Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Autumn Anime 2013 Preview! (Gunpla! Baseball and Women's Wrestling!?)

We are now at the third quarter of 2013 anime and let's see what we have in store from October to December!

Tokyo Ravens: Harutora was born into a Ouyouji family but he does not possess any of the family business abilities. One day, his childhood friend Natsume came back and change his life forever...

Valkyrie Romance: Based on the adult PC game of the same name, it centre around Mizuno who become a knight's assistant in an academy where maiden joust in competition. (Think a Knight's Tale with boobs)

Meganebu: A slice of life show about five bespectacled high school boys' misadventures.

Neppu Kairiku Bushi Lord: A mecha show which was put on hold previously due to some misfortunes to the staff.

Kuroko no Basket Season 2: The continuing high tension basketball anime about two unlikely pair-Hot Blooded Rookie Kagami and the Mysterious "Sixth man"Kuroko.

Super Seisyun Brothers: The everyday life of two pair of siblings who have serious issues about their personalities.

Diabolik Lovers: Yui transferred to a new school and discovered that vampires existed there. She was then forced to live with six vampires brothers. (Twilight met Vampire Knight?)

Coppelion: A nuclear disaster caused part of Japan to be seal up. 20 years later, three skilled trained girls entered the red zone with no protection as they are immune to the radiation...

Kyoukai no Katana: Akihito is half youma, half human. One day he rescue a girl, Mirai from falling off the roof and got entangled with the upcoming dangers ahead...

Aikatsu Season 2: The continuing sequel about 3 girls aimed to be Idols.

Nagi no Asakara: An original story about two middle school childhood friends.

Outbreak Company: Shinichi is a hardcore Otaku. One day he was transported to a fantasy world where dragons and elves exist. However his job is not to battle to promote cultural exchange by becoming a Moe Missioner!

Kyosougiga: Three kids are trapped in a strange world ruled by a priest, a monk and a demon.

Infinite Stratos Season 2: Ichika and company are back with new characters, new IS and new enemies to battle in this harem plus sci-fi action series.

Golden Time: From the author of Toradora, come a story about Tada Banri who lost his memories after graduating high school and is struggling in his first year as a college student where he met Koko Kaga-a perfect model student with a dark secret.

Strike the Blood: Kojo Atsuki is labeled as the strongest vampire in the world and a vampire slayer, Yukina Hirameki is entrusted to oversee him and if necessary, to kill him.

Freezing Vibration: The second series based on the popular Korea manga about the "Untouchable Queen"-Satellizer and her battles with the mysterious alien race Nova. 

Yuusha ni Narenakatta: Raul wanted to be a hero but was too late as the demon king was killed already. Instead, he spent his time now in a magical shop...

Little Busters! Refrain: The continuing story about a group of friends as one of them overcome a tragedy in the past...

Hajime ni Ippo: Rising: The long running manga about a boxer-Hajime with unusual skills and talents.

Log Horizon: 30000 gamers are trapped in an online fantasy game must now survive the harsh world of the game. (Sword Art Online Ripoff?)

Phi Brain Season 3: The third season of the puzzle solving anime.

Ace of Diamond: Based on the long running baseball manga of the same name, it chronicles a pitcher, Enjun as he aimed to lead his team to the top of Japan's baseball world.

Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai: Sakura and Elena are part of a popular idol group. One day, Elena was injured by a female pro-wrestler Ruo and in her anger, Sakura managed to defeat Ruo. She then choose to give up her idol career and become a female wrestler.

Gundam Build Fighters: The new Gundam series which chronicles two teen, Sei who is good in building Gundam models but bad in controlling a Gundam and Reiji who has little knowledge of gunpla but is good in combat.

Gingitsune: Makoto is the daughter of a shrine in Edo. She make friends with the shrine's mes sager-A fox spirit named Gintarou and their adventures in helping people in their everyday lives.

Non Non Biyori: Hotaru moved to the countryside with her family and her new school consist of five students ranging from elementary to middle school.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel-Ars Nova: A mysterious fleet named Fleet of Fog forced humanity out to the ocean. 17 years later, a small group took over one of the ship and began fighting back.

Yowamushi Pedal: Naruko who love road racing caught the attention of his fellow classmate-Onoda who joined him in the world of competitive cycling.

Blazblue-Alter Memory: Based on the hit arcade fighting game about Ragna, a renegade who is out to destroy the system that control this world.

Pupa: Two siblings-Utsutsu and Yume who find themselves alone in the world. Yume came in contact with a red butterfly and transformed into a creature who devour humans...

White Album 2: Based on the adult PC game of the same name which is about Haruki and his love triangle with Setsuna and Kazuki in a college setting.

Samurai Flamenco: An original anime about adults who refuse to "grow up" but still believe in Heroes and Justice.

Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai: Akabane Raishin enrolled in the fame Royal Academy with his faithful android servant-Yaya and his goal is to become the king of the world.

Noucome: Kanade Amakusa is cursed with the "absolute multiple choice" which every choice he make appear in a form of a multiple choice question and the choice he make will come true in reality.

Magi Season 2: The second season of Aladdin and his friends as they discover more of the truth of the dark history that once destroyed their world.

Galilei Donna: Three girls who are the descendants of famous astronomer Galileo are on the wanted list of dangerous criminals.

Kill la Kill: Ryuuko who is equipped with a deadly scissor-like sword enrolled in a new school where her rival, Satsuki is there...

Valrave the Liberator Season 2: The second chapter of the Sunrise mecha show about the war between a group of students and the Dorssia Empire.

Based on this list, you can guess which shows I will be doing-Valrave Season 2 is a confirmed yes after the climatic cliffhanger last season. You remember that Haruto and L-elf found out Cain is like them and piloted the half naked Valrave Blue. Furthermore, the cast will now leave the school to battle the Dorssia and probably Arus too.

Next will be Infinite Stratos Season 2 since it is one of my early shows that I reviewed and I enjoyed it. With the introduction of the strongest IS in the school-Sarashiki Tatenashi and the reveal of the mysterious group who kidnapped Ichika years ago.

Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai was one which I thought will be good as Wrestle Angel (A PS2 simulation game about female wrestlers) but after reading the first volume of the manga, I was taken back that Sakura keep losing in her battles in the beginning until later. But given it was done by the people who did Ikkitousen, I do expect the female cast in provocative situations.

Gundam Build Fighters might be a hit or a miss since Gundam AGE is more miss than hit and Sunrise is now targeting more on kids than hardcore fans which could alienate some people. Freezing, Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai, Magi and Kuroko no Basket are shows that I am following the manga closely and it is getting better now.

The rest of the shows as usual, I will watch the first few episodes before deciding if I want to review it. Until then, see you in October!

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