Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 19: Prelude to Dark Secrets Part 1

Ribbon told the girls the amount of cards they have collected since they became Precures. Hime wished for her kingdom to be restored. Megumi want to heal her sickly mother and Yoko want everyone to feel happy eating her rice.


This week's Precure is the ACE of Precures-Cure Ace!

However Ribbon told them only one wish is permitted. Meanwhile, Cure Fortune defeated a Saiark and got a PreCard. However her agenda is to rid the Saiark and defeat Phantom.

That night, Blue told Hime that she should tell Megumi and Yoko the "truth" of the Axis Box however she is worried that they will hate her if she told them what really happened. The next day, Seiji called up the girls as they need players for the shopping mall soccer match. The girls arrived and met the coach of the team, Gon who is also the owner of a Dango sticks store. Their opponent's team coach owned a Manju store who is a rival of Gon. Iona also arrived to help Seiji although she is a bit resent that Hime is in the team.

The match begin and Iona scored a goal which got Hime pumped up. However she isn't that good and even got into an argument with Iona which caused the other team to score a goal. During the break, Gon went to bring Dango sticks for the team when he got turned into a Saiark by Oresuki. It started attacking the field and the girls quickly transformed.

However the Saiark hit the girls with an energy ball and they got entangled in the soccer net. Cure Fortune arrived and freed them. Cure Lovely suggested they work together although Cure Fortune was reluctant to do so. The Saiark and the Choiark began attacking them and the girls fight back and working together. Cure Princess tried to prove her worthy but messed up her attacks. Cure Lovely saved Cure Fortune from being ambushed and she finally defeated the Saiark and got a PreCard in the end.

The match resumes and the girls won the match. Gon was impressed with Iona's game play and wanted to reward her with his Dango sticks. Iona instead told him to share the victory with everyone else. When the girls and Seiji were walking back home, Iona approached them and commented their teamwork is very good and offered Megumi and Yuko to join her in her battle against the Saiark. She showed them her Prechan Mirror and revealed to them that she is Cure Fortune...

Before watching this episode, I was thinking that it will be a filler episode with real life soccer player Nakayama Masashi as a guest star. But this episode is filled with questions as to what did Hime do to cause Iona to hate her so much and the cause is the Axis box. Iona also reveal to the girls that she is Cure Fortune which you can see in the next episode preview, Hime flipped out and run away.

But before that, I find Iona a bit of a hypocrite. When she is willing to help Seiji in the soccer match, she resented that Hime is in the team and she argue with her about team play. But when they won the match, Iona said they couldn't win without the team. During the battle, Cure Lovely wanted Cure Fortune to fight together but she was reluctant to do so and nearly got ambushed by a Choiark. Even at the end of the episode, she offered Megumi and Yuko to join her but not Hime which showed that she hated Hime so much that she didn't bother to call out her name.

Cure Tender looked will be great if she joined the team!

I know there are Iona fans around and she has her own agenda on why she hated Hime so much, Of course, this proved that the show can go a bit edgy and dark without making it too goofy or too sweetie pie like Smile or Doki Doki. In the next episode, Hime ran away and Iona finally reveal what happened to her sister, Maria aka Cure Tender and her hatred towards the Saiark and Hime. See you next week for the continuation of Cure Fortune's Arc!


  1. O.o So this is the episode when this are getting really interesting! O.o

  2. I can see why Iona doesn't like Hime because she assumed Iona is ordering her around instead of giving her advice.