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Quick Picks: Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 11, Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 10, Kill La Kill Ep 11, Yuushibu Ep 11, Log Horizon Ep 11, Samurai Flamenco Ep 10

Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 11: Ichika and the others went for Kyoto School Trip and even Sara (who tried to disguise as a guide) arrived at Kyoto.

After Ichika hanged out with Cecilla, Char, Kazashi and Houki, he took a walk with Houki in the forest and encountered Squall. She bid goodbye to him which make Ichika wonder how did she know his name? Later, Ichika dropped his camera and went to look for it. Madoka appeared in front of him and transform to her new dark IS.

Sara found Squall and she tried to attack Sara. Houki and Cecilla were ambushed by Autumn while looking for Ichika while the others are trapped in a runaway monorail. Madoka told Ichika that her target is to kill Chifuyu...

This episode looked like a similar plot from the previous season where Ichika and the girls were at the beach. But this time, the stakes are higher as three fights are going on at the same time. Since this episode is a set up, next week will be an all out action feast as we find out Madoka's true identify and her agenda! (By the way, Laura looking at the bunny candies is cute!)

Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 10: Haruto and L-elf are stranded in an asteroid and they started arguing over what has happened. Yamada and Akira were ordered by Shoko to leave for fear of their lives.

She went into Valvrave Red's cockpit and learned from Pino what has happened to Haruto so far. She regretted her actions after that. Meanwhile, A-Drei demanded to know from Saki the truth. Haruto started having dreams of Inzuka, Marie and Aina but his "Dark" self refused for him to give in.

Haruto told L-elf that Riselotte is also a Magius which he initially refuse to believe but recall her calling him young once. Haruto suddenly create a force field and realise he has the same power as a Magius. Both of them called for truce and fired a signal flare for help.

A Dorassia patrol arrived to kill them but Saki came in her Valvrave and saved them...

After last week's insane episode, Shoko learned about Haruto's ordeals and the pain he went through. L-elf also realised how naive he is after learning Riselotte's past. But now the pain is over and it is time for our two leads to move forward. They will create a new world for both humans and Magius to co-exist but can do they do it? Meanwhile A-Drei's loyalty is questioned as he released Saki but it seems he too has an akin thinking like L-elf's ambitions. We have to wait and see what is to going happen next...

Kill La Kill Ep 11: Ryuko was able to defeat Nono from the air however she recovered by the encore from her fans and transform to her second form. She used a sonic wave to disrupt Ryuko's suit but Ryuko countered back the sonic wave and eventually defeat her.

Ryuko and Uzu was about to battle when a mysterious cheerful girl disrupt their fight. Satsuki told Uzu to get away from the girl but he refused and tried to attack her. The girl easily disarmed Uzu's Banshin (the life fibre of every Goku uniform) and defeated him.

As Satsuki's mother Ragyo learned the girl (Nui Harime) has arrived at the school, Nui greet Satsuki and ignore Ryuko. She demanded a fight with Nui which she obliged. However she was too fast for Ryuko. Furthermore, Nui pulled out half of a scissors blade and claimed she was the one who murdered Ryuko's father and make Ryuko filled with rage...

So we finally find out that it was Nui who murdered Ryuko's father and not Satsuki. But why did Satsuki admitted to the murder in the first place? But the gloves are off now as Ryuko clashed with Nui to the death. However Nui whose real identify is the Tailor, easily defeated Uzu with ease. Can Ryuko overcome her but Kinagase who has just arrived gave Mikisugi a special bullet to take down Ryuko if she went out of control which I am guessing it is going to happen in the next episode...

Yuushibu Ep 11: Raul told the others of Pino's abduction and tried to find out where she is held. He decided to try the Yuusha school and was confronted by Blaze. Blaze held a powerful sword while Raul defended himself with a metal ruler.

Blaze told him that the truth between the war against the demons. It was all for profits as long the wars carried on, there will be demands for weapons and magic items. Raul was disgusted by it however he went all out and defeated Blaze. He found Pino and tried to unchain her when he was confronted by Airi.

Meanwhile Klein rode a three headed dragon and tried to destroy the Magic shop. However precaution measures protect from the dragon's attacks. Sera went up to Klein and defeated him (with the power of Debts) Lum and Elsa knew from the others about Pino and also went to help Raul.

Raul and Airi fought till both of them were knocked out. Thinking it was her fault, Pino succumbed to her family jewel (The Bloodstone Gem) and became an evil demon. She then went straight to a volcano where the demon world gate is sealed.

Raid tried to finish off Raul and Airi but Sera and the others and defeated him. Raul, Airi, Lum and Lore hitched a ride on the old man's dragons (which resembled the Starship Enterprise) and head straight to save Pino who is about to reopen the gateway to the demon world...

I was right about why the war between humans and demons last so long and so how, it is a secret treaty between them to earn profits and keep the war going on. But the demon king was defeated, the treaty was broken and many people lose their jobs. Raul thought he was fighting for a good cause but learning the truth make him angry however he never lose his cool and move forward.

Airi's past was also revealed that her family was murdered by demons which make her prejudice against them. But seeing Pino and later Lum who revealed as a demon change her mind after that. The big surprise was Sera who is an unstoppable force as she defeated a dragon and a demon with the power of money and modern appliances! So will Raul be able to save Pino's sanity and prevent hell on earth in next week's episode!? Find out next week for the conclusion!

Log Horizon Ep 11: A mysterious dark cloud was spotted covering part of the land. Meanwhile, Shiroe suggested a training camp for the new players which Tohya and Minori were excited about it.

A messager from Lord Sergiatte invited Shiroe and the Guild leaders for a meeting and a dance party. Shiroe, Crusty and a few others including Akatsuki, Herinetta and Misa decided to go for the meeting while Marielle, Naotsuge and Nyanta took charge of the training camp.

New players like Isuzu and Rundel also joined the camp and were enjoying a day at the beach. Meanwhile, Shiroe and Crusty met with Sergiatte and learned that the People of the Land are wary of them. They also met with Serigatte's granddaughter, Lenessia as she entered the party...

Shiroe's reasons to go for the party is to learn more of the People of the Land's uneasiness and hopefully learn more of why they are trapped in this world. But with dark clouds approaching the land could mean peace time could be temporary. As the new players prepare to enter a dungeon for their training, Lenessia who graced the party could be a changing factor for Shiroe and company...

Samurai Flamenco Ep 10: A few hours ago, Mari told Mizuki and Moe about King Torture's hideout. Mizuki was against it as they have a concert to perform. Moe went with Mari but instead both got captured.

King Torture claimed Mari is self centred of being a hero and broke one of Moe's finger. Moe decided to sacrifice herself to let Mari escape which touched King Torture. He released her binds claiming her self sacrifice is noble. Masayoshi arrived and confronted King Torture (equipped with a chainsaw after amputating his hand.)

They began to battle and crash into King Torture's room. He claimed he is like Masayoshi who believed in heroes but as he grow older, he believe that evil is better after he saw the horrors of real life. He tried to persuade Masayoshi into joining him but he refused as Good will always overcome Evil.

Goto arrived in Mari's hummer and knocked King Torture off balance, causing to be staked in the chest. But King Torture woke up and activated a rocket to the city. The remains of the previous monsters has become giant blobs and started attacking the city. As Goto rushed to stop the rocket, Masayoshi fought King Torture one last time. Goto knocked the rocket off balance with the hummer while Masayoshi pulled out King Torture's core and he was finally defeated.

Konno watched everything at the airport and secretly left the country. Mari appeared in her concert all battered up while Masayoshi announced his true identify to the world...

A battle which was awesome and bittersweet. King Torture is also like Masayoshi who believe in heroes. But he claimed evil always stay in the real world while good and justice disappear which cause him to be twisted. King Torture's words to Mari has struck her hard as she realise her actions are nothing more than to satisfy her ego and nearly kill Moe because of her stubbornness.

But with Konno left the country (we will see him again) and now both Masayoshi and Mari revealed their identifies to the world, what will happen now?

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