Sunday, December 22, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 45: Two Side of a Coin Part 1

Joe explained to the girls that he is the real deal (after Bel's charades) and told them what he has been doing all these while. He brought Ange's body to a hidden forest and one day, he saw Ai-Chan been bestowed a new power from Ange.

Ange then ordered Joe to find the Eternal Golden Crown which he presented it to the girls. Aguri hold the crown and she saw images of the rise and fall of the Trump Kingdom. She fainted and later woke up in her room with Mari by her side.

She told Mari that she now know who she really is but is afraid. Mari comforted her that she should be strong to decide her own future. Aguri accepted it and later call out Joe, Makoto and Dabi at the shop.

Aguri broke the crystal holding Ange and there is nothing in there. Aguri explained that it is a decoy to trick the Jikochu and told them what really happened to Ange. After listening to her story, they were shocked with disbelief. Aguri want to "settle" with Regina which Makoto and Joe decided to follow her. However Aguri does not want Mana and the others to know the truth as it will complicated matters later.

The next day, Mana, Rika and Alice were waiting for Aguri and Makoto when Eru came up to them. She claimed that Aguri drop by yesterday to give her a drawing of her. She also told Eru that she will always be her best friend and left. The girls later found out that Makoto, Aguri and Ai-Chan have gone missing and rushed to Joe's shop.

Aguri, Makoto and Joe arrived at Regina's room and wager for the Eternal Golden Crown. However she want Regina to battle her alone. She agreed and they began to battle. Meanwhile, Mana and the others arrived at the shop and saw the broken crystals. Mana found an Ace Playing Card and her Lovely Pad started to shine.

Cure Ace and Regina were still battling and Regina wondered why Cure Ace's time limit isn't up. She claimed after holding the Eternal Golden Crown, her power is restored properly and can battle infinite. Both of them fired their attacks at the same time which knocked both of them out. Bel seize his chance and summoned several Jikochu to attack Cure Ace and Regina.

Cure Sword and Joe were caught by a Spider Jikochu and could not do anything, Suddenly Cure Heart and the others arrived and make quick work with the Jikochu. Cure Ace wanted to end Regina's life however Cure Heart defended Regina. Cure Ace then finally told them the truth-Regina and her are actually Ange's essences specifically, Cure Ace is Light and Regina is Darkness...

So the truth is out that Aguri and Regina are part of Ange's soul which is similar to Hikari's origins that she is also created from the Queen of Light. The battle between Cure Ace and Regina is pretty good and they create a WMD from that explosion when their powers collided. I am also surprised that Ange create a decoy to fool the Jikochu but if she is not here in the crystal then where is she actually? (Another Dimension or worse...a GHOST!?) Does that mean that all these time they are actually talking to a spirit?

But there is more truth to reveal as next episode, we find out what really happen to Ange and the fall of the Trump Kingdom will be unfolded! Unfortunately, we won't see this episode until next month! To all the readers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. I thought Cure Heart is the only one that wear modesty shorts. I didn't know Cure diamond also wear shorts.