Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 21: Fortune Favors the Brave Part 1

Hime locked herself in her room as Yuko tried to talk her out of it. She also learned that Megumi has went to look for Iona to join them but she think that Megumi is abandoning her for good.

This week's Precure to open the show is Shining Luminous!

Megumi and Seiji talked to Iona and tried to convince her to join them. However Iona refused because of Hime's presence. She refused to listen to Megumi further and told them to leave. Glasses also tried to talk Iona into joining Megumi and the others but she rather be alone than join them. Ribbon seek advice from Blue but he claimed affairs of the heart need to be settle among themselves but he believe the girls will overcome this trial.

Megumi is cute as a dog!

Megumi and Seiji came back to Hime's house and Yuko cooked some stew to lure Hime out of her room. The plan worked but Hime was too afraid to face them. She used the Ninja PreCard to escape out while Megumi and Yuko used the Dog and Chick PreCard to go after her.

After a short chase, Megumi shouted to Hime that she still care for her and started crying. Hime turned back and apologise. Together with Yuko, they settle down and Hime explained she didn't mean to open the Axia box on purpose. Megumi didn't blame her but rather blame on the Phantom Empire for starting the invasion. She also told Hime that she will support her to explain Iona the situation.

Phantom arrived in the city and used his powers to turn the townspeople into Saiark. Hime recognise the Saiark are the same kind that invade her kingdom. The girls including Iona immediately transformed and went to battle.

The Saiark are more stronger than the regular ones and Cure Lovely was caught off guard and crashed into a crystal hill. Cure Princess protect her and their bonds became stronger now. Together with Cure Honey, they continue battling the Saiark while Blue commented that Love is the source of a Precure's power and entrusted them.

Sparkling Baton Attack is a Crowd Clearer!

Cure Fortune defeated the last Saiark on her side and Phantom appeared in front of her. He lured her away with a plan in mind. Meanwhile Cure Honey finished the remaining Saiark with Sparking Baton Attack and proceed to the next location of Saiark. (With a reward of six PreCards from Ribbon) Cure Fortune was lured into a portal by Phantom and landed in the field of captured Precures. Phantom then drew his sword to challenge Cure Fortune to battle...

So it come to this-our first major story arc for Happiness Charge Precure. Phantom is easily the strongest since he just swing his sword and turned the townspeople into Saiark. Furthermore with the numbers of Precures he defeated, Cure Fortune is facing an uphill battle alone.

The first half of the episode is about Hime getting out of her slump and renewing her friendship with Megumi and Yuko. Megumi provide the "love" while Yuko provide the "food" to make Hime appreciate them more. But before they could do anything else, the town is now overrun by Saiark.

Although I was wondering if Hime claimed that her Kingdom was invaded by Phantom, could it mean that Phantom might be someone related to the Kingdom as well? I mean it could be a coincidence but it is possible that Phantom might be brainwashed by Queen Mirage and turned against the Kingdom. (It is just a theory but it will be very interesting to see such a plot twist happened)

But with Cure Fortune all alone to face Phantom, can the others able to reach her in time? But from the next episode preview, Phantom destroy her Precure PreCard and is unable to transform anymore! However a small speck of hope is laying for Cure Fortune to turn the tables around? See you next week for the conclusion of this arc!


  1. Good review. Really good one!
    But I must point out a mistake. Quite big one in my opinion.
    Max Heart Team is not complete. We still lack White's Anniversary Message.
    You must have mistaken Egret as White. Other than that, it was a nice lecture.

    1. You are right, I must have mistaken Cure White as there were a few white Precures appeared already. Thanks for pointing up the mistake!

    2. No problem :) :)
      Egret and White are really alike :) I used to mistake them :)