Friday, June 6, 2014

First Trailer of Sailormoon Crystal Animated Series!

We finally get a 87 seconds trailer of the upcoming Sailormoon Crystal series! The trailer has Hirohashi Ryou (Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog) doing the voice of Yuna the cat and telling Usagi she is searching for her to battle the forces of evil. Then Usagi voiced by the legendary Mitsuishi Kotono shouting "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" and becoming Sailormoon again! We then see the rest of the Sailor Scouts and the announcement that two episodes will be aired twice a month on NicoNico TV starting from 5th July 2014!

Some people have commented the girls looked different from the original series. They are following closer to the original manga version which is actually a shoujo manga series. That explained the characters looked more dreamy and their body shape is lengthy rather than the standard anime body shape. Overall, I am already liking the way they look but since this is a 26 episodes series and two episodes is aired twice a month. It will take 13 months to complete the whole series. That is pretty long for a 26 episodes! The song sounds like a typical anime show rather than the original Moonlight Detsustu from the original so it might turn off some people away from the series.

So are you hype for Sailormoon's return to the small screen? I am since those who have watched the original series in the 90s will know how much influence it has in the anime series and created the henshin heroines series like Pretty Cure and Nanoha we know today! Until then see you on July for Sailormoon!

You can see more details here about the series!

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