nanami found out that no one remember Souta and tried to get with her life. However she was aware of the locked room (Souta's room) that everyone told her it is off limits. Nanami broke the door and found the letter addressed to Souta. Ruri arrived and kiss her which awaken Nanami's real memories.
She met another version of herself who is Souta's sister. She explained that when the ship accident happened, she split her essence into her, one is Nanami of the Virtual world while the other was captured by Zero. She escaped and hide inside Ruri's body till the time is right. Nanami now know what to do and the other girls also started to remember Souta again.
They gathered at the treasure chest that was under the dorm and opened it. A portal was created and they entered. Souta was fighting an endless battle and saw the same cruise ship as it's commanding fleet. He was about to give up when everyone appeared in their battle outfit and told him they are here to bring him back...
So the truth is revealed. Nanami is Souta's sister which explained why she is immune to Souta's flag abilities. She sacrifice herself to have her essence to overlook Souta in the virtual world while the other waited in dormant inside Ruri's body. But with everyone here to help Souta, can they reach the happy end flag in the final episode next week?!
Love Live S2 Ep 12: The girls went to the Love Live press conference and draw the position number for the contest. Nico drew the last number which mean they get to perform last. The girls prepare day and night when finally on the eve of the contest, Honoka suggested they have a sleep in at the school which they all agreed.
After dinner, they went up to the rooftop and shouted their wishes to win the contest. The next day, they headed to the contest and get ready. They make their last hurdle and performed in front of everyone.
The performance was a success and they were touched in tears backstage. But they could hear the audience asking for an encore and with the help of their schoolmates who brought their spare costumes, they performed their encore and finished the contest...
We finally come full circle with the girls finally performing at Love Live. But what will happen now once the curtains has fallen? Although they are disbanding the group after this, what paths will the girls take from now on? No matter what it is, let's cheer for the girls one last time in the finale!
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 13: The Avengers and their partners are battling Modok and Crimson Dynamo for the next disk. Hulk and Ed nearly screw up but Akira caught hold of the new disk which happened to be War Machine. He summoned him and War Machine drove the villains away.
The team returned to base where Pepper introduced War Machine/Rhodey to everyone. As they could summoned one disk type at a time. Rhodey accidentally blurted about Tony's secret holiday at Miami which got Pepper all pissed off over Tony.
The next day, Chris reprimanded Ed for holding the team back which Captain America lectured Chris. He rebutted that he is not his instructor which got Captain America remembering about Bucky. Ed was still upset and he ran out with Hulk while the others headed to the next found disk.
Hawkeye found Ed and started passing remarks about him of being an extra baggage. Meanwhile the others were attacked by Modok and Graviton who they have problems dealing with. Hulk stand up for Ed claiming that he is doing his best to overcome weakness and he trust him. Ed was touched which got Hawkeye to give him a ride to the others.
They spotted Graviton which Ed waited for the right moment and summoned Hulk. Hulk used the gravity pull as a spring board and knocked Graviton and Modok unconscious. Akira found the new disk and the villains have to retreat after. The others praised Ed including Chris which he later asked Captain America about Bucky...
A continuation from the last episode about Ed overcoming his weakness and Hulk being Hulk, believe in him. I think Hulk know the meaning of being weak as being Bruce Banner, he know the value of life and the mad destruction he caused as the Hulk. So seeing Ed is like seeing a little bit of himself. The mention of Bucky by Captain America could also mean a foresight that the Winter Soldier could be appearing in future episodes which will probably make a good development episode between Captain America and Chris.
Hawkeye and War Machine returned in this episode and it was funny to see Tony getting reprimanded by Pepper about Miami which I wondered what happened there? Next episode is Akira and Hikaru's relationship since it mirrored Thor and Loki's relationship. But a villain with whips is attacking them? Who could it be? Find out in the next episode!

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