Sunday, September 8, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 31: Overcome the Impossible! Precure Lovely Pad!

Bel mocked at Reva and Gura for their constant defeats from the Precures. However the two of them claimed they have one trump card against the Precures.

Strange black balls started appearing in town and making people fell into a deep sleep. Meawhile the girls tried to figure out how to use the Crystal Mirror but to no avail. Mana suggested to have lunch at her place and they all agreed.

When they arrived, Rika's mother and Aguri's grandmother were also there to have lunch. They watched the news about the strange happening in town when everyone in the cafe also went into a deep sleep. A black ball tried to enter Mana's body but was dispelled by her Lovies.

Welcome to Jikochu TV!

Reva appeared on the TV, claiming it is his and Gura's doing. They told them they created a Jikochu tree that spread the black balls in the city. The black ball will corrupt their heart and in time, they will turn into Jikochu monsters.

The girls raced to battle the two generals. Aguri was ordered to stay back due to her time limit. The other four began battling the two generals who has become a combined Jikochu. However they were too strong for them and even Cure Ace's (Aguri also joined in) attack was deemed useless.

Reva/Gura caught hold of the Crystal Mirror and destroyed it. The girls were shocked and Cure Ace reverted back to Aguri. As the two generals mocked at their despise, Cure Heart felt failure for the first time and told everyone she has let them down.

Suddenly Cure Heart slapped herself and took a deep breath. She got over her despise and encouraged everyone to get a grip of themselves. The others agreed and recited the five vows of the Precure. Cure Heart added one more vow-As long everyone work together, the impossible will become the possible!

All Five Assemble!

The five of them confronted the two generals again and it fired a blast at the girls. But the girls refused to give up and the broken pieces of the Crystal mirror transformed into the Lovely Pad. Each of them were given one pad each and together used their new attack-Precure Lovely Straight Flush!

Their new attack defeated the two generals and the Jikochu tree is destroyed. Everyone woke up from their sleep and later the girls enjoyed a meal with their families.

Meanwhile, Reva and Gura retreated to their lair where Bel sucked all their energies and killed them...

The girls finally overcome their first major crisis and gained a new power-the Lovely Pad. I have mixed feelings about this episode. Don't get me wrong, it is a good episode but there are two things which I am scratching my head wondering is it really necessary?

First, the Lovely Pad. As expected, the Crystal Mirror is destroyed at first and because of the girls' feelings, it changed into the Lovely Pad. It is a cliche that has been used in mostly Toku shows and some of the previous Precure seasons. The attack is similar to how Kamen Rider Blade used his Straight Flush with the rest of the riders giving their Trump Card to defeat Tennoji. Other than showing everyone giving their cards to Cure Heart in style, the final blow looked like that Ninja game that was showed for the Nintendo Wii-U demo video. I won't be surprised if the Lovely Pad has Apps on it.

Next is something which I am not happy to say it and I am pretty sure I will be getting hate mails for this-I don't like Mana/Cure Heart. At the beginning of the series, I tried to tolerate her as she is like Gentarou/Kamen Rider Forzue with her positive attitude and helpful traits. But as the series goes on, I felt that she is the Mary Sue of Precure. (I did read about the director's comments with regards to the future of Doki Doki Precure)

She has faced many obstacles after becoming a Precure and is not afraid to back down. Regina's heel was a blow to her but somehow less than half an episode, she bounce back on her feet and was up kicking Jikochu's butt. But this episode, they almost lost hope when the Crystal Mirror was broken. Cure Heart cried with all her soul for her failure then the next moment, she was up and giving motivate speeches to everyone. I know children watched this show and is hoping to learn a postivie message but it is too ridiculous and far fetched for someone to bounce back like that. This is why I like more realistic Cure Leaders like Tsubomi, Nagisa or even Miyuki who take their time to get their marbles and not just bounce back without a quell.

More Ira and Mammo, please!

With Reva and Gura dead and the original Jikochu trio returned in the next episode, what will happen now? Mana got sick and couldn't assist in the school festival? Aguri volunteered to take charge which I am sure it is going end with some hiccups here and there. Until then, see you in the next episode!


  1. I did not expect Bel to actually kill Reva and Gula.

  2. Oh my god! what are you talking about? Mana,is a great character and the best leader I have seen so far. she is smart in school and good in a athletics. She is a great friend to everyone even people she hasn't met and she is very caring. I love her but I don't understand why you can't. It's obviously for her to be sad and then be happy. That is how some people are. There is nothing wrong with changing moods. I admire Mana, for being a cheerful and determined girl.

  3. ^So you can't understand that people have thoughts and perceptions of their own?

    I'm fine with this series being the Aida Mana show but what I'm not fine with was that overblown cryfest she just threw and for what? Cheap melodrama? That whole scene and what follows was just jarring and unnecessary.

    Props to Bel though. Been waiting for him to start playing his hand since the day they first introduced him.

    Next ep is another Aguri focused ep? ...Meh. Will settle on a summary then. Not fond of the little brat and the writers attempts to make her and her alter-ego likable just makes the entire concept around her all the more forced & out there with her very presence bringing down an otherwise extremely fun show I once looked forward to watching every week as soon as I could.

    1. Oh I forgot, I'm wayfaring anon but I go by the name of Falzar btw.

  4. That is now what I said. I just can't understand how you say you don't like her when she is so funny and a great friend even a smart and athletic leader and she is not a marysue like you said. she is caring and sensitive. it's how most girls are and a lot of them change moods fast. That is all..