Thursday, June 12, 2014

Quick Picks: Date A Live S2 Ep 9, Gaworare Ep 10, Love Live S2 Ep 10, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 11

Date A Live S2 Ep 9: Kurumi continue to hold back the enemy forces while Shido was rescued by Miku. She claimed she want to add Tohka to her collection and not helping Shido. Origami arrived and together with Mana battle Jessica and Ellen.

Shido then hit the jackpot as he suspected that Miku is a human that got turned into a Spirit. She explained that she used to be Idol singer Yomachi Tsukino. She enjoyed singing and was popular for a while. However when she refused to sleep with a TV producer, she was framed with a fake scandal and all her fans left her which is why she hated humans.

Shido told her that not all humans are like that and he will listen to her song to support her. They continue to move up as they keep on arguing with each other (and fighting the soldiers at the same time) When they finally found Tohka, Issac appeared and a glass mirror blocked both sides. Shido suddenly got stabbed by Ellen which triggered Tohka's emotions to go out of control. Issac finally claimed that the "Demon King" has returned...

We finally know why Miku despise humans and treated them as playthings due to her past. But Shido being the nice guy, will definitely win her heart when the time is right. But now Tohka has went out of control and as seem in the opening, she become Dark Tohka and is preparing to destroy the world. Can our heroes reach her heart in time before all is lost?

Gaworare Ep 10: Hakua joined the class as a transfer student and was welcomed by everyone. Later Souta was tricked into recommending the girls into joining the beauty contest during the school festival.

Although everything is going for the festival, Souta still fear about his own death which got Nanami worried about it. During the beauty contest, the girls tried their best to impress Souta who got dragged as a judge. During the confession contest, Nanami told Souta that she love him despite all his problems and want him to share his problems with her. The other girls got touched (for no reason) and awarded Nanami the winner.

Nanami and Souta spend the day together in the school festival as a reward. Suddenly a girl in dark glasses asked Souta to hide her...

Beside having a beauty contest during the school festival which showed the girls in wet t-shirts and swimwear, Nanami who is probably the most observant know Souta is hiding something from them. She unintentionally told Souta that it is ok to tell his problems which make him realise that he is not alone in this. Anyway, we have a new girl that is meeting Souta and company in the next episode and she looked like a familiar idol singer in the first episode...

Love Live S2 Ep 10: It is New Year's Eve and the girls went to the shrine to welcome the new year. They met A-Rise who congratulated them on winning the contest and entering the Love Live finals.

Later the girls were thinking for a catch phase for the fans to know them better since there will be 50 idol groups entering Love Live. However they don't know what make their group unique and special after all these time together. Even Tsubasa from A-Rise who asked Honoka her secret of winning which she is unable to answer.

Honoka suggested to everyone that they make sweets for the whole school for their help during the contest and the school thanked them and wished them well for the finals. During their training, Honoka saw the wish placards hanging on the shrine and they were wishes for Muse. Honoka then realised the driving force of their group is that everyone work for their dreams together. They finally came up the phase and saw it during the announcement of the finals..

So the girls won and is entering the finals. A-Rise congratulated them although Honoka is unable to answer Tsubasa their secret of winning but now they finally know working towards to their dreams is the driving force and the secret of the success. With the finals approaching however Eri, Nozomi and Nico have something they have yet to tell the others which I am sure it is drop a bomb during the finals...

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 11: Chris, Ed and Jessica started exploring Tokyo on their own while Iron Man is instructing Akira on repairing the DISK system however he isn't good with it and got scolded by Iron Man.

Later Pepper came by and she was instructed to create a rocket skates for Akira. He took for a test run but realised that the skates doesn't have brakes and it keep on moving non-stop. Hikaru and Thor learned from Pepper what has happened and rush to stop him. However Akira is moving too fast for Thor to catch him.

Akira is heading towards an incomplete bridge and Thor's time limit is up. Akira nearly fell but Hikaru held on to him on the ledge. Akira quickly called up Iron Man and they were rescued by him. That night when everyone is asleep, Iron Man and Pepper completed the DISK searcher to locate the rest of the disks...

Our first filler episode which the kids are taking a short break in Tokyo after all the excitement they went through. Jessica and Wasp were buying clothes, Ed is having a blast at Akihabara and Chris has a sweet tooth after eating bowls of sweet deserts. I think this universe Iron Man is also a bit of a klutz since he forget to apply brakes on the rocket skates which nearly got Akira killed. But now with the DISK searcher complete, they can begin their search for the rest of the disks and it seems they encountered the Juggernaut in the next episode...

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