Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 13: The Hunter AKA I hunt Precure before Breakfast

Before we start, thanks everyone for entering the polls and Shadowblack for coming up with this week's title!

In the Sahara desert, Cure Nile was defeated and sealed by Precure Hunter Phantom. Queen Mirage had a dream of her younger self meeting Blue for the first time and loathed on Love still existed on Earth.

This week's Precure is Cure Mint, the first green Precure!

Phantom (That's what I am calling him) reported his victory to Queen Mirage and requested where should he go next. Deep Mirror informed him about the Happiness Charge Precure team but Oresuki and the other generals insisted that it is their job to handle the Precures.

Queen Mirage gave the generals one more chance however Phantom was a bit upset about it. Meanwhile, the girls were watching a romance drama with Hime trying to get in character of the Princess role. Blue returned to his secret lair and reminisced on a box he is holding. Megumi entered the lair by accident and noticed the box.

Blue explained it is called the Axis (not sure if it is correct) and it is the reason why the Phantom Empire invaded Earth. However Megumi claimed it is beautiful and could felt some "Love" in it. She then asked what is this place. Blue claimed the mirrors allowed him to witness everything and go anywhere around the world. Megumi picked a mirror and they arrived at Hikari Shrine which is outside the city.

Suddenly Phantom arrived and was agitated when he saw Blue. Blue asked him about Queen Mirage but he refused to talk and slash the ground. Megumi tried to reason with him but it was useless. She then transformed and begin battling him.

However Phantom was too strong for her and caught Cure Lovely in a binding spell. Before he could deal the final blow, Cure Fortune arrived. She has her own agenda claiming Phantom took away her loved one. While she handled Phantom, Blue tried to release Cure Lovely from her binds. Cure Fortune too was knocked to the ground by Phantom which got Cure Lovely all worked out.

She broke the binds by herself and saved Cure Fortune. Cure Lovely told her they should work together since they are all Precures. She agreed and they managed to push Phantom back with their combined powers. But Phantom pulled out his sword and overwhelmed them again.

Blue went in front of the girls and pleaded for them. Phantom mocked him for having no fighting skills however Blue claimed if he killed him, Queen Mirage will be pleased. But Blue didn't do anything and withdraw instead. Cure Lovely want to thank Cure Fortune however she claimed today is an exception. Blue then asked her how did she got her power and she replied that it is from her older sister, Cure Tender which shocked Blue.

After Cure Fortune left, Blue blamed himself for everything that has happened including Cure Tender. Cure Lovely ensured him that he can come to everyone including her for help which Blue called her real name "Megumi." He then hugged Cure Lovely which got all her blushing...

What a great episode! Finally we have a pretty capable general for the girls to be worried about and it is Precure Hunter Phantom. Unlike most generals in the Precure series, he has his own agenda and he can overwhelm any Precure powers. Maybe he can deal with a Precure on a one to one battle but when he pulled out that sword of his, he win the game. He is not arrogant which I like and perhaps an anti hero if he come over to the girls' side in the future. His name reminds me of Bio Hunter from the Super Sentai series-Bioman who is also an anti Sentai/Bioman hunter (Go and watch the first Super Hero Taisen movie and you see why)

Next we get some back story between Queen Mirage and Blue.It seems Queen Mirage felt in love with Blue years ago however something bad happened and Queen Mirage became evil. I am guessing her Precure's name is Cure Tender since Blue was shocked that Cure Fortune is her younger sister. But the one thing that got everyone WTF is the end when he hugged Cure Lovely which got her all blushed.

I am sensing that Cure Lovely might end up in a similar situation like Queen Mirage in the future which is not good and it is again that rule of active Precures are not allowed to have a relationship but Blue is "pimping" it. You know for a god, Blue isn't a good one either since he is very emotional in his feelings and the reasons why everyone is this mess is because of him in the first place. (How Ironic!)

However next episode, we are having another filler episode as the girls goes to the beach and met a young boy who dressed up as a super hero. We just have to wait for another 3 or 4 episodes before we meet Phantom again. Until then, see you next week!

P.S: I am aware of the seiyuu's cast for the Sailormoon Crystal series. I will talk about it in a future post!


  1. Megumi and Blue- Nozomi and Coco =3

  2. Seriously, how hard is it to give some of the international precures a darker skin tone, even if they are going to be just minor characters ? Come on Toei , introduce japanese children to some diversity ...

  3. The pretty cure being captured is similar to the first season of Mermaid Melody.