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Quick Picks: Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 6, Samurai Flamenco Ep 6, Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 7, Kill la Kill Ep 7, Yuushibu Ep 7, Log Horizon Ep 7

Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 6: L-elf  briefed the team they have to hijack an old rocket ship to get back to the moon. They also have to meet a contact to find out the location of captured JIOR and Haruto found his father, Souichi is one of the captured JIOR.

Rieselotte is secretly supporting the Royalists and learned from Kriemhild the rebels will be coming into Dorssian. She asked to find if a person named Mikahil is in the group. When Haruto and L-elf met Kriemhild, she mentioned Mikahil which L-elf confessed that it is his real name and realise Riselotte is the only one who know about it. Meanwhile, A-Drei and Saki (in her child form) found the abandoned transport and reported to Cain.

Play the first ending song of Gundam Seed, it fit this scene.

L-elf quickly left the group to find Riselotte while Haruto, Inuzuka and Kibukawa went to find the captured JIOR. Souichi was happy to see it and show Haruto a formula claiming he is a test tube baby created to be the ultimate life form. Kibukawa told Haruto that Souichi is actually the head of the Valvrave Project. Furthermore, Souichi told Haruto will suppress all life form in the universe which he hate it and punch his father in the face. Meanwhile, L-elf finally met Riselotte...

So L-elf is actually a Royalist which is why he is using Haruto for his plans to overthrow the current Dorassia government. Even Kriemhild and Riselotte are supporting them which could lead them in trouble. Furthermore, the scene with Haruto and his father remind me of Gundam Seed's Kira who is also created to be the ultimate coordinater and Souichi is only concerned of his works and not Haruto. Funny, it also remind me of Amuro Ray's relationship with his father who is only concerned with Gundam and nothing else. But with L-elf finally meeting Riselotte again, can they escape together or he is forced to leave her again?

Samurai Flamenco Ep 6: During one of his rounds, Masayoshi was almost killed by a man with a knife. An elderly man, Harazuka then approached him and offered his assistance. He gave Masayoshi a set of gadgets which could help him in his crime fighting and he accepted it.

Mari invited Goto to her home and tried to seduce him. However Goto told her he has a girlfriend and even show proof from his cell phone. That night, Masayoshi was being chased by everyone and found out that Konno has put up a ten million yen reward for the identify of Samurai Flamenco.

You got the Nunchuck!

Masayoshi spotted a salary man who faked an injury and offered to help. Instead, the salary man tried to get the reward for himself. Masayoshi was later confronted by some gangsters and used his new gadgets on them which worked.

The gangsters tried to call for backup but Mari and her friends have defeated the back-up. They decided to help Masayoshi (sort of) and went to his direction. Masayoshi spotted the salary man again and he tried to follow him. The salary man nearly fell off while climbing and Masayoshi rescued him. The salary man decided to repay the favor by giving false information to misdirect the mob.

Goto finally arrived to help Masayoshi and was angry about his actions. Mari also came and claimed Goto has a "special" relationship with Masayoshi...

I am starting to think that Konno is the evil mastermind in this story and motivated people with money for his own benefits. It was a good thing that Masayoshi has those new gadgets from Harazuka (who remind me of those mad scientist) which aid him. The salary man was greedy at first but because Masayoshi saved his life, he learned that there is such thing as heroes which is good for Masayoshi. But it seems things are going to get messy in the future if Konno continue to come up with such schemes against our heroes...

Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 7: Sara watched over her sister, Kanzashi trying to create an IS from scratch and was worried about her. Later, Ichika and Houki were invited for an interview and photo shoot for a magazine. Meanwhile, Squall warned Madoka not to act alone and waited for orders.

I want to be wrapped with Houki.

They went for the interview and had to answer some awkward questions and some intimate photo shoot together. The next day, Chifuyu announced that all personal IS pilots are to enter a tag team tournament to increase the level of the pilots. Sara asked Ichika to tag with her sister and explained that Kazashi's personal IS was put on hold because of Ichika's IS.

Don't worry, Laura. I will take care of you.

Ichika agreed to help which later the rest of the girls misunderstood that he is going to partner with one of them. He went to meet Kanzashi however she rejected the offer...

I am starting to realise this season is about siblings. Ichika learned about Madoka being his sister which Chifuyu totally ignored the question. Sara's relationship with Kanzashi which I am guessing they are not in talking terms. Even Houki dislike the question about her relationship with Tabane. But with the upcoming tournament and when the girls found out they are not Ichika's partner, things is sure to go out of control. I am also guessing that Phantom Task will return to wreck havoc during the tournament and seeing how Squall overwhelm Madoka easily, we are sure to see an exciting battle in the future...

Kill la Kill Ep 7: Ryuko enjoyed a family meal together with Mako's family and confessed she has not have a meal together with her own family for so long. After beating several clubs, Ryuko suggested they create their own club-The Fight Club to have a firm ground against the school.

However she pushed the job to Mako and the more battles they win, they earned more benefits from school which include a new house and riches for them. But Mako pushed Ryuko too hard and the family became obsessed with their new riches.

Ryuko decided to leave the club which Satsuki gave Mako a two star uniform. She claimed her plan was to make Mako's family give in to their desires. Mako started beating Ryuko and she did not fight back. Finally Mako realise her mistake and disband the club. The rest of the family apologise for what they did and they returned back to their poverty way. Meanwhile Satsuki decided to hold an election to increase the levels of the club...

An interesting story of how greed nearly took over Mako's family and Ryuko realise her plan nearly backfired. She also learn the value of family togetherness during dinner but because of their new status, she is back to being alone. Mako realised her mistake and everything went back to normal. But with Satsuki planning an election and a plan to get rid of Ryuko, things are going to get more crazy in the next episode...

Yuushibu Ep 7: Raul and Pino arrived at Lore's location and learned the old lady's son has already bought an air conditioner from Amanda. Raul decided to refund the old lady and was about to leave when the son stopped them.

They learned that the house is losing energy at an unusual rate. The Amanda sale man claimed he will come back later to install the air conditioner and left Raul and the others to check around the house. They soon discovered that a nest of energy eating slimes is underneath the house.

Lore used Pino as a conductor to draw all the slimes out of the house and destroyed all of them. The son was grateful for the matter and decided to withdraw the air conditioner from Amada for a fee. After a stop at the bathhouse, the group celebrate at their usual hangout for their first win against Amanda.

The Birds and the Bees...

Later that night, the weather was unbearable and in her sleep, Pino strip her clothes and sleep with a still asleep Raul. When he woke up, he got the shock of his life and Pino cried claiming he make her pregnant after learning from her father that if a man and a woman sleep in the same bed, the woman will get pregnant. Of course, Raul explained that it is impossible. When they arrived at the shop, the air was humid and found Nova fainted...

This episode is about the customers service between Amanda and Leon. Amanda is more straight forward by the book and just come up with options (and money) for the customers. Raul decided a more personal touch and search the whole house for the cause. As Pino destroyed the nest, the family was grateful and went with Leon's air conditioner. Love the scene with Pino being naive about the birds and the bees which I am guessing her demon king father really love her a lot and giving misguided advices. But with the weather in an unusual humidity, it is obvious that something must be done...time for more fans and air conditioners on sales!

Log Horizon Ep 7: Shiroe wanted 5 million gold as capital from Marielle and suggested his plans to her. The first stage will be to create a food stand using Nyanta's cooking skills while Naotsuge, Shoryu and Hien went to hunt for food materials.

The stall was a success and many players love the food however the gold they earned was still not enough to hit the target. Furthermore, their stall has began to attract many players and guilds' attention. Shoryu who want to earn the gratitude from Marielle went to hunt a boss level wild boar. Although he defeated it, Nyanta told him the meat is not suitable for food but Marielle appreciate his efforts.

Akatsuki is every girl's love pet!

Akatsuki was sent to spy on the Hamelin Guild's activities and later being "betrayed" by Shiroe to be the pet for Henrietta for a day. Shiroe and Nyanta met a former member of their, Souji and asked for his help which he agreed. Souji became a waiter for the stall and attract many female customers. Shiroe then began his second stage of his plan...

Instead of grinding money like a RPG game, Shiroe instead set up a food stall and earned a lot of gold. However he already know it won't be enough to hit the target and begin the second stage of his plan. We are also introduced to Souji who is a former member of their and head of the Caravan of the West Wind. I am thinking that Souji and Shiroe has some history in the past from their conversation. However both didn't bear grudges and he agreed to help Shiroe. So what could be the second stage of Shiroe's plan? With attracting so much attention about their food stall to other players could lead to something big in the upcoming episodes...

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