Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 16: The Hot Scoop!

Megumi and Hime watched the Precure Weekly hosted by Miyo and she informed that the Precure from Spain was defeated by Phantom. She then make her claim that she will to uncover the true identifies of Happiness Charge Precure.

This week's Precure is Miss Perfect-Cure Berry!

The girls got worried that if their identifies are publicly known, their lives will being hounded by the media. They saw Miyo is interviewing the students at their school and she tried to probe the girls more about the Precures.

They gave her the slip but Miyo went to their classroom and claimed she got permission from the school to do her report. Miyo claimed she has a theory that Happiness Charge Precure are students in their school which got everyone excited. Furthermore, Miyo suspected that Megumi, Hime and Yuko are the Precures and started harassing them.

Later that night, Miyo invited herself to Megumi's house and tried to get more details about her. (Mao was a big fan of Miyo) Kaori invited Miyo for dinner and after that, Megumi hide herself in her room and she change into a reporter with the PreCard.

Megumi started interviewing Miyo instead which she got tongue-tied. She then explained to Megumi her reasons of wanting to know more the Precures. When she was just a normal reporter, she was attacked by a Saiark and was saved by an unknown Precure. She also hope she can become a Precure and thank the Precure who saved her.

Megumi was touched and decided to transform in front of her. Seiji was shocked by her actions and they have no choice but to bring Miyo to see Blue. After hearing her story, Blue gave Miyo a Love Crystal and asked her to wish on it claiming she can become a Precure with it. However after several tries, it didn't work and she left in disappointment.


Miyo accidentally kicked her shoe to Namakelda and he turned her into a Saiark. The girls arrived and quickly transformed. They began attacking the Saiark however due to Miyo's knowledge of the Precure powers, the Saiark was able to counter them. Cure Honey suggested to use the Coconut Samba card and with it, the Saiark could not do anything but follow her pacing. Cure Meldoy and Cure Princess then finished it with the Twin Miracle Power Shoot.

Miyo was rescued but she still feel down that she can't be a Precure. Mao and her friends approached her and asked for her autograph. They told her that they loved her show and will always support her. Miyo was touched and Ribbon got two new PreCards as a result.

A few days, Miyo wore the Love Crystal as a necklace and apologise on her show that she is unable to find the identifies of the Happiness Charge Precue but she was happy to announce that children around the world are still cheering for the Precures who are battling the Saiark. Blue then commented that the reason why Miyo can't be a Precure is because her job is to give "hope" for the world...

This episode provide some expatiation on not every girl can become a Precure and the unknown Precure who saved Miyo in the past which people are speculating that it could be Cure Tender since her costume look similar to Cure Fortune. Miyo is quite tough for a Saiark since she has the knowledge of both the Precures and the Saiark but thanks to Cure Honey's quick thinking and using the Coconut Samba PreCard, Miyo was engrossed in her actions and was defeated eventually.

Although Miyo might be annoying like a snooping reporter but since she already know Megumi and the others' identifies, she might provide them with information about the Phantom Empire in future episodes which could prove useful. The only disappointing thing is that the trailer was misleading the viewers thinking we get to see Phantom and Cure Fortune again.

Next week, Megumi and Yuko are cheering Seiji for his upcoming Karate match but Hime was reluctant to go along with it. We also get to see Megumi and Seiji in their younger days and how their friendship came to be. Until then, see you in the next post!

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  1. I really don't understand. In all stars movies said all girls can become pre cures. You just need someone or something to protect (just like Ayumi in the first all stars). So, I;m thinking that Miyo was unable to transform into a precure because she isn't younger.