Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 20, Gatchaman Crowds Ep 7, Fantasista Doll Ep 7, The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 8

Majestic Prince Ep 20: The team's morale was low after Randy and Patrick's funeral. Chandra passed Patrick's present (a bottle of priced pickles) to Tamaki before he died and she ate it with tears. Later Izuru fainted and the doctor discovered that Izuru is suffering from premature aging.

As Teoria and Amane begged the world's armies to unite for the assault at the Wulgura gateway, Asagi was able to activate Izuru's mech which is impossible and later Rin told him that his DNA and Izuru's DNA came from the same person-Simon. Teoria arrived in her mech in the meeting and convinced everyone to fight the Wulgura.

Asagi decided to tell Izuru that they are blood related and Izuru joked claiming he is his elder brother...

So much plot, first Izuru and Asagi are related by blood and their father is Simon. Teoria came down in her mech was cool like Lacus Cylde (which is no big deal since they have similar characters) But Izuru's life is in danger as he might die if he carry on piloting. Will he be left out as the team get ready for the final battle soon?

Gatchaman Crowds Ep 7: Rui decided to kill Berg Katse with the CROWDS however Berg was too strong and killed all the CROWDS (Including their hosts) Sugane saved a badly beaten Rui as Joe hold off Berg.

Hajimie and Utsu begged Pai to help in the battle and after some thoughts, Pai transformed and head to the location with Hajimie and Utsu. But Pai backed out at the last minute leaving the two girls to get there by foot.

Berg destroyed Joe's Gatchaman Note and he was beaten to a pulp. Sugane tried to save him but he was knocked unconscious. Hajimie and Utsu arrived and Hajimie tried to talk to Berg instead of fighting. However Berg gave her a riddle-What does humans like that is sweet and delicous? and flee...

Berg is really dangerous and since brunt force is useless against him. It took Hajimie's calm thoughts to stop the fight and Berg taunt her with a riddle which I am guessing the answer will be reveal in the next few episodes. With Joe out of commission and Pai (being a coward) running from the battle, can the team stop Berg and will Rui have a change of heart after he was beaten up by Berg?

Fantasista Doll Ep 7: Uzume was challenged by a doll user-Kiyoshi and his Rugby Dolls. Sasara and the others were getting beaten until Kagami and Manai arrived. After Kiyoshi retreated, Rafflesia gave Uzume a new card that required the master and the dolls to unite as one.

However the card summoned random things for the dolls but after some training, it turned into parts for a cannon. But Sasara scolded Uzume for being an useless master. Later, Uzume got a pep talk from Komachi and Kiyoshi challenged her again.

Sasara and the others were losing until Uzume used a tank card and joined in the battle. The cannon was formed and the girls fired it defeated Kiyoshi's dolls. Suddenly a mysterious lady and her witch doll appeared and totally defeated Uzume's dolls. She fled the scene but Kagami recognize her as the President of the mysterious organisation...

So one problem after another. Although Uzume and the dolls got a new attack, they were no match against the witch doll who took down easily. Furthermore Kagami know who she was which will complicated things in the future. But for, it is the school festival in the next episode but another battle for Uzume again? Seriously? Why everyone is targeting her or specifically her dolls?

The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 8: Haqua tried to ask about Vintage from the bureau chief but was thrown off. She got detained by the security branch which is ordered by the bureau chief. Meanwhile Diana asked Keima to gather her sisters as they tried to get a vision from Apollo.

Mars, Minvera and Vul arrived and together tried to call Apollo from her sleep. Keima joined in and found Kanon/Apollo. She told him she has only 3 more days but was glad that Kanon is in love with him. When he woke up, he found a piece of leaf in his hand.

As Haqua tried to figure what is going on, Keima tried to win Chihiro's heart by dating her at the bone fire dance tonight. Ayumi remained indifferent about their relationship and Keima decided to go ahead with Chihiro. After almost every place is filled with students, they went to a lonely quiet corner...

So Haqua who is not smart got herself into trouble. Can she get out and find out who is responsible for it? Kanon's scene was touching and with 3 days left, will Keima find out who is the last goddess is resides in? (Actually I did read this arc before hand and I already know who is it) But I won't tell you until it is finally reveal in the upcoming episodes!

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