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Quick Picks: Date A Live S2 Ep 3-4, Love Live S2 Ep 4, Gaworare Ep 4, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 4-5

Date A Live S2 Ep 3-4: Shido was ordered by Reina to win the Yamai sisters' affections. Although things were going well, both sisters wanted to sacrifice themselves in order to save each other. However both refused to give in and decided to fight.

Suddenly Ellen arrived with a squad of robots and tried to abduct Tohka. She tried to defeat against Ellen but her Sandalphon was broken by her. Shido want to save her and created a stronger Sandalphon in his own image.

He managed to save Tohka and Ellen fell into a pit hole. Shido got the two sisters' attention and told them he will save both of them. It won their hearts and they too defeat Ellen's backup mother ship which was defeated by Ratatosk's crew.

After the battle, the two sisters kissed Shido and their powers were sealed by him. Meanwhile, Kotori received orders from her commander, Woodman to kill Shido if necessary as he now possessed the powers of the Angel...

That concluded the end of the Yamai sisters arc and it was all right although it was filled with fan service until this latest episode. It showed that Shido can used the Spirits' powers at well and it is stronger than the original user. Although Ellen and the DEM industries failed in capturing Tohka, it is just a matter of time before they returned again. Will Kotori complied her orders to kill Shido if needed?

Love Live S2 Ep 4: The girls learned they have make it to the 2nd round of the competition. However Nico was preoccupied with something and didn't attend training. The others followed her but Nico gave the slip.

They saw a little girl similar to Nico and learned she is her younger sister, Kokoro. She brought them back to her house and there were two more siblings, Kotaro and Koko. The girls also discovered that Nico has lied to her siblings that she is an idol now and the others are her back up singers.

Nico was confronted by the girls and she confessed she didn't want to break the dream of her siblings that she has become an idol. The others thought for a while and realise Nico had went through setbacks in her first two years and now she got a chance. They decided to let the siblings attend a mini concert held by Nico and she finally declared that she is no more a solo idol but part of an idol group, Muse....

So we get to know more of Nico and her white lie to her siblings. Although the others were angry that she lied that they are her backup dancers but both Eri and Nozomi also felt they could have help her in the first two years. Nico suffered many setbacks in becoming an idol and she didn't want to ruin her siblings' dreams. Thanks to the others, they found a way to break the news to the siblings and keeping her dreams alive...

Gaworare Ep 4: Souta and the girls began the one week of School Sport Meets. Although they are pretty good in their rankings, Souta is still worried of the death flag on his head. He accidentally spoke of the four classes in the letter he found and Ruri's program activated a new command for Souta.

Through Ruri's answers, he saw an image of Nanami, Ruri, Akane and an unknown girl in battle gear opening a mysterious door that reveal the truth of this world. The next day, Souta decided to give "speeches" in order for the girls minus Nanami to gain victory flags.

During the 3 legged race with Nanami, she had a fall but Souta carried her to the finish line. Although they were in 2nd place, Mimori informed them that the school shareholders decided to forfeit their bet as they were touched by their teamwork. As everyone was celebrating, a mysterious masked female was observing Souta from afar...

Souta managed to avoid being expelled from school but his danger is far from over. He know he has to find the "Cleric" in his group but there is no such person in the school. There is also the mysterious masked female whose motives is unknown and she disguised as one of the school shareholders. Will Souta be able to find the "Cleric" before his death flag is activated?

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 4-5: Iron Man explained that he can only remain out of the Disk for five minutes and it take at least six hours before he can be called out again. This is due to the Bio code Installer's damaged program. It was also revealed that Spider Man has caught hold four of the disks before they were teleported. Later Senator Roberts from the Pentagon visited the Helicarrier and framed Nick Fury in cahoots with the Shield scientist, Tim and Loki in releasing the Super Villains from the Raft.

Nick Fury was taken away as Hawkeye watched from the side. Meanwhile the Lizard was attacking the city and despite Roberts' protest of not allowing Akira and Iron Man to stop the Lizard, Marie Hill who is left in charge of SHIELD could just watch and do nothing. Spider Man spotted News reporter Rosetta and told her to stay clear. He confronted the Lizard and he claimed he is ordered to find one of the disk in the bank building nearby.

Iron Man arrived and together with Spider Man defeated the Lizard using a command from Akira which activated Iron Man's final attack-Ultimate Uni Beam. Akira captured the Lizard and Iron Man returned back to Akira. Suddenly they were attacked by Diamond Back which was released by Rosetta who is actually one of the Masked Men.

Meanwhile, Hawkeye approached Hikaru and Pepper and he want him to join the battle. Hikaru agreed and they parachute out of the Helicarrier. They arrived to help Akira while Hikaru rushed to find the disk in the bank. However Rosetta found it and it is King Cobra's DISK. She summoned him and knock Hikaru out of the building but Spider Man saved him.

Spider Man told Hikaru that he must be ready to accept great responsibilities for a great power. Hikaru accepted it and he was given the Thor DISK. Thor was called out and he defeated both King Cobra and Diamond Back with ease. Rosetta escaped with King Cobra with the help of Tim and Modok while Akira sealed up Diamond Back.

As the two Avengers returned to their disks and started arguing over what has happened the last few days, Roberts is revealed as Loki and he has imprisoned Nozomu in the Frost Giants Palace. Akira and Hikaru took refuge in Stark Tower with Pepper while Spider Man found Chris in an alley...

For those who think it is a silly show, I said this is a pretty fun show since I am a big of Marvel comics. I know some of the designs were weird like the Lizard who look like Lizard Man from Soul Caliber. Hawkeye looked like his Avengers Assemble counterpart but he is more serious and cool than the AA version who like eating his pickles.

It also make sense that since this is a Japanese anime that the heroes and villains called out their attacks and Ultimate Uni Beam is a huge Kamehameha. Loki disguising as Roberts is a give away as he is holding a cane but with him spying on SHIELD and framing Nick Fury, it will take a smart eye to unravel his evil plan. With Iron Man and Thor in the brothers' hand, Spider Man found Chris but is he ready to accept his destiny?

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