Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 22: Fortune Favors the Brave Part 2

Queen Mirage watch from her throne the battle between Phantom and Cure Fortune while back on Earth, Cure Lovely and the others have defeated the last group of Saiark in the town. Glasses arrived and told them about Cure Fortune has gone missing with Phantom.
This week's Precure to open the show is Cure Beauty-the most beautiful Precure of all! (Pun intended)
Cure Princess tried looking for her not knowing that Cure Fortune is battling Phantom alone. Blue called the girls on the Cure Comm and suspect that Cure Fortune is in the land of the defeated Precures. He told them to return his lair as he has an idea.
Meanwhile, Cure Fortune was finally defeated and dropped her PreChan Mirror. Phantom recognise it to be Cure Tender's PreChan Mirror. He realised that Iona was Cure Tender's sister and during her last battle, she shielded Iona from his attack and was defeated. He destroyed her Precure Card while Iona could not do anything.
Suddenly Cure Princess arrived through a portal with the others. They have earlier prayed with Blue in the Cross Mirror room searching for Cure Fortune. Cure Lovely and Cure Honey hold off Phantom while Cure Princess gave all the PreCards they have collected so far to Iona. She apologise to Iona for causing everything to happen but hope she can used the cards to save her sister.
Iona thought that Cure Princess wanted to use the cards to save her kingdom but she is willing to sacrifice it for Iona's sake. Cure Princess then joined the others to fight Phantom. Iona realised how stubborn she was and decided to use the cards to save everyone. Her wish was granted and the Fortune Piano appeared.
She used it to transform to the new Cure Fortune and stood up for the others when they were defeated. Her new powers was overwhelming against Phantom and she defeated him with Fortune Tambourine and Starlight Ascension. She also got back Cure Tender's PreChan mirror from him too.
Phantom refused to give up despite being badly injured when suddenly Queen Mirage arrived in front of them...
As a continuation of last week's episode, Iona is the central character as she finally realised that she can't fight alone in this war and it was because of the others, she was able to regain her powers and defeated Phantom. Cure Princess apologised to Iona and she is willing to sacrifice the PreCards for Iona's wishes which touched Iona and they are at least in neutral terms rather than the cold shoulder for the last few episodes.
Cure Fortune's outfit remains the same but now she used the Fortune Piano to transform which I am suspecting there is more to it other than a transformation item. Fortune Tambourine remind me of Cure Sunshine's Shiny Tambourine except she does a dance which I am sure she hit it on her butt (Yeah, hit those butts! Don't lie, you know you want hit to Cure Fortune's butt with the tambourine all day long)
Queen Mirage's appearance in front of the girls could finally mean she has enough of their tricks and is making her move. However in the next episode preview, the girls returned back to Earth peacefully which I am guessing Blue plead with Queen Mirage for a cease-fire. Although Hime and Princess make amends, they still have a lot to learn about each other as they now begin shopping for goods together in the next episode. Overall, a great episode! See you in the next episode next week!


  1. With the new item transformation I wonder if the other three will have a similar item to transform (maybe it will happen till episode 30+)

  2. If Iona is like Shadow from Sonic the Hedgehog, then she will realize that she just misdirected her rage.