Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 22, Gatchaman Crowds Ep 9, Fantasista Doll Ep 9, The World God Only Knows Ep 10

Majestic Prince Ep 22: The battle is on the way as Team Rabbits rushed to break the Wulgaru's defence. Izuru was left behind on the bridge under Rin's supervision.

The objective is for Team Rabbits to place a marker at the gate so that the Star Rose Cannon could get a lock on it. However, Lutiel's forces are attacking them. The team has a hard time until Ataru got access to the Godinion's weapon system and fought back.

Finally, they defeated Lutiel and Asagi fired the marker at the gate. The cannon was fired but an energy shield deflected it. The team realised they have to use shells to destroy it but another Wulgaru fleet led by Dolgana arrived...

Team Doberman were finally avenged by Team Rabbits as their teamwork managed to defeat Lutiel. But with an energy shield defending the gate, can our heroes overcome these odds? Plus, Jiart refused to sortie unless Izuru sortie out. So it will be a matter of time before these two clash in the battlefield...

Gatchaman Crowds Ep 9: Hajime invited Rui to her team and they grow accustomed to him. He later explained about Berg's plan to destroy the Earth. Berg (in Rui's persona) tricked Umeda to create a new group of CROWDS which bent on creating chaos in the street.

The Gatchaman want to sortie out but Paiman claimed they need JJ's permission. Hajime instead create a live stream to get Berg's attention and somehow gained support from the people. Later Sugane told JJ that they will protect the Earth from Berg and the team sortie out...

So Berg's plan of destroying the Earth begins as chaos fall into the city. Can the Gatchaman stop him before all is lost? (This week's episode was more of exposition, next episode, the battle begin!)

Fantasista Doll Ep 9: Uzume, Kagami and Manai were relaxing with their dolls when Kagami recieved a message from the organisation claiming they have information about her abducted brother.

However they want Uzume's cards in exchange for the information. Kagami finally challenged her to  duel which she has no choice but to battle. Both teams were equally matched and Uzume learn about her brother. She managed to talk sense into Kagami which she finally give up.

Raffesia and his partner, Misaka arrived and promise Kagami to find her brother. Suddenly a new doll, Proto Zero arrived and easily take the dolls down. She then captured Madeline and presented to her master-the director of the organisation-Anne...

Kagami's reason to fight was to find her elder brother's whereabouts which I wanted if the organisation will keep their words if she really defeated Uzume. But thanks to the power of friendship, Kagami lost the will to fight and make up with Uzume. However Anne has captured Madeline, can Uzume get her back and why are they after Uzume's cards in the first place?

The World God Only Knows Ep 10: Keima tried to talk to Ayumi but she refused to see him. Even when they are working for their class cafe, she was too stubborn and somehow Chihiro keep appearing in front of them.

Lune deployed her men to capture all the potiental hosts of the goddess, including Ayumi and Chihiro. Keima tried to save them but got caught in their trap. Suddenly Haqua arrived and defeated the Vintage. After pulling a story that it is just for a movie, Nora arrived and she agreed to oversee Ayumi while Keima brought Chihiro and Haqua back to his place.

Kanon was also taken away from Keima's home and Tenri arrived unharmed. They concluded that Vintage must have kidnapped all the girls that Keima has conquered in the past however Tenri's lost soul was sealed by Nora. Haqua explained that Vintage's motive is to revive the Ancient Hell and replace the Earth and they only have 24 hours before it happen.

Keima decided the only way now is to make Ayumi's goddess-Mercury awaken before they could make any moves. Chihiro overheard everything but was confused. Instead Keima took her along to Ayumi's house...

So the race to reawaken Mercury is on and furthermore, the stakes is higher with all of Keima's past targets being held hostage. Akari also escaped from Vintage and could prove to be a wild card in the upcoming battle. Haqua came back as a bad ass and with the blessing from Dokuro, she work outside the law in order to save her world. But now, how is Keima going to awake Mercury with Chihiro beside him?

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