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Quick Picks: Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 11, KIll La Kill Ep 12, Samurai Flamenco Ep 11, Log Horizon Ep 12, Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 12 FINAL, Yuushibu Ep 12 FINAL

Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 11: X-eins let A-Drei listen H-enun's last message and learn that Cain murdered him. Meanwhile, L-elf sneak into the Dorssaia's base as an injured soldier while Haruto returned to his friends.

He explained to them L-elf's plans and Haruto went to retrieve his Valvrave. A-Drei approached L-elf and they decided to join forces to overthrow the current government. Haruto got back his Valrvave and learn that Shoko know everything about him from Pino's records.

The battle begins near Module 77 as both Amadeus and the Arus President are signing a treaty there. Haruto is losing his memories rapidly in the battle. Akira hacked into the communication system as Yamada take on Q-Vier. However Yamada was ambushed and died. L-elf arrived and cut off Amadeus's neck. He then showed the world that Amadeus is also a Magius...

With Yamada biting the dust and the truth of the Magius exposed, everything is going straight to hell. However with Haruto losing his memories and Cain now piloting the new modelled Valvrave 2, will this battle end in tragedy or in glory?  One thing for sure, it won't be a pretty picture when this is over...

KIll La Kill Ep 12: Ryuko started battling Nui but she is too strong. Nui then explained that she was sent to retrieve a weapon from Ryuko's father who is secretly developing against Satsuki. The weapon is the scissors blade. Nui stabbed Ryuko's father with the blade but he managed to stab Nui's left eye before dying.

Nui took half of the scissor blade which make Ryuko even more mad. Her blood cause Senkentsu to go out of control and they become a horrific creature that went on a rampage. Satsuki immediately stepped in to confront Ryuko.

Kinagase arrived first but has to deal with Nui. Mikisugi was given the task to snipe Ryuko with the special bullet but she is moving too fast. Satsuki arrived to battle her but both were equally matched. Suddenly Mako arrived and she tried to stop Ryuko.

She started slapping her non-stop until Ryuko fell and returned back to normal (Behold! The Mako Slap!) Satsuki warned Nui not to come to the academy but she is already scheming her next move. A few days later, Ryuko met Satsuki and learned that Satsuki ordered Nui to retrieve the scissor blade. The data from Ryuko's battle has proven useful and Satsuki has already commence her plan to conquer all the school in Japan with the newly improved Goku Uniforms...

A non stop episode as we finally see how destructive Senkenstu if it went out of control. If Mako didn't stop Ryuko in time, Mikisugi could have shot her with the special bullet and Ryuko might died. So I am guessing that the scissor blade's true power is incomplete since Ryuko's father claimed it can destroy any Goku uniforms. With Nui planning her next move, it is just a matter of time before Ryuko battle her again. Satsuki's conquest is on the way no thanks to Ryuko's battle data, dark times has arrived for Ryuko...

Samurai Flamenco Ep 11: Kaname arrived to bring Masayoshi to an important place. He told the media that a flying fortress has arisen at Tokyo Bay. Kaname explained that King Torture got his technology from an alien organisation called "From Beyond" and he is the commander of a special unit to counter the aliens.

Masayoshi agreed to help however the team that is suppose to assist him were killed by a monster called Ugly Toxic Poison (UTP for short) Kaname has no choice but to call in the reserve members, Kuroki, Momoi, Aoishima and Midorikawa. The problem is all of them wore the same red power suits and started complaining to Kaname.

Kaname pushed the leadership to Masayoshi and went to battle UTP alone. He was badly injured and told the others to fight on. Masayoshi motivate the team and they agreed to battle with different power suits. The team now called Samurai Sentai Flamenger battle UTP with ease but it grow to a giant and the Flamenger piloted machines to form Flamen Robo.

They defeated UTP again and the remaining three generals of From Beyond warned them they will returned. Masayoshi was pleased that he is a leader now but checked that Ishihara has been calling him all day....

So from amateur hero to real hero to a real Super Sentai Team! How on Earth did this show become a real super hero show after claiming that heroes are fictional? But it was fun to see new characters and new villains since the fall of King Torture but it is a bit rushed for this kind of development. Anyway what about Goto and Mari? How will they approach Masayoshi now since he has become a real super hero? Will Goto accepted him and what about Mari's career which is probably hitting rock bottom at this point? Anyway, it is nice to see an animated Sentai team once a while and hope the action remain good till the end of the series!

Log Horizon Ep 12: The party continue as Herinette took Shiroe for a dance and impressed everyone for their performance. Minori was worried about the dungeon training the next day and contact Shiore.

He ensured her to follow his instructions from her guide book and everything will be all right. The next day, Shiroe discussed with everyone about how the nobles might use them for future quests and it will cause distrust and miscommunication with the guides. He then ordered Akastuki to recon on the castle.

Minori, Tohya, Serara, Isuzu and Rundel were assigned to a team and were instructed to enter the dungeon. However Tohya and Rundel underestimated their enemies strength, all of them have to retreat out of the dungeon. Meanwhile, Crusty who have just finished talking to one of the nobles, approached Lenessia who is having tea alone...

It seems the nobles claimed they knew what happen to the players and called it the "May Incident" but with eyes watching on Shiroe and company, it is hard to tell what will happen next. But with Crusty introducing himself to Lenessia could change things in the future. Next is Minori who has some confidence issues couldn't get her party together (But it was also because Tohya who rushed in head on and Rundel who is a complete moron) will have to figure out how to overcome the dungeon with this odd group of players.

Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 12 FINAL: The battle continued as Squall told Sara that a bomb is about to go off in the monorail where Chifuyu and the others were. Sara told Kazashi about it and she rushed to find the bomb.

Houki and Cecilla managed to knock out Autumn to the ground however Madoka was approaching the monorail and locking on to Chifuyu. Char, Laura and Rin found the bomb in time and cover with a shield in order to stop the explosion. But Ichika got knocked out by Madoka and found himself back to the strange white land.

A figure tried to strangle him but a voice called out to him for more power which cause him to wake up again. Together with the others, they managed to beat Madoka down however Squall arrived to order a retreat. Tabane and a girl in a white dress discussed about the battle and hope for more things from Ichika.

After the battle, Ichika relaxed in a hot spring but realised he is in the female hot spring room. Houki and the others came into the hot spring too and after a while, Ichika couldn't stand it and fainted in the spring...

So that's it? No explanation of why Madoka's hated to Chifuyu? Why Phantom Task is so determined to take down Ichika? Why Ichika always end up in the same place in Season 1 when he  is knocked out? Who is that girl in white and why is she with Tabane? So many questions yet so little time.

Final Thoughts: I loved the first season even though the plot is nothing special of the one guy among the group of girls who are better than him. But the characters were interesting and the actions were pretty good. So when this new season was announced, I know it will be better since I read the book that describe Sara and Phantom Task's introduction. However it was filled with some unnecessary episodes like Char's invisible underwear and Cecilla's cooking disaster. Again the last two episodes took place when they are on vacation and troubles follow them.

If this show was a 24 episodes cour, it might take the time to explain so many questions but instead, we are getting an OAD series titled the "World Purge" arc next year to follow up. Despite all these problems, I still enjoy the chemistry among the characters and yeah, the producers seem to force us to buy the Blu-ray and DVD to see all the "exciting" scenes that somehow it is edited for public viewing. Overall, I will wait for the OAD to be out and hopefully more questions will be answered.

Yuushibu Ep 12 FINAL: Raul and the others rushed to where Pino is but were attacked by Harpies. They crashed the ship nearby but Lore injured her leg. The old man took her to safety while Raul, Airi and Lum head to the cave.

They battled skeleton warriors protecting the cave and Raul felt like a real Yuusha for the first time. Raul entered the cave however Airi and Lum closed the door behind him to buy him time. He found Pino who started attacking him.

Raul tried to wake her back to her sense but she is not listening. Finally he make her remember all the shop manners that he taught her when she first came. She started to remember until he show her the order invoice that she did it herself. It snapped back Pino to normal and the seal was closed.

After the disaster was averted, everyone celebrate for Pino's return while Raul learned that Klein and Blaze were sent to hospital and were regretting their actions. A few days later, everything went back to normal and Sera introduced Airi as their new collegue. Pino was tasked to teach Airi and she went all cocky about it. Raul welcome her to the shop but they have not given up being true Yuusha...

A better closure than Infinite Stratos and definitely wanting a sequel for this show!

Final Thoughts: When I heard the synopsis of this show, I thought it will be as bad like The Demon King is a Part Timer which I did not enjoy it. Instead, this show is a pretty unique idea of what happen when the demon king died and peace returned? What will the warriors do after that? Raul was an example of having skills that is redundant in the real world. Although he was upset of not realising his dream but after meeting Pino, he understand that you can be a different kind of hero. I initially thought that Pino was a spoilt and arrogant girl in the beginning but her family background was complicated since her demon king father was uncaring to her and her mother in the past. She decided to change the mindset of demons and humans and hoping for a better world to co-exist. I love her positive and curious mind as she learn the trade of not just being a good worker but also how to care for others.

The rest of the cast was so fun to watch with Sera being actually a powerful witch, Lum who is a demon girl, Lore who quiet presence was nice to watch and Airi which I am happy that she finally join Raul and the others (I am cheering for you, Airi!) after the madness they went through. A good show to watch again and I hope a second season will be on the works because there is still a lot of materials they have not went through in the light novels. Until then, we hope to see you again in Leon Magic Shop!

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