Monday, September 2, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 30: Monster Hunter: Precure Edition!

The girls took Alice's private plane and flew to their location. Aguri explained that 10000 years ago, when the world was still covered in darkness, three Legendary Precures used the three sacred items-the Miracle Dragon Glavie, the Crystal Mirror and the Eternal Golden Crown to vanquish the darkness from the world.

We have Ange, Cure Empress and who is the last one?

Makoto recalled that Ange used a similar weapon during her battle with King Jikochu and suspected it to be the Miracle Dragon Glavie. Suddenly a dragon flew passed their plane and the turbulence forced them to land at a nearby island.

After landing safely, they spotted an inhabitant named Melan and Aguri recognize her immediately. Aguri explained that Melan is the former partner of one of the three legendary Precures and is now the keeper of the Crystal Mirror. They asked Melan to give them the Crystal Mirror but she want to test them first.

Free Perm Hairdo!

Melan transformed to the dragon before and the girls follow suit. They tried to take her out but Melan has a barrier protecting her and she quickly defeated them. The girls were upset of their loss and Makoto asked Aguri how did she meet Melan. Aguri replied before she became a Precure, she was drawn by the energy of the island and met her. Melan claimed she is not worthy to have the Crystal Mirror as such Aguri went to find Mana and the others and pushed them to their limit.

Being optimistic, Mana brought her camping gear and instructed everyone to cook dinner. The curry was so delicious that it even attracted Melan to them. Melan told them she has been on this island for 10000 years and always have meals alone. Mana understand her feelings that it is more fun to eat with someone.

The girls asked Melan for another chance and she agreed to battle them inside a cave. The battle begin again but Melan's barrier proved to be too strong for them. Cure Rosetta suggested to combine their strength to increase the Rosetta Reflection. Cure Ace fired Ace Shoot at the barrier while the new skill-Lovely Force Reflection destroyed it.

Cure Ace wanted to fire another shoot but her time is up and she transformed back. Melan stoop on Cure Heart but she refuse to give up and the others too gave their all. Cure Heart rushed forward with her strength and for a moment, Melan thought she saw her former master, Cure Empress inside Cure Heart. She was about to punch her but was too exhausted and fainted.

When Mana woke up, Melan have entrusted them the Crystal Mirror. She claimed their determination reminded her of Cure Empress in the past and is worthy of the item. The girls asked Melan to join in their battle but she declined as it is up to the new generation to protect this world.

As the girls returned to the city, Melan claimed that the true test is about to begin for them...

So we got some interesting back story about Precure Mythos. Apparently, Ange could be one of the three legendary Precures as she hold the Dragon Glavie. (Look at their silhouettes) which could be the reason why King Jikochu attacked the Trump Kingdom.

It seems we might have another treasure hunt for the remaining two items-The Dragon Glavie and Eternal Golden Crown in the near future. I am curious although it is just a flashback, why introduce Cure Empress (who only have one line and yes, I know it is Iizuka Mayumi who did Miyuki of Fresh Precure) Maybe we might see her again since her Precure name is so bad ass.

This week's battle was pretty all right as they are dealing with one 10000 years old mascot who can transform to a giant dragon and almost wipe them out easily. By the way, anyone wondered that the battle felt like something out of the Monster Hunter game? Rosetta Reflection has prove to be more than just a barrier but a drill that can smash defences. Not bad at all! (Now why didn't Cure Mint didn't thought about that back then?)

Anyway, it seems Reva and Gura are going all out and sucked all the energy from the town people. Can the girls used the Crystal Mirror to overcome this crisis? (Although the trailer already spoilt it by having the Jikochu destroyed the mirror but hey, it is a Precure show! This kinda of things will never be broken completely) Until then, see you in the next episode!


  1. This episode is pretty epic, I like the back story of the three sacred treasures. Can't wait for the next episode as well

  2. I didn´t see a TURTLE turning into a WYVERN look...But Regina will be Saint Seiya Omega!!!

  3. Melan is a jerk, she say it's not her concern like she doesn't care what happens to the trump kingdom.

  4. The legendary Cure next to Cure Empress can't be Ange!
    Marie-Ange is in the present with Mana and the others, or, the Pink Cure is from 10.000 years ago!
    This is just an observation...