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Quick Picks: Date A Live S2 Ep 10 FINAL, Gaworare Ep 11, Love Live S2 Ep 11, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 12

Date A Live S2 Ep 10 FINAL: Tohka turned into a darker version of herself and has completed forgotten who she is. Now only desiring to fight, Ellen battle her while Shido tried to talk into her.
Meanwhile, Mana defeated Jessica after she went out of control while Origami was knocked out and was rescued by the Yamai sisters. Ellen and Issac retreated after she was no match against Tohka but swore to return again. Miku tried to defend herself from Tohka but it make her more angry and tried to kill her. However Shido shielded Miku which touched her. Her control over everyone was broken and everyone rushed to Shido's side.
However Tohka tried to kill Shido but Yoshino and the others arrived to save them. Kotori told Shido thru his comm that he need to win Tohka's heart which after a long struggle and a kiss to her, Tohka regained her senses and everything went back to normal.
Later Miku kissed Shido which sealed her powers. She decided to use her own voice to sing to everyone and they loved it. However Miku proclaimed her love to Shido which got all the Spirits pissed off about it...
So that's it? They didn't explain how Miku became a Spirit and what is Issac's motives of turning Tohka evil and why Kurumi is after the first Spirit? Too many questions and too little short a season.
Final Thoughts: I enjoyed the first season because Shido played the role of a Love Sim male lead with his life constantly at stake. However he possesed a power which has yet to explain clearly that enable self regeneration and sealing the Spirits' powers. So when this season start, I was hoping we get some answers but instead we spend introducing the Yamai sisters and Miku who are not bad characters but I wish we have more development on the main plot.
Origami was totally shelved in this season which is sad as she play a crucial role in Shido and Kotori's plot. But I am guessing they are milking the franchise since it has been announced we are getting a full length movie which is supposedly the third season on the big screen. Overall, this season has the same feel as Infinite Stratos Season 2 ending and I hope they can give a proper explanation on the main plot. (Or just go read the light novel to know what happen next!)
Gaworare Ep 11: Nanami recognise the girl as Ginyu Serika, a popular idol singer who is singing on the last day of the festival. Souta wasn't really into her but Nanami was a big fan and gave Serika a tour of the school festival.
Serika thanked them for the tour and she revealed a secret that she nearly gave up being an idol however a teen approached her when she was down and told her not to give up which she did and become a top idol singer. Nanani suspected it was Souta who told her which he admitted. He recalled that he nearly want to end his life and decided to do one good thing which he saw Serika's victory flag. He told her not to give up and in turn, choose not to end his life.
After the girls showed off their evening gown to Souta, Serika's concert begin and Souta saw many lights attracted to Serika which are "Hopes" flag. However Zero appeared and told him that this world is one of many virtual worlds controlled by the House of Seven Virtues. Their objective is for Souta to use the power given by Sakura to defeat the Angelus Gemini. However if he choose not to leave this world, it will be erased out of existence the next time.
Souta decided to leave everyone and bade farewell. Later during the ball, Nanami asked Akane about Souta but she does not remember him...
Serika is the Bard in Souta's party and he learned a terrible secret about the world he live in. So in a nutshell, this world is like the Matrix and Zero's organisation want Souta to accept his destiny to defeat the Angelus Gemini at the cost of his life. He choose not to tell anyone and everyone forgot about him except Nanami. If that is the case, Nanami could be the wild card and Souta's only chance of saving the world and himself too...
Love Live S2 Ep 11: Honoka learned that his sister, Yukiho and Alisa has been accepted into their school. Later the group go through their schedule for the oncoming Love Live however they keep mentioning about what will happen when the senior members graduate.
Everyone was worried about it until Alisa told Honoka she wanted to join Muse in her first year. But Yukiho asked her if that what she really want. The next day, they replied to Honoka they will create their own idol group instead. Honoka decided to gather everyone on Sunday and have a good time together.
They finally went to the beach which Honoka and the others told the senior members that after the contest, they will disband Muse. Although everyone tried to hold their emotions, Honoka claimed they will be late for the last train and make everybody run to the train station. The girls suggested they take a group photo using an instant photo machine which they did. After that, the girls couldn't control their emotions and started crying for each other.
Later, the girls began training one week before for the finals...
As expected, nothing last forever and even though the girls suggested they could recruit new members after the senior members graduate but it won't be the same anymore and Muse was created because of all nine members. Although it is an emotional journey for the girls at least they could get it out of their system and focus on the finals fully. Whether the girls make it or not in the finals, all will be answered in the final episode next week!

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 12: Iron Man introduced everyone his DISK tracking system and the kids went to their first location near the desert. Ed is the only one who couldn't catch up and Chris told him to pick up the slack.

They were ambushed by Joel and Absorbing Man who have already found the new disk. Although Iron Man came to a conclusion that Loki has created a tracking system of his own with the help of Nozomu. The Absorbing Man battled Captain America, Thor and Wasp while Akira dragged a scared Ed to chase after Joel.

The three heroes have problems battling Absorbing Man due to his powers but soon overcome it. Akira summoned Iron Man before they fell off and Joel summoned his new disk-The Juggernaut. Iron Man tried to battle him but he was too strong which leave Ed no choice but to summon Hulk. Hulk used all his strength to hit hard on Juggernaut's helmet which left him in a state of comatose.

Ed was given the honor to seal Juggernaut and they all returned to base. Later Iron Man and Pepper analyse the readings on the kids and suspect that they are "evolving.

Our heroes begin their first mission together and they are already facing the Absorbing Man and Juggernaut-two powerhouse villains. But thanks to teamwork and Hulk going all wild, they sealed the villains and learned that Nozomu is still alive. Ed also learned to be more confident as he is now facing real threats and Captain America commented to Hulk that he has change for the better.

Juggernaut might be one tough cookie but next episode, the heroes are dealing with Crimson Dynamo and Graviton!? Things are about to get shaky next week!

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