Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 17, Gatchaman Crowds Ep 4, Fantasista Doll Ep 5, The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 5

Majestic Prince Ep 17: As the Earth Forces hold the line against the Wulgura forces, Team Rabbit were ordered to return to protect the MJP academy from a small fleet of Wulgura led by Klein.

Ange was ordered to provide support in the front lines while the other prepare to confront the Wulgura. Before they sortie, Lumez secretly told Jiart that his sister, Teoria is on Earth. Everyone except Ataru sortie out. He was given the task to use a long range plasma rifle and needed time to retort fit into his mech.

Klein broke the defense and is heading to the Academy. Izuru and Asagi hitched a ride on Tamaki's mech and they slingshot across the Earth hoping to intercept Klein. They managed to intercept Klein and battled him.

Finally Ataru was ready to fire but Klein's mech was moving too fast. Izuru grabbed Klein into the ground and Ataru fired the shot. However Klein was still intact without a scratch...

The first of our two parter and things are already heating up. Klein is still alive after getting hit by a plasma rifle from the hemisphere which is going things harder for Team Rabbits. So Teoria is Jiart's younger sister and from the look of things, there is going to be conflict between Izuru and him over Teoria in the future...

Gatchaman Crowds Ep 4: Rui deployed the Crowds aliens to rescue the trapped people and it was a success. Joe battled Berg Katse but Berg has a NOTE of his own and repel him easily.

Joe later told the others about Berg Katse and Paiman ordered them not to get involved with him. He later had a talk with OD who somehow know more about Berg Katse. Hajime tried to make friends with Utsu but she claimed her touch can take away lives.

Rui recalled how Berg extracted the NOTE from his body and how Berg is using him to create GALAX. He later saw Berg copied a woman's appearance and goes on a killing spree. Rui now questioned about Berg's true motives.

Joe tried to confront Berg again and the red origami bird that JJ make burned into ashes...

Berg has a NOTE but with a different symbol. But that's not all. Paiman and OD know who Berg really is-The destroyer of worlds and knowing that he is involved in creating GALAX and his words to Joe of seeing the world in flames, means he is just like the original Berg from the original series-A total Megalomaniac.

Rui knowing how crazy Berg is could mean a change of heart perhaps. As seen in the opening-he will meet Hajime and somehow she will change his thoughts. (Although I wonder why Rui like to dress as a girl when he goes out?) Seeing the red origami bird burned is not a good sign and having the same name from the original series, Joe could be in big trouble or worse...

Fantasista Doll Ep 5: Uzume agreed to join Manai's Card club and found out that Kagami (the girl who fought with her in the first episode) is also a member.

She want to challenge Uzume to a duel to get back her Kunoichi card however Uzume returned the card willingly. Later Uzume discovered she has used up her allowances due to the amount of snacks the dolls ate.

She reprimanded the dolls but Manai suggested the dolls to get part-time jobs. Uzume and Kagami trailed Katia in a delivery job but lost sight of her. Katia too was lost and asked Uzume's sister-Miko for help. They were accidentally filmed by a live news recording which got the attention of Rafflesia.

Meanwhile, a doll user, Yamato was ordered to attack Katia however his dolls couldn't do anything to her due to Katia's ability-Unconscious Luck. The two girls arrived at the address but the owner have went to the bus station. Katia used her flying boots and carried Miko to the air.

They arrived to deliver the goods and Yamato was about to attack them when Kagami arrived and defeated his dolls instead. Katia is dematerialising due to being too long in the real world but make a pinky promise to Miko to meet again.

Later Kagami was speaking to someone through a monitor and their target is Uzume. The dolls finally bought snacks and started eating except Katia who is sleeping soundly...

Katia and Miko's meeting was sweet and I hope they meet again. (Actually Uzume just have to summon her any time and let them meet) But the bigger mystery is who is Kagami talking to and why they are targeting Uzume? Is it her skills or the dolls themselves? We just have to watch next episode to find out...

The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 5: After Keima explained to Vulcanus/Tsukiyo the details, he gave her a wristband and advice her to use it if she is in danger.

Keima's next target is Yui however she took the offense which got him worried. He finally came up an idea-He dresses up as a girl in order for Yui to fall in love with him. Yui was surprised and managed to get a date with Keima.

However Yui's goddess, Mars appeared and decided to assist her. They went on a date at the theme park and after Yui drove some men who tried to get fresh with Keima (In drag) They went to a cosplay attraction.

Keima went missing and Yui discovered a masked person had him. She bravely overcome the masked person's traps and unmasked to be Haqua. Yui finally admitted to Keima (who pretend to be unconscious) and they kiss, revealing her wings.

Keima advised Yui/Mars to take the wrist band but didn't went into details about Vintage. Elsie returned to visit him and Haqua and they enjoyed dinner together. However their teacher, Nikado is watching them from afar...

That was quick for Keima to win Yui's heart and revealing Mars. Though Yui was brave and her scene with Keima after rescuing him was sweet. I wish she just wear back her female clothing so how...But why is Nikado is watching them? Could it be she is related to all these? Next target is the shy Shiori but how to win her heart if they only communicate through writing?

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