Friday, September 6, 2013

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Returns in 2013! (Rumors or Truth!?) UPDATE: It is Fake. (Read the last paragraph!)

My friend pass me a link claiming a China forum has details for the new Sailormoon anime series. I took a look at it and if these rumors are true then I am really sold!

The link is here if you want to take a look!

But for those who can't read chinese, here are the screenshots and details of the cast.

Tsukino Usagi aka Sailor Moon: Now a 34 year old housewife. Got married at 19 and has two daughters-Mikage and Koyomi.

Tsukino Mikage aka Sailor New Moon: The elder of the Tsukino sisters. Aged 16. Become a Sailor Senshi at 14 and together with Sailor Saturn saved the world from a crisis. However she become a Hikimori (Stay home) and now self study to become a researcher for Tomoe Lab.

Tsukino Kiyomi aka Sailor Moon II: 14 years old and have the same attitude as her mother when she was young. She was shocked that Mikage become a Hikimori as she always looked up to her.

Chiba Mamoru: Husband to Usagi. 37 years old and now working for the UN government. Often travel around the world, leaving his family in Japan.

Mizuno Ami aka Sailor Mercury: 34 year old. Married at 22 and owned a teaching centre with her husband.

Mizuno Aina aka Sailor Mercury II: 14 years old and like her mother, a model student but also feel the pressures from her mother.

Hino Rei aka Sailor Mars: 34 years old. Married at 22 and now the head priestess of the Hino Shrine.

Hino Rin aka Sailor Mars II: 14 years old and is an expert in Yin yang jutsu. However she rebel her mother by wearing short skirts in her priestess gear.

Kino Makoto aka Sailor Jupiter: 34 years old. Got married at 21 and has a pair of non-identical twins. Son is called Koeito and daughter is called Kanari (correct me if I am wrong) Owned a cafe called Jupiter with husband.

Kino Kanari aka Sailor Jupiter II: 14 years old and has her mother's carefree spirit. She help around her parents' cafe and understand her parents' hard work.

Aino Minako aka Sailor Venus: 34 years old. Became a hot Hollywood Actress in America. Got married at 25 but divorced a year later with her husband. She returned to Japan with her daughter but due to her work, she is often not at home and leave her daughter in the care of her maids.

Aino Venus aka Sailor Venus II: 10 years old and is a bit of a problem child as her mother is often away.

Tomoe Hotaru aka Sailor Saturn: 22 years old. Now working in the Tomoe Lab. Partner with Sailor New Moon to save the world a year ago.

That's so far the cast we know and from the way this new series preview, I am actually sold if they follow this path like how Saint Seiya Omega has both the previous saints and new saints together. Of course in Sailormoon, the bonds will be stronger since they are all families.

If they even show Haruka and Michru getting married, I am going to have my eyes wide open since they are the first Yuri couple in anime. What about Meioh Setsuna aka Sailor Pluto since Pluto isn't really a planet now? But I am sure Toei will come up with some ridiculous idea to cover this plot hole.

Usagi has matured a lot which is obviously as marriage has earned her two daughters which ironically their names has got something to do with the character "Moon" in Hiragana. Mikage is Sailor Chibi Moon Teen version and from what I see from her profile, being a Senshi has matured her too fast and felt that school life is redundant now. Kiyomi is Usagi the 2nd with her ditsy attitude so expect her to behave like an idiot most of the time. Her Senshi form is almost same as her mother but a bit plain on her boots.

I thought Ami wanted to become a doctor like her mother but instead started a teaching centre with her husband. Anyway, she looked all right and Aina is again Ami the 2nd but I could see that Ami will probably nag her a lot during study time.

Rei actually looked beautiful for a 34 year old. Rin looked like a small brat and if her profile is correct, she probably has a temper like her mother. I also thought Makoto mention she wanted to own a florist store but instead owned a cafe called Jupiter (Typical) Kanari looked like a tomboy during her mother's younger days.

Minako is the last to get married but her marriage is not a happy one. If I remember correctly, Minako's star Venus is the goddess of Love which she is destined to bless love to everyone but herself will not attain happiness. Venus is the youngest of the new Senshi (Toei need to have a loli character for those lolicon demographic, Haha!) and perhaps the only one who has yet to experience family love.

It is also rumored that Takeuchi Naoko' husband and Manga Artist Togashi Yoshihiro (Creator of Yuyu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter) will also contribute some ideas and concepts for the new series. If it is true, expect some over the top characters to be in the series.

You know about those doujins that talked about the former sailor senshi as mature ladies...I wonder if those artists has foresee this show coming? If it is true, then let the imagination continue! Anyway, if confirmed, we will be getting the show during Winter 2013. (December-February period)

Update: Some people claimed that it is fake which I did said before, I am taking it as a pinch of salt so we will wait for an official announcement once Toei announce the series which I hope it will be out soon.

Update 2: It is confirmed it is fake.

Sorry to make those hopes down...but it sounds like something Toei will have gone this route....


  1. I figured it was fake since it sounded like a more serious take on the side story about Kousagi & her friends, but I still like it.

  2. "But for those who can't read chinese.." Well for start it's written in Japanese..

  3. hey kanari! i just heard nao midorikawa that she wants her school uniform back!

    ha! ha!

  4. Will this really come out i doubt that it will