Sunday, June 2, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 18: The Last Royal Crystal!

Joe invited the girls to have some tea as he explained his origin. He is also a survivor of the Trump Kingdom and is engaged to Ange. Makoto does not believe him as Ange did not mention about him when she was around.

However Joe claimed it is true and the Royal crystals will create a miracle if all five are gathered. He came to the human world hoping to find Ange and found the strange egg that hatched Ai-Chan. He suggested to go on a train trip as there is a certain scenery which looked similar to a place in the Trump Kingdom and it might lead them to the last crystal. He also introduced them his pet-the blue bird that was watching them in the previous episodes.

The girls agreed to go and packed their things. Meanwhile, the Jikochu trio examined the red Royal crystal that Regina brought back. But she changed her mind and went out to snatch the rest of the crystals from the girls.

I brought my own drink!

The girls changed three trains to get to the location but were enjoying themselves. Makoto acted cold against Joe as she still does not trust him completely. Ai-Chan turned the smoke in the train engine into pink smoke and the train have to stop for inspection.

Joe decided to take a walk and the girls followed. They realised they are at the correct location and admired the scenery. Mana told Joe that she thanked him for guiding them so far. She further asked what was Ange like.

Who doesn't want to hug Makoto?

He told them Ange was very curious with different cultures from different worlds like Karuta and sculpturing. Joe was a warrior serving her and eventually they fell in love. He was defending their borders when the Jikochu invaded the Kingdom and was too late to save Ange. He entered the magic mirror after sensing Ange's pressure. Makoto was eavesdropping Joe's conversation and shed a tear.

A kid tried to drive the train and started a ruckus. Regina turned his heart into a Jikochu train and it started to run across the field. The girls transformed and went to stop the train as Joe handle Regina.

More powerful than a locomotive (Sort of!)

They hold on to the train but it was going too fast. Cure Heart dashed as fast as she could and tried to stop the train in front. (Superman's method) Cure Sword used Sparkle Sword to destroy the bolts leaving the rest of the carriages away from the Jikochu. They then used Lovely Force Arrow to purify the Jikochu.

Regina retreated after seeing what has happened. The field was restored and the girls were about to board the train when the Royal Crystals reacted and a Pink Royal Crystal appeared from the train engine. The girls were happy to find the last crystal which left the Red Crystal with Regina...

An interesting episode as Joe told the girls about his relationship with Ange and Makoto couldn't trust him at first which it could mean that Makoto was like a Rookie Precure when she came to the Trump Kingdom and she did not met Joe as he is out of the Kingdom. By the way, Makoto was acting a bit out of character in this episode, distrusting Joe but later warmed up after listening his story. The battle was nothing spectacular and it is just an excuse for the producers to show Sparkle Sword is effective after two failed attempts in previous episodes.

It's Team Precure vs Team Jikochu in a bowling game!?

So with the girls holding four of the crystals and Regina has the last one, how are they going to settle this? With some Ball Games! (Bowling and Soccer seems to be the highlight) Can the girls get the last crystal and knowing the Jikochu, they were sure bound to cheat. See you next week to find out more!

P.S: Quick Picks will be up later this week.

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  1. It seems like Mana see Regina as the enemy.