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Quick Picks: Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 12 FINAL, Log Horizon Ep 13

Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 12 FINAL: With Amadeus exposed to the world as a Magius, news spread like wildfire around the world. However Cain arrived in Valvrave 2 and attacked Akira, cutting off the transmission.

X-eins and Haruto began attacking Cain but he was too strong. Haruto is losing his memories faster but continue to battle. X-eins tried one last desperate attack and blow up his own unit and died. L-elf found Haruto and suggested they switch bodies so that he will have L-elf's battle abilities to counter Cain.

Q-vier tried to attack Saki but A-drei tried to order for a ceasefire. However Q-vier just want to kill everyone which leave A-drei no choice and accidentally shot him in the cockpit. Haruto in L-elf's body battle Cain and he started preaching that it was the humans who drove them to this predicament claiming they are monsters. But Haruto argue that hatred will cause more pain and suggest that they should co-exist.

Cain damaged Valvrave Red's runes generator and Haruto is dying. Both Pino and Prue even disagree with each other about co-existing. Finally Haruto overwhelm Cain and stab him in the cockpit. When they returned back to their bodies, Haruto has lost all his memories however he told L-elf that he is his friend and died.

With the Royalists and the Dorassia people rising up to a coup, the Magius were eventually hunted and killed. Shoko was upset about Haruto's death but regained herself after a while. Satomi and Takahi got married after the war. Years later, a pair of Magius intruder enter the school and found a room where bust statues of the deceased were placed. Shoko now wearing Haruto's space suit welcome the intruders and offered friendship. Valvrave Red's cockpit activated by itself showing all of Haruto's memories and the computer now ask the question-Do you believe in human beings?

Final thoughts : When I watch the first episode, it has a Gundam and Code Geass feel to it since it is from Sunrise. The battles were pretty good however the characters are not so interesting except for a few. First, Haruto who come off as a boring male lead. He is reluctant, always loss of words in from of Shoko and usually have to wait for L-elf to come up with the plan. L-elf is the better lead for he come off as a "not so smart but smart enough" super soldier. He is usually the one with the plan and yes, he is in love with a hundred year old woman (Riselotte) without knowing about it until Haruto told him. Most of the time, L-elf saved their butts many times.

Shoko was naive and stupid. Yes, I am speaking as an adult. Being a role model is one thing but being a leader she is not. She make decisions which sounds good for a teenager like claiming their school as an independent country without thinking of supplies and other necessities and causing the death of hundred of students throughout this ordeal.

Saki is also a bit of a bitch as she even said that she will get Haruto once he lost his memories about Shoko but since he is dead, she too get the short end of the straw. The rest of the cast are your typical anime stereotypes like the good friend-Inzuka and Marie, the hot head-Yamada, the quiet one-Akira, the coward-Satomi, the busty girls-Takahi and Nanami. Cain as the main villain is uninteresting. All he does is just sit at his chair and scheme his next move. His preaching at the last episode is your typical "villain who hate everyone in the world and wish them all dead" and yes, he is an alien.

The story itself was interesting in the beginning since it is about a small resistance battling a large empire. But once they started introducing aliens and memories wipe out that will eventually cause death, it got really ridiculous and the death toll rise non stop after that. Furthermore the last few episodes were really rushed and the epilogue was too quick to end without giving any explanation of what happen in the future. Compared to Majestic Prince that was released in the same season, I rather watch Majestic Prince despite it's goofy characters but they did have a satisfy ending than Valvrave. I will give Valvrave a B- for good battles but a C- for a plot that is too rushed.

Log Horizon Ep 13: Crusty told Shiroe and the others that he has a "Shield" to aid him for the party tomorrow night. He met Lenessia and claimed he is using her to avoid complications from the nobles.

Later Crusty has a wager with the knights to see who get to be Lenessia's partner for the party tonight and won with ease (plus winning two maidens' hearts) Meanwhile, Minori's party still couldn't get along and Rundel was just complaining that his party sucked. Marielle and Shoryu spotted a strange
phenomenon on the ocean horizon but it disappear quickly.

During the party, Crusty chat with the two maidens leaving Lenessia jealous. After the maidens left, he told her that she remind him of his sister in the real world. Meanwhile, Shiroe and Akatsuki were approached by a mage, Regan who offered a deal to them...

Crusty is also as scheming as Shiroe and Lenessia was speechless by his actions. However since learning that Crusty's sister resembles her, she decided to let down her defences and slowly accepted him. But it could mean that Lenessia might be used a barging chip in the future. Minori is trying her best to get her party together but because of her quiet nature, she is unable to speak up, making Rundel a complete jerk of himself. Hopefully, Minori will get out of her shell soon. With another strange phenomenon and Regan's appearance, is there any connections as Shiroe and Akatuski follow him to learn more of the world's secrets...

Kill La Kill and Samurai Flamenco are taking a two week break and will return on January.

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