Sunday, April 7, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 10: My Classmate is a Super Idol!

Rika woke up in the morning as usual which Rakeru commented she is like a housewife. Mana claimed Rika does behave like one as she always take care of all the minor things and is someone you can rely on.

That is not a mike stand!

At school, their teacher announced that their class have a new transfer student which happened to be Makoto. This caused some stir in the school as everyone want to look at her. Makoto was very professional in her appearance which Mana and Rika tried to guide her in school (With terrible results!)

Why does it remind of me Gintama's Otsu Cheer leading group led by Shinpachi?

After school, the three girls spotted Makoto's cheer leading team outside their school and were amazed by their support for her. However some paparazzi tried to take photos of Makoto which Rika and the leader of the cheer leading team distract them while Mana and Makoto fled from the scene.

Rika met up with Alice and she already knew that Makoto has transferred to their school. However Alice could sense Rika is not her usual self. They met at Mana's home and she told them Makoto is staying with her tonight. Rika declined to stay overnight as her mother is coming back for dinner.

During dinner, Rika's mother could tell she is not her normal self despite trying to put up a false front. Rika couldn't even sleep that night as she felt a sense of anxiety in her heart thinking of Mana and Makoto. Meanwhile Bel has just returned to duty after suffering injuries from the Precures a few weeks back.

The next morning, Rika overslept and rushed to wake up Mana. However her mother informed her that Mana has already left home early. Rika found out that Mana and Makoto were at Joe's shop, feeding Ai-Chan. Rika still felt anxious in her heart but was disrupted by the leader of Makoto's cheer leading team who was spying at Makoto.

The cheerleading leader's heart was corrupted which Mammo used it to create a Jikochu. Rika transformed and tried to stop it but it used fire to melt Cure Diamond's ice. The other girls joined in the fight and tried to talk sense to the Jikochu which is filled with Jealously.

But the Jikochu listen to deaf ears which the girls used teamwork to defeat and purify it. After the battle, Cure Sword was amazed by Cure Heart and Diamond's teamwork and hope she can be part of them and become their bosom friend. Cure Diamond realised everyone felt envious of the friendship which is why they have that anxiety in their heart.

The four girls became closer friends after Dabi told them that Makoto is feeling happy in her heart despite her cool appearance which embarrassed her...

So despite the title is about Makoto becoming a student in Mana and Rika's school, the focus is on Rika and I am enjoying it. Mana and Rika were friends for a long time so when Makoto step into the picture, one of them is going to get the end of the straw which happen to be Rika. I could understand that she is worried that Mana will pay more attention to Makoto which in this case, it might happen if the writers started pairing Mana and Makoto together in future episodes. But if it does happen, Rika might go psycho and bitch her way. (But it will never happen because it is a kid's show not a mature Maho Shoujo series)

The fight is kinda of simple and I can't believe that Alice just stood there while Cure Diamond handle the Jikochu. (What is Alice waiting for? An invitation) No...she has to wait for the other two girls to arrive before we get a three way transformation. I know people are complaining that the Jikochu seems to be dealt with the final blow by Cure Heart in almost every episode but next week, we are getting a new power-up courtesy of Ai-Chan who got abducted by Bel. (Standard Precure plot)

The NS2 movie has some new clips in the opening showing the various teams in action-Cure Marine is the Boss, Cure Passion and Cure Beat giving some assurance and the final all-star attacks which I am not showing it until the NS2 review is up later this year. Until then, see you next week!


  1. Only some cures will have speak roles this movie. Cure Beat and Cure Passion will have because they were villains in the past and they are trying to help with their experience. I'm excited to see Nagisa and Honoka again, they deserve some attention better than anyone else. Mepple *-*

  2. the girls are getting prettier and prettier!

    but there's enough room for my makopi! yeah!!

    that awkward moment when rachel ask rika to be
    mana's wife, that really cracked me up!

    (toei..... what were you thinking?!!!)

    about the pretty cure movie i'm having some second thoughts:

    that's because of one special thing....

    yayoichan's "JAN KEN PON" challenge!!!!

    whithout much screen time, yayoi will not have enough time to perform in it! i wonder how the producers will handle this kind of predicament? i used to love that part of the show when yayoi used some random strajegist maneuvers in each episode to challenge the audience,that was one of the many reasons that i been hook up to the series!

    probably rewatching the old episodes of smile will take me back that good old sensation....sadly, it will not be the same thing you'll get the idea.

    well, time for me to go now! bye bye!