Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 10: Secret Honey Part 1

Megumi used the Idol Precard and started singing Cure Honey's song to Hime. She couldn't stop thinking of the song ever since Cure Honey's first appearance. Hime interrupted the song and claim they should be looking for Cure Honey instead.

Cure Blossom-Ever as Pretty as Ever! KIRA!!

Ribbon also informed the girls that Blue has went all over the world to rally the other countries' Precures for the future battles against the Phantom Empire. Hime and Megumi decided to go and find leads to Cure Honey.

Later at school, Megumi's classmates were singing Cure Honey's song claiming they love it after the Precures were battling live on TV yesterday. Yuko also joined in the singing which got Hime all worked up and left the room. Megumi and Yuko found her nearby and they spotted the choir club singing the same song too.

However the head of the choir club, Hitomi disliked it and wanted the group to sing another song. The girls learned from Hitomi later that the choir is entering a competition soon and shouldn't be focusing on another song instead. Hime also agreed with Hitomi that Cure Honey's song is weird.

After school, the girls walked back home but Yuko claimed the other members of the choir don't feel good after singing Hitomi's chosen song but Hime ensured her everything will work out somehow. Meanwhile Hoshiwa held her own concert and wanted to challenge Cure Honey to a singing duel.

The next day, the choir members were unhappy with Hitomi's choice of song claiming it is not fun singing it. She got upset and met up with the girls. They learned what has happened and tried to console her. However she refused to listen and ran off.

Hoshiwa spotted Hitomi and turned into a Saiark. Megumi and Hime told Yuko to leave and they then transformed. They confronted Hoshiwa and learned that Hitomi has been corrupted. Hoshiwa started singing together with the power of the Saiark, causing the girls to immobilise.

I see stars in Cure Honey's eyes and they are too glaring!!

Suddenly Cure Honey arrived and she started dueling Hoshiwa in a singing contest. Cure Honey's song was too strong and affected Hoshiwa and the Saiark. Hoshiwa was furious and ordered the Saiark to attack her. Cure Honey was too fast and knocked the Saiark to the ground. She then restored Cure Lovely and Cure Princess's strength and they finished the Saiark after that. They then asked Cure Honey who she really is however she told them all will be revealed in good times.

After Hoshiwa retreated, Hitomi woke up and Megumi told her that her friends from the choir were looking for her. They all make up and started singing Cure Honey's song together. After the girls got a new Precard from Ribbon, Yuko arrived and she accidentally blurted out that she invented Cure Honey's song. Megumi and Hime put two and two together and realised that Yuko is Cure Honey which she admitted she is...

So the bag is out which is obvious that Yuko is Cure Honey. Apparently Hime couldn't get the song out of her head which she finally admitted that it is a good song or seriously a song that wouldn't leave your head after hearing it the first time. (Remind me of Nostalgia Critic's complaint of the Ducktales theme song-it will never leave!)

The title card is a tribute to Cutey Honey-The original Henshin Anime Heroine!

We also get to see that Cure Honey can go offensive if she want to with her teleportation and her Honey Baton which can turn into a ribbon whip and her abilities to heal other people. But we are just getting started as we find out how Yuko got her powers and what else can she do next in the next episode.

P.S: This week's opening is Cure Bloosom and I do admitted that today's episode is probably the worst in terms of animation. It felt like someone's amateur drawings was used especially the wide angle scenes which were really bad. Hopefully it can be corrected in the next episode.

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  1. I too noticed the animation and some proportions were very off this episode.
    Haha ...
    Yuu Yuu doesn't seem to care she could only keep her identity secret for less than 2 episodes.
    Funny they don't mind making a Cutey Honey Reference , considering Precure is a kids show ..... but then again Cutey Honey Flash was the only Incarnation directed at kids , so I guess it's OK.