Friday, June 6, 2014

Quick Picks: Date A Live S2 Ep 7-8, Gaworare Ep 8-9, Love Live S2 Ep 8-9, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 9-10

Sorry for waiting but it is another crazy week for me so here are my thoughts about the latest episodes!

Date A Live S2 Ep 7-8: Miku controlled everyone in the audience stand including Kotori's crew. Shido was held by Miku's controlled girls when she accidentally touch his crotch and realise he is a man. However Touka was not controlled by her as she was wearing earplugs. But the DEM arrived and capture Touka, leaving Shido all alone in the city.

But Kurumi arrived and he make a deal with her to stop Miku. They went to her house and discovered a photo with a dark secret. The two of them confronted Miku again however they were outnumbered by Yoshino and the Yamai sisters. They retreated and decided to head to DEM to save Touka. Kurumi created a diversion and Mana who has recovered battled Jessica. Shido head straight to the building and was confronted by some guards. He somehow summoned Sandalphone and advance to save Touka...

What is the secret that Shido and Kurumi found about Miku? Will Shido get to Touka in time? Can Kurumi and Mana hold on the large DEM armies? More dangers laid ahead for our heroes in the next episode...

Gaworare Ep 8-9: Souta was enjoying his summer break with Kikuno and Rin when he was "abducted" by Ruri to meet Akane. Everyone rushed to find him when Nanami called through the intercom and found them enjoying themselves. She invited them to her country and took a train ride to her castle.

Souta then met Nanami's younger sister, Hakua when they were attacked by an Assassin type Ruri model. Souta managed to separate the train carriage from the assassin and she was killed by the masked character, Zero. The trio met the others in the town and they met the Crown Prince who is suppose to be Nanami and Hakua's brother.

The crown prince later announced that the king has passed away and he is next in line to ascend the throne. He also announced that Nanami and Hakua are actually his daughters. Meanwhile Souta discovered an ancient tablet that described what he has been through and the future which he found out he will sacrifice himself in order to save Nanami and Hakua. Zero appeared and asked if he is willing to accept his fate which left him speechless. Later Zero discovered an escaped jail cell and claim the prisoner will not able to change her "brother's fate..."

So Souta's fate is supposed to help Nanami and Hakua to restore balance to the country however he will sacrifice his life in order to save them which got him worried. But Zero who has her own agenda is confident that that Souta will accept his fate and if I am right, the prisoner is Souta's missing sister. But now Hakua is infatuated with Souta and joined the school as a transfer student. What hi jinks will be in store?!

Love Live S2 Ep 8-9: The girls were preparing for the final and Eri suggested they make a love song together which is Nozomi's idea. Everyone tried their best to come up with a song but failed. Maki was suspecting amiss confronted Eri and Nozomi in which Nozomi explained it doesn't matter if it is a love song but the song should be done by everyone. She also explained that she transfer schools due to her parents' jobs and when she finally meet Eri in their first year, she decided to make friends with her and they were together ever since.

Everyone finally came up with a song but on the day of the finals, it was snowing very heavily and Honoka, Umi and Kotori are tied down with the school council works. The others went ahead to the stage however the trains are down which led the three girls to run to the stage with the help of everyone cleaning the snow path for them. They finally arrived and performed a successful show on stage...

We finally get to know more about Nozomi who despite having a carefree attitude is actually a lonely person. She is unable to make friends due to her parents' jobs and when she met Eri who is also similar like her, she decided to take the first step and they became friends after that. The next story is basically a race against time to reach the stage which thanks to everyone's efforts, the girls finally have a successful show but did they make it to the next stage?

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 9-10: The Avengers began battling the villains. However Loki arrived and ordered Abomination to sunk the ship. The villains escaped except for King Cobra, Diablo and Whirlwind who got captured by the heroes. Captain America, Hulk and Wasp rushed to find Spidey and they managed to get out in time.

Later, Rosetta reported in the news that Spidey is dead however he appeared alive and well in front of everyone in New York City. Loki tried to have Tony Stark arrested for causing the villains to escape the raft but no one is in the Stark Tower. The Avengers have actually arrived in Tony's Japan resort and were resting. Iron Man decided to pay a visit to Silver Samurai and asked Akira to come along.

Iron Man want Silver Samurai not to interfere in their matters since he is the head of the Japan underworld. But Silver Samurai refused to cooperate despite Iron Man saved his sister years ago from his enemies. Silver Samurai decided to "test" him which the others kids especially Hikaru thinking he is about to kill Akira. But Iron Man proved his worthy and Silver Samurai agreed to his terms.

That night, Peter came to visit them and showed a video of Spidey telling the kids that he is unable to join them as he need to protect New York City. The kids gave their regards to Spidey thru Peter which got him all "worked" up as he went for the airport...

So our heroes are now in Japan as they planned on what to do next since Loki has framed the Avengers for the chaos in America. Is this also the last time we see Spidey but if Peter decided to stay in Japan for a while, it will be fun to see him swinging in the Tokyo skyline. Hikaru is a bit over protective over Akira and almost ruined the talks between Silver Samurai. Fun fact is that Silver Samurai is voiced by the lead singer of T.M. Revolution, Nishkawa Takanori but this is not the first time he lend his voice for an anime series as he also did the voice of Heine from Gundam Seed Destiny.

With the story now shifted to Japan, what adventures await for the kids and the Avengers?

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