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Quick Picks: Date A Live S2 Ep 2, Gaworare Ep 3, Love Live S2 Ep 3, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 3

Date A Live S2 Ep 2: Shido's class are preparing for the school trip however Touka insisted of staying with Shido in the same room and tried to dress up as a male. Origami make thing difficult for her which got Shido in a fix.

Later, the class flew off to their destination and Ellen disguised as a photographer in order to spy on Touka however Reina also took the same flight to keep a close watch. When they landed, Shido and Touka got separated with the class and she got hit by a flying dustbin and was unconscious. Shido spotted two spirits who are twins-Yamai Kagura and Yami Yuzuru who are fighting each other.

Shido managed to stop them and they suggested to settle their duel by winning Shido's heart. They came back with him and Reina gave an excuse that the twins are transfer students. Later, Shido was tricked by the twins to the female hot spring corner and they tried to seduce him. But Touka arrived and the rest of the female classmates came after which Touka tried to hide Shido. He ended up falling off the cliff and was drenched wet. Meanwhile, Ellen report her progress and prepare to capture Touka...

So we have our two new spirits who are a pair of twins. Kagura behave like Rika of Chuni-byo (which her seiyuu, Uchida Maaya did her too) and behave childish. Yuzuru is the quiet one, speaking in monotone but think logically before acting. The twins were originally one person however something happen to them and they became two. They were quite all right but not appealing to me personally. But Ellen is making her move to catch Touka. With Kotori out for a meeting and communication is cut off from the outside world, will Shido and Touka survive this school trip?

Gaworare Ep 3: Souta woke up to find Akane and Megumu on his bed which got Nanami annoyed. They heard a helicopter dropping a container outside their dorm and found an android named Ninjabayashi Ruri inside it.

Ruri is cute!

Ruri was sent to serve Akane by her family and she acted as one of the students in school. During lunch break, the group heard an announcement from Mimori that the school will held a one week sports meet and she make a wager with the school shareholders that if Souta lose the sports meet, the dorm will be demolished and he will be expelled.

Everyone was angry with Mimori's wager and she make it up by sending her assistant, Eiyuzaki Rin to train them. However Rin dislike men which was worse for Souta. Rin gave them tough training to the group every day which they were wore out. Later Rin took Souta for a run and he stop for a breather.

He asked her why she hated men and she replied that only a boy named Souda which she met as a child was worthy to be her male friend. However Souda moved away and Rin didn't got a chance to confess her feelings. She send a message to Souda's cell phone which Souta received and they realised they knew each other all along.

Rin was panicking about the twist and a Yandere flag appeared on her. Souta immediately make up to her and her flag became a Friendship flag with the word "Complete" on it. Rin changed her attitude to the group and they strive hard to win the sports meet...

I realised that the girls' family names were based on classes that Souta is looking for. Nanami is Princess, Akane is Magic Caster, Megumu is Thief and Ruri is Ninja. But I am guessing that Rin, Kikuno, Mimori and even Tsumugi are also part of the mix. Ruri acted like the typical anime android girl who speak in monotone. However she is able to express emotions like how she blushed in front of Souta and the way she ask with a Yes or No question. Rin is your Tsundere character who has some boy issues however she is able to accept Souta now which sooner or later, she is going join the harem group too...

It is fun to see Umi losing her marbles!

Love Live S2 Ep 3: The girls learned more of the rules in the Love Live competition and realised they need a new venue to perform live. However they used up all the places in the school and were pondering about it.

After announcing to the school that they are entering the preliminaries, Honoka and the others went to Akihabara to look around for a venue. They were near the UTX school where they were approached by the leader of A-Rise, Tsubasa who invited them for tea.

A-Rise told them they were wanting to meet the girls since their debut and even commented on the girls' good points (Except Nico) Tsubasa allowed the girls to use their school rooftop to perform for the live stream and Honoka proclaimed they were not lose to them.

After two weeks of training, the girls were ready to perform live. A-Rise began their performances with excellent feedback. The girls were about to begin when they saw their schoolmates supporting them. The girls did well in their performance which got A-Rise a bit worried...

Finally the girls meet their biggest rival, A-Rise face to face. Surprisingly enough, A-Rise was kind enough to invite for tea and even allowed the girls to use their school rooftop. They even knew what are the girls' strong points except for Nico who somehow no one bother about her. I was expecting A-Rise to bitch slap the girls but no bitching in this episode. But I got a feeling that A-Rise might have to change their tactics since everyone responded well with the girls' performance...

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 3: Akira tried to lure King Cobra away from Pepper with the Bio Code Installer. Hikaru, Ed and Jessica tried to push some boxes on to King Cobra but were too weak. Suddenly Chris drove a folk lift and knock the boxes onto King Cobra.

The kids quickly pull Pepper up while Iron Man broke free and fired at King Cobra. Suddenly Modak appeared with one of the Masked men who Fury suspect he is a Shield scientist through the spy footage. Iron Man tried to protect the kids from Modak's attacks and was knocked out. Loki presented to him the captured heroes and destroy the Bio Code Installer.

After Hulk and Captain America, Spidey gave a leg to Loki!

However some electric currents activated the Installer and it fired a bracelet on the kids. Iron Man was captured into the disk but Spider Man snatched it back. He saw Akira wearing one of the bracelet and instructed him on how to activate the disk. Akira activated the disk and Iron Man was released. The two super heroes pushed back Loki and the Masked man. In the chaos, Akira and Loki struggled to get back the rest of the disks when a big shock wave caused all the disks to spread around the world.

After the villains retreated, there was an explosion in the lab and Nozomu was nowhere to be found. Chris, Ed and Jessica were escorted by Shield agents while Fury ordered the two brothers to come to the Helicarrier for protection. Iron Man was recall back to the Disk without warning and Akira was unable to summon him again. Later in the Helicarrier, Akira opened his present from Nozomu (A pair of skates) and by pressing the center of the Iron Man Disk, he appeared in front of them as a mini version of himself...

We finally come to the end of the prologue and there were some intense and heart breaking moments. But now it is a race against time to collect all the Super Heroes and Villains which has spread all over the world. With the Bio Code Installer destroyed, only the kids and the Masked men are the only people capable to use the disks. Loki has also claimed that the Masked men has also captured other heroes and villains around the world which we will be seeing them in the future. So the search is on and Shield send Hawkeye to assist the kids in the next episode...

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