Monday, August 5, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 27: Cure Ace has a Color Timer!?

The Precures were battling another of Gura's Jikochu in the city. Cure Ace reprimanded for being too slow in their attacks and she left after looking at the clock.

Regina will be back soon...

New Item?

They finally defeated the Jikochu with Heart Shoot and everything went back to normal. Later they went on an errand to deliver some snacks for the Madoka Residence. When they arrived, they discovered that Aguri is staying there with her grandmother, Mari.

Don't give me this pairing! I don't want to know about it!

Aguri told the girls not to reveal her identify as Cure Ace to her grandmother. She suggested that they meet her at a tea ceremony tomorrow and she will explain everything. Meanwhile, Reva suggested to Gura to combine their powers to defeat the Jikochu and plan their next scheme.

You never fail to amuse me, Makoto!

The girls arrived at the tea ceremony and Aguri attended to them. After some minor hiccups from the girls, Aguri found them amusing and was enjoying their company. She then took them to a nearby river stream and explain her origins.

New Eyecatch A

New Eyecatch B

Aguri was chosen to be a Precure before them. She tried to defeat King Jikochu on her own but failed and lost her powers. Ai-Chan was her partner and came to the human world as an egg. When Aguri met Ai-Chan again, her powers were restored and is able to grow to a mature lady when transformed. She also tell the girls that they must the absolute resolve to defeat King Jikochu which is why she is pushing them to their limits.

It is a Flying Meat Stick!

Reva and Gura turned a camper into a Jikochu and it grew twice in size and has five times more power than a normal Jikochu. The girls spotted the Jikochu and quickly transformed. They tried their best to defeat the Jikochu and the two generals but were overpowered.

1 minute left!

Cure Ace tried to bind the Jikochu but it broke free. Gura took the Jikochu to create more havoc and it is heading straight to the tea ceremony. They ruined the place and Gura tried to eat Aguri's grandmother. Cure Ace arrived but suddenly she de-transformed. The others also arrived and saw what has happened to Aguri.

This should be called Shin Lovely Force Arrow!

Aguri told them she can only retained her Precure form for five minutes. Cure Heart reassure Aguri that they could handle the Jikochu. The Precures suddenly has a burst of energy and was winning. They finally used a power up version of Lovely Force Arrow and defeated the Jikochu.

After the two generals retreated, Mana gave Aguri a snack (she was eyeing it the whole time) and hope that Aguri will assist them in the future. Aguri accepted it and jokingly replied they are going for special training...

So Aguri is a senior Precure and she know how strong King Jikochu is. She pushed the girls to their limits knowing that without all five of them, they would not be able to defeat King Jikochu. However Cure Ace has a fatal weakness. She can only become a five minute Precure due to the amount of power in her small body.

There is even a color timer (shaped like a heart) on her chest that change color indicating how much time she has left. (Sounds like Ultraman's three minute weakness) Although I still have doubts on how Aguri become a Precure before the series and where does it fit in with Ange, Joe and Ai-Chan? Perhaps we will know the answer in future episodes.

But now the generals has discovered that by combining their powers, they will be able to create more powerful and bigger Jikochu. It means the girls will be pushed further and perhaps a new power-up form soon? (Yes, I am aware of the power-up form the toys are promoting)

Mana-Expert of Catching Goldfish...or not...

Next episode, it is the Summer Festival and it is Aguri's first time going to a festival. However her tough training pushed the girls even harder. Can the girls survive the training and go to the festival  peacefully? (Of course, the Jikochu will come and attack them again) Until then, see you next week!

P.S: I am aware of the new changes they make in the opening, eye catch and the new ending song. The changes will all right with Cure Ace and Regina in the opening. The new ending song-Love Link is all right but nothing beat Tomorrow's Song and Happy Together in terms of best ending song.

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  1. They didn't show a flashback to how Ai-chan revert back into an egg and how Cure Ace lose to the Jikochu.