Sunday, January 5, 2014

Doki Doki Precure Ep 46: Two Side of a Coin Part 2

After Cure Ace told the others that she and Regina are part of Ange's essence, everyone was shocked and Regina refused to believe.

Cure Ace told her to hold the Eternal Golden Crown to see the truth. Regina held it and is in a trance state. Cure Heart and the others want to see it too so Cure Ace told them to hold her hand and they were teleported to the past.

Years ago in the Trump Kingdom, Ange's mother, the Queen passed away after giving birth to her. The King was upset at first but see a new hope in Ange. Ange grew up to be a fine lady and fell in love in Jonathan. But one night, Ange was hit by a strange disease and fell sick.

One of the King's advisors suggested to use the Eternal Golden Crown to seek an answer. However the crown is the seal left by the Legendary Precures to seal the evil energy. The King went to the seal and after realising Ange is more important than his people, (His heart turned into darkness in the process) he broke the seal and used the crown to find the cure.

Once Ange has recovered, the dark energy appeared and consumed the King turning him into King Jikochu. He ordered his seven generals (Including two new generals which have yet to be seen) to spread chaos in the Kingdom. Ange tried to reason with her father but he has become pure evil already.

She used the Dragon Glavie to seal him instead of killing him. Later, Ange pushed Cure Sword into the magic mirror and went to confront Bel. He taunted her that she is as selfish as the King since she put her father first then her people. Ange realised her heart is turning into a Jikochu and "pulled" her heart out. She broke it into two (Light and Darkness) and hope they can change the future. Ange then turned into an egg and landed on Earth.

The girls came back and realised that Ai-Chan is Ange's reincarnation.Mana reprimanded Aguri for not telling the truth before hand and told her there is always another way to solve the problem. Regina was touched by the truth and revert to her normal self. However she refused to forsake King Jikochu and join him instead.

King Jikochu finally broke his seal and is revived. He ordered Regina to open a portal to the human world and they escaped into it. The girls followed suit and transformed as they prepare for the battle...

So the truth is out. Ange's father is possessed by the dark energy and become King Jikochu. Sounds similar to Suit Precure's Mephisto who is also corrupted by Noise. The difference is Ange's father did it for love to save her however at the cost of his kingdom. Ange also realised she is as selfish as her her father for she refuse to kill him where she could have done it. I am probably guessing why this whole series focus on selfish emotions. All the victims are people want to do things for themselves but at the cost of others.

Now I am actually concerned about the other two generals shrouded in darkness. Why have they yet to appear throughout this series? I am guessing that these two generals will appear at the last minute (which is really bad character development) or are they saving it for Happiness Charge Precure? If they do that, it will mean it will be a direct sequel to Doki Doki Precure like how Denziman's sequel is Sun Vulcan (Super Sentai fans will know what I am talking about)

So the final battle begin between the girls and the Jikochu. Who will come up on top and at what cost? Find out next week for the conclusion!

P.S: We finally get a look at a teaser trailer for Happiness Charge Precure and looking at their transformation, I am getting a Kamen Rider Ozu feel as they need three cards to become Precure-A base which is the body, an undergarment card and the battle suit cards and learning they have different forms could mean a huge array of cards to play around with.

We are also starting with two Precures-Cure Lovely and Cure Princess voiced by Nakajima Megumi and Han Megumi respectively which I am all right with them. The first episode will be out on Feburary 2nd (The 2nd day of Chinese New Year!) Until then, let's see what they have in store for 2014!


  1. For HapiChar, yes, but for me I'll see it more to Kamen Rider Decade and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger due for Form Change. Anyway, I can look forward to that series.

  2. Now they noticed Regina's eyes changed.

  3. kamen rider? i thought it was more like sailor moon/AKB48 Next than that!

  4. So, now King Jikochuu is Ange's father, I thought that Ange' was orphan scince child (Makoto said somethink like that in an episode). So maybe The King of Trumph Kingdom go away when Ange's was a child or in her early teenage years...