Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 21, Gatchaman Crowds Ep 8, Fantasista Doll Ep 8, The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 9

Majestic Prince Ep 21: As the Earth's forces prepare for the final battle, Simon ordered Izuru to leave the team due to his health. However he refused and finally Rin told Izuru that he will be on stand-by in the mother ship.

All the people in Star Rose were ordered to evacuate to Earth and Asagi's pit team told him that Anna has ran away after she refused to leave the Star Rose. Asagi found her at an ice cream stand and after some pep talk, Anna was about to leave but instead stay with them.

Simon was given full command of the fleet and the Star Rose was actually a giant flying fortress with all the fleet boarding it and going to hyperspace...

Similar to the previous episode, everyone are getting ready for the battle. The Wulgaru are also preparing to defend the warp gate but with Teoria entering the battle, will things spin out of control? How about Izuru? Will his health force him to a battle with Jiart since he is the only one who can keep up with him? Find out in the next episode!

Gatchaman Crowds Ep 8: Berg Katze copied Rui's image and began taunting her. Meanwhile, Hajime brought everyone to a day care centre and she transformed in front of the children and the media. Hajime told the media to be aware of Berg Katze. A disgraced politician, Umeda was tricked by Berg (in Rui's image) to join forces with him.

Meanwhile, Rui met Umeda's daughter in the day care who told her that many people are in a coma after the Crowds were killed...

So Hajime cheered everyone by bringing them to a day care centre and interact with the kids. She also tried to make the media aware of Berg Katze which is a good start for the world to know who they are. But now Berg is using Umeda for his evil schemes. What will happen now?

Fantasista Doll Ep 8: It is the day of the school festival and two card users, ditsy model Komachi and Movie club leader Jun are ordered to fight with Uzume. Meanwhile, Miko and Katia went to walk around the school but Katia disappeared after out of Uzume's cards range.

Kagami instead take care of Miko but has to confront Komachi. Jun confronted Uzume in a duel and by chopping onions to distract Jun's dolls and defeat him. Jun was upset as he want people to acknowledge his movie and Miko was the only one who like his movie. Meanwhile Uzume and Kagami finally get along and became friends...

Even though Kagami is working for the organisation, I can see that she really want to make friends with Uzume. But it seems she has her own agenda to defeat Uzume. Furthermore, the voice that spoke to Jun sounds like Komachi-Uzume's senior. Could she be the real mastermind all along?

The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 9: Chihiro confessed her love for Keima and kiss him. However Keima learned that it is her first kiss and realise she is not the host for the goddess. He rejected her and broke her heart. Ayumi overheard everything and kicked Keima.

Later, Ayumi's reflection reveal the last goddess-Mercury. Diana tried to make Keima love her since she believe it will reveal her wings but somehow backfired. The next day, Elsie met Keima at school and he notice that their school emblem looked similar to the goddess.

He and Elsie trailed the last few locations where the lost souls were discovered and found out that Vintage is incubating lost souls in a cave. They quickly escaped not knowing that Akari and Nikado are watching them...

It is a sad ending for Chihiro as Keima has no choice but to give up her. I felt sorry that Chihiro truly love him but because of the "greater good", he has to reject her and now focus on Ayumi who is totally angry with him. If you have not been following the OVA series, you might not understand that Keima and Tenri were trapped in the same cave as kids and encounter the lost souls. However the advent of Diana saved them. But what are the Vintage doing and what is Akari and Nikado's connection to it? But now Keima has a bigger task-to win Ayumi's heart and save Kanon in 3 days!

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